2014–15 Belarusian Cup

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2014–15 Belarusian Cup
Country Belarus
ChampionsBATE Borisov
(3rd title)
Runners-upShakhtyor Soligorsk
Matches played56
Goals scored172 (3.07 per match)
Top goal scorer(s)Yuri Markhel
(5 goals)

2014–15 Belarusian Cup was the twenty fourth season of the Belarusian annual cup competition. Contrary to the league season, it is conducted in a fall-spring rhythm. The first games were played on 22 May 2014. Winners of the Cup were to qualify for the second qualifying round of the 2015–16 UEFA Europa League, but since BATE also won the 2014 league season, they went into Champions League instead.

Participating clubs[edit]

The following teams will take part in the competition:

2014 Belarusian Premier League
all 12 teams
2014 Belarusian First League
15 teams (of 16)[1]
2014 Belarusian Second League
22 teams (of 24)[2]
Winners of regional cups
4 teams
  1. ^ Minsk-2 did not participate in this edition of the Cup.
  2. ^ Spartak Shklov and Vitebsk-2 did not participate in this edition of the Cup.

Preliminary round[edit]

In the only match of the preliminary round played two teams from the Second League, which were drawn at random.

First round[edit]

In this round the winners of Preliminary Round were joined by another 19 clubs from the Second League and 4 amateur clubs. Zhlobin, as the team with the best record at the moment of the draw, were given a bye to the Second Round.

The draw was conducted on 8 May 2014. The matches were played between 25 and 27 May 2014.

Second round[edit]

In this round 12 winners of the First Round were drawn against Zhlobin (given a bye to this round) and 11 clubs from the First League. Rechitsa-2014, Isloch Minsk Raion, Vitebsk and Slavia Mozyr were given a bye to the Round of 32 as teams with the best record at the moment of the draw.

The draw was conducted on 28 May 2014. The matches were played on 10 and 11 June 2014.

Round of 32[edit]

In this round 12 winners of the Second Round were drawn against four First League clubs that were given bye to this round and 8 clubs from Premier League.

The four Premier League clubs that qualified for 2014–15 European Cups (BATE Borisov, Neman Grodno, Shakhtyor Soligorsk and Dinamo Minsk) were given a bye to the next round.

The draw was conducted on 17 June 2014. The matches were played between 25 and 27 July 2014.

Round of 16[edit]

The draw was conducted on 28 July 2014. The matches were played between 23 August and 13 October 2014.


The draw was conducted on 16 October 2014. The first leg were played on 21 and 22 March and the second leg were played on 4 April 2015.

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Belshina Bobruisk 1–2 Dinamo Brest 0–0 1–2
BATE Borisov 3–1 Neman Grodno 1–0 2–1
Dinamo Minsk 4–3 Vitebsk 1–2 3–1 (aet)
Granit Mikashevichi 0–3 Shakhtyor Soligorsk 0–0 0–3

First leg[edit]

Second leg[edit]


The draw was conducted on 6 April 2015. The first legs were played on 15 April and the second legs were played on 29 April 2015.

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Shakhtyor Soligorsk 2–1 Dinamo Brest 0–0 2–1
BATE Borisov 3–1 Dinamo Minsk 0–0 3–1

First leg[edit]

Second leg[edit]


The final match was played on 24 May 2015 at the Central Stadium in Gomel.

BATE Borisov4 – 1Shakhtyor Soligorsk
Gordeichuk Goal 52'
Rodionov Goal 61'
Karnitsky Goal 65'
Signevich Goal 73'
Report Kamarowski Goal 72'
Attendance: 9,100
Referee: Igor Kruk (Molodechno)
GK 16 Belarus Syarhey Chernik
DF 25 Serbia Filip Mladenović
DF 19 Serbia Nemanja Milunović Yellow card 33'
DF 33 Belarus Dzyanis Palyakow
DF 15 Belarus Maksim Zhavnerchik
MF 55 Belarus Dzmitry Baha Substituted off 46'
MF 5 Belarus Yevgeniy Yablonskiy
MF 7 Belarus Alyaksandr Karnitsky
MF 62 Belarus Mikhail Gordeichuk Yellow card 80'
MF 22 Belarus Ihar Stasevich Substituted off 76'
FW 20 Belarus Vitali Rodionov (c) Substituted off 71'
GK 34 Belarus Artem Soroko
MF 2 Belarus Dzmitry Likhtarovich
DF 4 Latvia Kaspars Dubra
FW 13 Belarus Mikalay Signevich Substituted in 71'
MF 17 Belarus Alyaksey Ryas Substituted in 54'
MF 23 Belarus Edhar Alyakhnovich
DF 42 Belarus Maksim Valadzko Substituted in 46'
Belarus Alyaksandr Yermakovich
GK 16 Belarus Uladzimir Bushma
DF 3 Belarus Syarhey Matsveychyk
DF 18 Belarus Pavel Rybak
DF 4 Belarus Alyaksey Yanushkevich
DF 14 Ukraine Vasyl Kobin
MF 5 Belarus Alyaksandr Yurevich Substituted off 70'
MF 11 Ukraine Artem Starhorodskyi (c) Yellow card 86'
MF 23 Belarus Yury Kavalyow
MF 13 Lithuania Saulius Mikoliūnas Substituted off 73'
FW 7 Serbia Nemanja Čović
FW 15 Belarus Dzmitry Kamarowski Yellow card 44'
GK 1 Estonia Artur Kotenko
DF 2 Belarus Mikhail Shibun Substituted in 73'
DF 8 Belarus Mikhail Afanasyev
FW 9 Belarus Kiryl Vyarheychyk
FW 10 Belarus Mikalay Yanush
DF 19 Belarus Ihar Kuzmyanok
MF 20 Ukraine Yaroslav Martynyuk Substituted in 70'
Belarus Sergei Borovsky

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