2014 Copa do Brasil

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2014 Copa do Brasil
Copa Sadia do Brasil 2014
Copa Sadia 2014.png
Country  Brazil
Dates 19 February – 26 November
Teams 87
Champions Minas Gerais Atlético Mineiro
(1st title)
Runners-up Minas Gerais Cruzeiro
Matches played 159
Goals scored 432 (2.72 per match)
Top goal scorer(s) Brazil Bill
Brazil Gabriel
(6 goals each)

The 2014 Copa do Brasil (officially the 2014 Copa Sadia do Brasil for sponsorship reasons)[1] was the 26th edition of the Copa do Brasil football competition. The competition was contested by 87 teams, either qualified through participitating their respective state championships (71), by the CBF Rankings (10) or those qualified for 2014 Copa Libertadores (6). Clubs that qualify for the 2014 Copa Libertadores enter the competition in the 4th stage. The best seven teams of the 2013 Brazilian Championship eliminated until the third round qualified for the 2014 Copa Sudamericana.


The competition is a single elimination knockout tournament featuring two-legged ties. In the first two rounds, if the away team wins the first match by 2 or more goals, it progresses straight to the next round avoiding the second leg. The away goals rule is also used in the Copa do Brasil. The winner qualifies for the 2015 Copa Libertadores.

Qualified Teams[edit]

The teams (in bold) qualified for 2014 Copa Libertadores qualify directly for the Fourth Stage (Round of 16).

Association Team (Berth) Qualification method
Acre (state) Acre
2 berths
Plácido de Castro 2013 Campeonato Acreano champions
Rio Branco 2013 Campeonato Acreano runners-up
Alagoas Alagoas
3+1 berths
CRB 2013 Campeonato Alagoano champions
CSA 2013 Campeonato Alagoano runners-up[2]
Santa Rita 2013 Campeonato Alagoano first stage winners
ASA 8th best placed team in 2014 CBF-Ranking not already qualified
Amapá Amapá
1 berth
Santos 2013 Campeonato Amapaense champions
Amazonas (Brazilian state) Amazonas
2 berths
Princesa do Solimões 2013 Campeonato Amazonense champions
Nacional 2013 Campeonato Amazonense runners-up
Bahia Bahia
3+1 berths
Vitória 2013 Campeonato Baiano champions
Juazeiro 2013 Campeonato Baiano first stage runners-up
Bahia de Feira 2013 Copa Governador do Estado da Bahia champions[3]
Bahia 2nd best placed team in 2014 CBF-Ranking not already qualified
Ceará Ceará
3 berths
Ceará 2013 Campeonato Cearense champions
Horizonte 2013 Campeonato Cearense first stage winners[4]
Barbalha 2013 Copa Fares Lopes champions
Federal District (Brazil) Federal District
2 berths
Brasiliense 2013 Campeonato Brasiliense champions
Brasília 2013 Campeonato Brasiliense runners-up
Espírito Santo Espírito Santo
2 berths
Desportiva Ferroviária 2013 Campeonato Capixaba champions
Real Noroeste 2013 Copa Espírito Santo champions
Goiás Goiás
3 berths
Goiás 2013 Campeonato Goiano champions
Atlético Goianiense 2013 Campeonato Goiano runners-up
Goianésia 2013 Campeonato Goiano 3rd place
Maranhão Maranhão
2 berths
Maranhão 2013 Campeonato Maranhense champions
Sampaio Corrêa 2013 Copa São Luís champions
Mato Grosso Mato Grosso
3 berths
Cuiabá 2013 Campeonato Mato-Grossense champions
Mixto 2013 Campeonato Mato-Grossense runners-up
Rondonópolis 2013 Copa Governador de Mato Grosso champions
Mato Grosso do Sul Mato Grosso do Sul 2 berths CENE 2013 Campeonato Sul-Mato-Grossense champions
Naviraiense 2013 Campeonato Sul-Mato-Grossense runners-up[5]
Minas Gerais Minas Gerais
4+2+1 berths
Atlético Mineiro 2013 Copa Libertadores champions
Cruzeiro 2013 Campeonato Brasileiro Série A Champions
Villa Nova 2013 Campeonato Mineiro 3rd place[6][7]
Tombense 2013 Campeonato Mineiro 4th place
Tupi 2013 Campeonato Mineiro 5th place
Caldense 2013 Campeonato Mineiro 6th place
América Mineiro 6th best placed team in 2014 CBF-Ranking not already qualified
Pará Pará
3 berths
Paysandu 2013 Campeonato Paraense champions
Paragominas 2013 Campeonato Paraense runners-up
Remo 2013 Campeonato Paraense 3rd place
Paraíba Paraíba
2 berths
Botafogo 2013 Campeonato Paraibano champions
Treze 2013 Campeonato Paraibano runners-up
Paraná (state) Paraná
4+1 berths
Atlético Paranaense 2013 Campeonato Brasileiro Série A Third Place
Coritiba 2013 Campeonato Paranaense champions
Londrina 2013 Campeonato Paranaense 3rd place
Paraná 2013 Campeonato Paranaense 4th place
J. Malucelli 2013 Campeonato Paranaense 5th place
Pernambuco Pernambuco
3 berths
Santa Cruz 2013 Campeonato Pernambucano champions
Sport 2013 Campeonato Pernambucano runners-up
Náutico 2013 Campeonato Pernambucano first stage winners
Piauí Piauí
2 berths
Parnahyba 2013 Campeonato Piauiense champions
Flamengo 2013 Copa Piauí champions[8]
Rio de Janeiro (state) Rio de Janeiro
5+2 berths
Flamengo 2013 Copa do Brasil champions
Botafogo 2013 Campeonato Brasileiro Série A Fourth Place
Fluminense 2013 Campeonato Carioca 3rd place
Vasco da Gama 2013 Campeonato Carioca 4th place
Resende 2013 Campeonato Carioca 5th place
Boavista 2013 Campeonato Carioca 6th place
Duque de Caxias 2013 Copa Rio champions[9]
Rio Grande do Norte Rio Grande do Norte
3 berths
Potiguar 2013 Campeonato Potiguar champions
América de Natal 2013 Campeonato Potiguar runners-up
ABC 2013 Campeonato Potiguar 3rd place
Rio Grande do Sul Rio Grande do Sul
4+1 berths
Grêmio 2013 Campeonato Brasileiro Série A Runner up
Internacional 2013 Campeonato Gaúcho champions
Lajeadense 2013 Campeonato Gaúcho runners-up[10]
São Luiz 2013 Campeonato Gaúcho 3rd place
Novo Hamburgo 2013 Copa FGF champions[11]
Rondônia Rondônia
1 berth
Vilhena 2013 Campeonato Rondoniense champions
Roraima Roraima
1 berth
Náutico 2013 Campeonato Roraimense champions
São Paulo (state) São Paulo
5+5 berths
Corinthians 2013 Campeonato Paulista champions
Santos 2013 Campeonato Paulista runners-up
São Paulo 2013 Campeonato Paulista 3rd place
Portuguesa 2013 Campeonato Paulista Série A2 champions [12]
São Bernardo 2013 Copa Paulista champions[13]
Palmeiras Best placed team in 2014 CBF-Ranking not already qualified
Ponte Preta 3rd best placed team in 2014 CBF-Ranking not already qualified
Guarani 7th best placed team in 2014 CBF-Ranking not already qualified
Grêmio Barueri 9th best placed team in 2014 CBF-Ranking not already qualified
Bragantino 10th best placed team in 2014 CBF-Ranking not already qualified
Santa Catarina (state) Santa Catarina
3+2 berths
Criciúma 2013 Campeonato Catarinense champions
Chapecoense 2013 Campeonato Catarinense runners-up[14]
Joinville 2013 Copa Santa Catarina champions
Avaí 4th best placed team in 2014 CBF-Ranking not already qualified
Figueirense 5th best placed team in 2014 CBF-Ranking not already qualified
Sergipe Sergipe
2 berths
Sergipe 2013 Campeonato Sergipano champions
Lagarto[A] 2013 Copa Governo do Estado de Sergipe 3rd place[15]
Tocantins Tocantins
1 berth
Interporto 2013 Campeonato Tocantinense champions

^ A. River Plate was originally qualified as runners-up of the 2013 Campeonato Sergipano. Because of their request to be absent for 2 two years of the Campeonato Sergiano due to financial problems, Lagarto earned their spot.


A draw by CBF held on January 10, 2014 set the matches for this round. The 81 qualified teams were divided in eight pots (A-H) with 10 teams each. They were divided based on the CBF Rankings and the matches were drawn from the respective confronts: A x E; B x F; C x G; D x H. The lower ranked teams of each match will host the first leg.[16] Before the Round of 16 there will be another draw including the six teams that will play the 2014 Copa Libertadores.

Group A Group B Group C Group D

São Paulo (state) Corinthians
Rio de Janeiro (state) Vasco da Gama
Rio de Janeiro (state) Fluminense
Rio Grande do Sul Internacional
São Paulo (state) São Paulo
São Paulo (state) Santos
São Paulo (state) Palmeiras
Goiás Goiás
Paraná (state) Coritiba
Bahia Vitória

Bahia Bahia
São Paulo (state) Ponte Preta
São Paulo (state) Portuguesa
Goiás Atlético Goianiense
Pernambuco Náutico
Ceará Ceará
Santa Catarina (state) Avaí
Pernambuco Sport
Santa Catarina (state) Figueirense
Santa Catarina (state) Criciúma

Paraná (state) Paraná
Minas Gerais América Mineiro
Rio Grande do Norte ABC
São Paulo (state) Guarani
Alagoas ASA
Pará Paysandu
São Paulo (state) Grêmio Barueri
São Paulo (state) Bragantino
Rio Grande do Norte América de Natal
Santa Catarina (state) Chapecoense

Santa Catarina (state) Joinville
Pernambuco Santa Cruz
Federal District (Brazil) Brasiliense
Alagoas CRB
Rio de Janeiro (state) Duque de Caxias
Maranhão Sampaio Corrêa
Paraíba Treze
Amazonas (Brazilian state) Nacional
Mato Grosso Cuiabá
Minas Gerais Tupi

Group E Group F Group G Group H

Ceará Horizonte
Pará Remo
Mato Grosso Mixto
Alagoas CSA
Paraíba Botafogo
Paraná (state) J. Malucelli
Mato Grosso do Sul CENE
Rondônia Vilhena
Bahia Bahia de Feira
Rio de Janeiro (state) Resende

Mato Grosso do Sul Naviraiense
Federal District (Brazil) Brasília
Acre (state) Plácido de Castro
Paraná (state) Londrina
Roraima Náutico
Minas Gerais Villa Nova
Piauí Flamengo
Rio Grande do Norte Potiguar
Piauí Parnahyba
Sergipe Sergipe

Maranhão Maranhão
Pará Paragominas
Goiás Goianésia
Rio Grande do Sul Lajeadense
São Paulo (state) São Bernardo
Amapá Santos
Rio de Janeiro (state) Boavista
Acre (state) Rio Branco / Espírito Santo Real Noroeste
Espírito Santo Desportiva Ferroviária
Alagoas Santa Rita

Bahia Juazeiro
Ceará Barbalha
Minas Gerais Caldense
Tocantins Interporto
Sergipe Lagarto
Rio Grande do Sul Novo Hamburgo
Amazonas (Brazilian state) Princesa do Solimões
Mato Grosso Rondonópolis
Rio Grande do Sul São Luiz
Minas Gerais Tombense

Preliminary Round[edit]

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Rio Branco Acre (state) 2–1 Espírito Santo Real Noroeste 1–1 1–0

Preliminary match[edit]

February 19, 2014
20:30 UTC−03:00
Real Noroeste Espírito Santo 1–1 Acre (state) Rio Branco
Robert Goal 70' Report Thiago Goal 6'
Estádio José Olímpio da Rocha, Águia Branca
Attendance: 450
Referee: Igor Junio Benevenuto (Minas Gerais)

February 26, 2014
21:30 UTC−03:00
Rio Branco Acre (state) 1–0 Espírito Santo Real Noroeste
Adriano Louzada Goal 89' Report
Arena da Floresta, Rio Branco
Attendance: 1,479
Referee: Edmar Campos da Encarnacao (Amazonas)

Rio Branco won 2–1 on aggregate.

First Round[edit]

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Vasco da Gama Rio de Janeiro (state) 1–0 Rio de Janeiro (state) Resende 0–0 1–0
Treze Paraíba 3–2 Minas Gerais Tombense 1–1 2–1
Ponte Preta São Paulo (state) 4–1 Roraima Náutico 4–1
Paraná Paraná (state) 4–2 São Paulo (state) São Bernardo 1–1 3–1
Vitória Bahia 2–2 (3–5 p) Paraná (state) J. Malucelli 1–1 1–1
Joinville Santa Catarina (state) 2–3 Rio Grande do Sul Novo Hamburgo 0–1 2–2
Atlético Goianiense Goiás 3–2 Piauí Flamengo 1–0 2–2
ABC Rio Grande do Norte 4–2 Espírito Santo Desportiva Ferroviária 0–1 4–1
Santos São Paulo (state) 3–0 Mato Grosso Mixto 0–0 3–0
Brasiliense Federal District (Brazil) 5–5 (a) Amazonas (Brazilian state) Princesa do Solimões 1–3 4–2
Criciúma Santa Catarina (state) 2–3 Paraná (state) Londrina 0–2 2–1
Grêmio Barueri São Paulo (state) 2–2 (a) Goiás Goianésia 2–2 0–0
Palmeiras São Paulo (state) 3–0 Rondônia Vilhena 1–0 2–0
Sampaio Corrêa Maranhão 5–3 Tocantins Interporto 2–2 3–1
Avaí Santa Catarina (state) 4–1 Mato Grosso do Sul Naviraiense 4–1
ASA Alagoas 4–0 Pará Paragominas 4–0
Fluminense Rio de Janeiro (state) 6–3 Ceará Horizonte 1–3 5–0
Tupi Minas Gerais 2–0 Bahia Juazeiro 2–0
Náutico Pernambuco 1–1 (3–1 p) Sergipe Sergipe 0–1 1–0
América de Natal Rio Grande do Norte 4–1 Rio de Janeiro (state) Boavista 2–1 2–0
Corinthians São Paulo (state) 2–0 Bahia Bahia de Feira 2–0
Nacional Amazonas (Brazilian state) 4–3 Rio Grande do Sul São Luiz 2–2 2–1
Bahia Bahia 3–1 Minas Gerais Villa Nova 1–1 2–0
América Mineiro Minas Gerais 3–0 Amapá Santos 3–0
Goiás Goiás 0–2 Paraíba Botafogo 0–2 0–0
Santa Cruz Pernambuco 4–1 Sergipe Lagarto 1–0 3–1
Portuguesa São Paulo (state) 2–2 (a) Rio Grande do Norte Potiguar 0–1 2–1
Guarani São Paulo (state) 1–2 Alagoas Santa Rita 0–0 1–2
São Paulo São Paulo (state) 4–0 Alagoas CSA 1–0 3–0
CRB Alagoas 4–2 Mato Grosso Rondonópolis 2–2 2–0
Figueirense Santa Catarina (state) 3–1 Acre (state) Plácido de Castro 0–0 3–1
Bragantino São Paulo (state) 1–0 Rio Grande do Sul Lajeadense 0–0 1–0
Coritiba Paraná (state) 4–2 Mato Grosso do Sul CENE 2–2 2–0
Duque de Caxias Rio de Janeiro (state) 2–4 Minas Gerais Caldense 0–2 2–2
Sport Pernambuco 3–1 Federal District (Brazil) Brasília 3–1
Paysandu Pará 4–3 Maranhão Maranhão 2–2 2–1
Internacional Rio Grande do Sul 6–1 Pará Remo 6–1
Cuiabá Mato Grosso 2–0 Ceará Barbalha 0–0 2–0
Ceará Ceará 5–1 Piauí Parnahyba 1–0 4–1
Chapecoense Santa Catarina (state) 2–0 Acre (state) Rio Branco 2–0

Second Round[edit]

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Vasco da Gama Rio de Janeiro (state) 3–2 Paraíba Treze 2–1 1–1
Ponte Preta São Paulo (state) 2–2 (8–7 p) Paraná (state) Paraná 1–1 1–1
J. Malucelli Paraná (state) 0–3 Rio Grande do Sul Novo Hamburgo 0–1 0–2
Atlético Goianiense Goiás 2–3 Rio Grande do Norte ABC 1–1 1–2
Santos São Paulo (state) 6–3 Amazonas (Brazilian state) Princesa do Solimões 2–1 4–2
Grêmio Barueri São Paulo (state) 3–3 (a) Paraná (state) Londrina 0–0 3–3
Palmeiras São Paulo (state) 4–2 Maranhão Sampaio Corrêa 1–2 3–0
Avaí Santa Catarina (state) 4–4 (a) Alagoas ASA 2–3 2–1
Fluminense Rio de Janeiro (state) 3–0 Minas Gerais Tupi 3–0
Náutico Pernambuco 2–3 Rio Grande do Norte América de Natal 0–3 2–0
Corinthians São Paulo (state) 3–0 Amazonas (Brazilian state) Nacional 3–0
Bahia Bahia 2–1 Minas Gerais América Mineiro 0–0 2–1
Santa Cruz Pernambuco 3–2 Paraíba Botafogo 1–1 2–1
Potiguar Rio Grande do Norte 2–7 Alagoas Santa Rita 0–2 2–5
São Paulo São Paulo (state) 4–2 Alagoas CRB 1–2 3–0
Figueirense Santa Catarina (state) 3–3 (3–4 p) São Paulo (state) Bragantino 1–2 2–1
Coritiba Paraná (state) 2–0 Minas Gerais Caldense 2–0
Sport Pernambuco 4–4 (a) Pará Paysandu 1–2 3–2
Internacional Rio Grande do Sul 5–2 Mato Grosso Cuiabá 1–1 4–1
Ceará Ceará 3–2 Santa Catarina (state) Chapecoense 2–1 1–1

Third Round[edit]

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Vasco da Gama Rio de Janeiro (state) 4–1 São Paulo (state) Ponte Preta 2–0 2–1
Novo Hamburgo Rio Grande do Sul 2–1 Rio Grande do Norte ABC1 0–1 2–0
Santos São Paulo (state) 3–2 Paraná (state) Londrina 1−2 2−0
Palmeiras São Paulo (state) 3–0 Santa Catarina (state) Avaí 2–0 1–0
Fluminense Rio de Janeiro (state) 5–5 (a) Rio Grande do Norte América de Natal 3–0 2–5
Bahia Bahia 1–3 São Paulo (state) Corinthians 0–3 1–0
Santa Cruz Pernambuco 3–4 Alagoas Santa Rita 2–3 1–1
São Paulo São Paulo (state) 3–4 São Paulo (state) Bragantino 2–1 1–3
Paysandu Pará 2–3 Paraná (state) Coritiba 0−2 2−1
Ceará Ceará 5–2 Rio Grande do Sul Internacional 2–1 3–1
  • Note 1: Novo Hamburgo won on aggregate but was disqualified by the STJD after being punished for fielding an ineligible player.[17]

Copa Sudamericana qualification[edit]

The best seven teams eliminated before the Round of 16 with the best 2013 Série A or 2013 Série B record (excluding those qualified for 2014 Copa Libertadores) qualify for 2014 Copa Sudamericana.

Knockout stages[edit]

A draw by CBF was held on August 18 to set the matches for this round. The 16 qualified teams were divided in two pots. Teams from pot 1 are the ones who competed at the 2014 Copa Libertadores plus the two highest CBF ranked teams qualified via the Third Round. Pot 2 is composed of the other teams that qualified through the Third Round. Each pot was divided into 4 pairs according to the CBF ranking. That division makes sure that each team within a pair will not face each other before the finals as they will be placed in opposite sides of the bracket. There was a draw to decide the home team of the round of 16. The following stages will have other draws to determine the order of the matches as the tournament advances.[18][19]


Pot 1 Pot 2


  Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
 Rio Grande do Norte América-RN 3 0 3  
 Paraná (state) Atlético Paranaense 0 2 2  
   Rio Grande do Norte América-RN 0 0 0  
   Rio de Janeiro (state) Flamengo 1 1 2  
 Paraná (state) Coritiba 3 0 3 (2)
 Rio de Janeiro (state) Flamengo (pen.) 0 3 3 (3)  
   Rio de Janeiro (state) Flamengo 2 1 3  
   Minas Gerais Atlético Mineiro 0 4 4  
 São Paulo (state) Bragantino 1 1 2  
 São Paulo (state) Corinthians 0 3 3  
   São Paulo (state) Corinthians 2 1 3
   Minas Gerais Atlético Mineiro 0 4 4  
 São Paulo (state) Palmeiras 0 0 0
 Minas Gerais Atlético Mineiro 1 2 3  
   Minas Gerais Atlético Mineiro 2 1 3
   Minas Gerais Cruzeiro 0 0 0
 Minas Gerais Cruzeiro 5 2 7  
 Alagoas Santa Rita 0 1 1  
   Minas Gerais Cruzeiro (a) 1 2 3
   Rio Grande do Norte ABC 0 3 3  
 Rio de Janeiro (state) Vasco da Gama 1 1 2
 Rio Grande do Norte ABC 1 2 3  
   Minas Gerais Cruzeiro 1 3 4
   São Paulo (state) Santos 0 3 3  
 Rio de Janeiro (state) Botafogo (a) 1 4 5  
 Ceará Ceará 2 3 5  
   Rio de Janeiro (state) Botafogo 2 0 2
   São Paulo (state) Santos 3 5 8  
 Rio Grande do Sul Grêmio 0 0
 São Paulo (state) Santos 2 2  

Round of 16[edit]

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Santos São Paulo (state) 2–0 Rio Grande do Sul Grêmio 2–0 1
Ceará Ceará 5–5 (a) Rio de Janeiro (state) Botafogo 2–1 3–4
Santa Rita Alagoas 1–7 Minas Gerais Cruzeiro 0–5 1–2
ABC Rio Grande do Norte 3–2 Rio de Janeiro (state) Vasco da Gama 1–1 2–1
Flamengo Rio de Janeiro (state) 3–3 (3–2 p) Paraná (state) Coritiba 0–3 3–0
Atlético Paranaense Paraná (state) 2–3 Rio Grande do Norte América de Natal 0–3 2–0
Atlético Mineiro Minas Gerais 3–0 São Paulo (state) Palmeiras 1–0 2–0
Corinthians São Paulo (state) 3–2 São Paulo (state) Bragantino 0–1 3–1
  • Note 1: Due to racist chants against Santos' player Aranha by Grêmio fans in the first leg, the STJD suspended the second leg scheduled for September 3 and removed Grêmio from the tournament, thus automatically qualifying Santos to the next round.[20]


Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Santos São Paulo (state) 8–2 Rio de Janeiro (state) Botafogo 3–2 5–0
ABC Rio Grande do Norte 3–3 (a) Minas Gerais Cruzeiro 0–1 3–2
Flamengo Rio de Janeiro (state) 2–0 Rio Grande do Norte América de Natal 1–0 1–0
Atlético Mineiro Minas Gerais 4–3 São Paulo (state) Corinthians 0–2 4–1


Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Santos São Paulo (state) 3–4 Minas Gerais Cruzeiro 0–1 3–3
Atlético Mineiro Minas Gerais 4–3 Rio de Janeiro (state) Flamengo 0–2 4–1


November 12, 2014
22:00 UTC−3
Atlético Mineiro Minas Gerais 2–0 Minas Gerais Cruzeiro
Luan Goal 8'
Dátolo Goal 58'
Estádio Independência, Belo Horizonte
Attendance: 18,578
Referee: Marcelo de Lima Henrique (Rio de Janeiro)

November 26, 2014
22:00 UTC−3
Cruzeiro Minas Gerais 0–1 Minas Gerais Atlético Mineiro
Report Diego Tardelli Goal 45+2'
Estádio Governador Magalhães Pinto (Mineirão), Belo Horizonte
Attendance: 39,786
Referee: Luiz Flávio de Oliveira (São Paulo)
2014 Copa do Brasil
Minas Gerais
Atlético Mineiro
1st title

Top goalscorers[edit]

Players and teams in bold are still active in the competition.

Rank Player Team Goals
1 Brazil Bill Ceará Ceará 6
Brazil Gabriel São Paulo (state) Santos 6
3 Brazil Léo Gamalho Pernambuco Santa Cruz 5
Brazil Luan Minas Gerais Atlético Mineiro 5
Brazil Robinho São Paulo (state) Santos 5
6 Brazil Abuda Alagoas Santa Rita 4
Brazil Fred Rio de Janeiro (state) Fluminense 4
Brazil Luiz Carlos Federal District (Brazil) Brasiliense 4
Brazil Magno Alves Ceará Ceará 4
Bolivia Marcelo Moreno Minas Gerais Cruzeiro 4
Brazil Max Rio Grande do Norte América-RN 4
Brazil Rafael Moura Rio Grande do Sul Internacional 4
Brazil Willian Minas Gerais Cruzeiro 4



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