2014 Green Party of England and Wales leadership election

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Green Party of England and Wales leadership election, 2014
← 2012 7 September 2014 (2014-09-07) 2016 →
Turnout15.1% (Decrease10.0%)
  Natalie Bennett-IMG 4141.jpg
Candidate Natalie Bennett
First Pref. 2,618
Percentage 93.5%

Leader before election

Natalie Bennett

Elected Leader

Natalie Bennett

The Green Party of England and Wales leadership election, 2014 took place in September 2014. The party has elections every two years for Leader and Deputy Leader roles and this was the fourth election since the party decided to switch from having principal speakers to having a leader and a deputy leader, or co-leaders.[1]

Incumbent Leader Natalie Bennett was re-elected unopposed with 93% of the vote, while Amelia Womack and Shahrar Ali won the two Deputy Leadership positions.


Leadership Result[edit]

Green Party of England and Wales
leadership election, 2014
Candidate Votes %
Green tickY Natalie Bennett 2,618
Re-open Nominations 183
Turnout 2.801 15.09%
Natalie Bennett re-elected Leader

Deputy Leadership Result[edit]

Unlike in other years, the Green Party did not publish the full breakdown of the Deputy Leadership election. A new system was in place in 2014, replacing the previous gender-balancing system whereby the Deputy Leader had to be a different gender to the Leader. Instead, two Deputy Leaders were elected, who were required to be of different genders.

Five candidates contested the ballot: Shahrar Ali, Will Duckworth, Mark Ereira-Guyer, Rob Telford, and Amelia Womack. Womack was elected in the first round, and in the second round Ali defeated Duckworth by 1,314 votes to 1,277.[2]