2014 IAAF World Indoor Championships

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15th IAAF World Indoor Championships
Official competition logo
Host city Sopot, Poland
Date(s) 7–9 March
Main stadium Ergo Arena
Participation 538 athletes from
134 nations
Events 26

The 2014 IAAF World Indoor Championships in Athletics was the fifteenth edition of the international indoor track and field competition, organised by the IAAF. The event was held between 7–9 March 2014 at the Ergo Arena in Sopot, Poland.


Host bidding[edit]

The IAAF announced on 1 September 2011 that it had received bids from Poland and Croatia to host the championships. Later Zagreb, Croatia withdrew due to lack of funding. On November 11, 2011 at a Council meeting in Monaco, the IAAF announced that Sopot, as the only remaining bidder, would host the championships. Budapest, Hungary had shown interest but eventually did not bid.


Ergo Arena

The Championships were held at the Ergo Arena, opened in 2010, on the border of the cities of Sopot and Gdańsk. For the Championships it seated 11,000.[1]

For the competition a six-lane, banked 200-metre oval, with a blue surface, was installed on the arena floor, with an eight-lane straight-away track in the center for the 60-metre sprints and hurdles. The track officially opened on 16 February and almost 6000 people came to the ERGO Arena to mark its inauguration. The indoor portable banked track made by Mondo used the company's "Super X" rubberized surface (two layers, total 13.5 mm thick), which was used at both the 2008 and 2012 Summer Olympics.[2] After the competition the track has been dismantled and moved permanently to the newly built indoor arena in Toruń.[3]

American television coverage[edit]

The IAAF again chose not to get wide coverage in the large United States market. Instead they sold exclusive rights to Universal Sports, a network associated with NBC Sports.[4] Universal Sports can only be seen in about ten percent of the households in the American market.[5][6] Universal Sports limited other distribution of the content, even online content requiring login with cable subscription user names.[7] For those viewers without access to Universal Sports, nationwide coverage of the entire meet was blacked out. IAAF supported the blackout of coverage. Unlike previous World Championship meetings, IAAF's YouTube channel provided only post race interviews and no coverage of the actual events at the meet.[8]


H Heats Q Qualifiers ½ Semi-finals F Final

Medal summary[edit]


Event Gold Silver Bronze
60 metres
 Richard Kilty
Great Britain (GBR)
6.49 PB  Marvin Bracy
United States (USA)
6.51  Femi Ogunode
Qatar (QAT)
400 metres
 Pavel Maslák
Czech Republic (CZE)
45.24 NR  Chris Brown
Bahamas (BAH)
45.58 PB  Kyle Clemons
United States (USA)
800 metres
 Mohammed Aman
Ethiopia (ETH)
1:46.40  Adam Kszczot
Poland (POL)
1:46.76  Andrew Osagie
Great Britain (GBR)
1500 metres
 Ayanleh Souleiman
Djibouti (DJI)
3:37.52  Aman Wote
Ethiopia (ETH)
3:38.08  Abdalaati Iguider
Morocco (MAR)
3000 metres
 Caleb Mwangangi Ndiku
Kenya (KEN)
7:54.94  Bernard Lagat
United States (USA)
7:55.22  Dejen Gebremeskel
Ethiopia (ETH)
60 metres hurdles
 Omo Osaghae
United States (USA)
7.45 WL  Pascal Martinot-Lagarde
France (FRA)
7.46  Garfield Darien
France (FRA)
7.47 PB
4x400 metres relay
 United States
Kyle Clemons
David Verburg
Kind Butler III
Calvin Smith Jr.
Clayton Parros*
Rickey Babineaux*
3:02.13 WR  Great Britain
Conrad Williams
Jamie Bowie
Luke Lennon-Ford
Nigel Levine
Michael Bingham*
3:03.49  Jamaica
Errol Nolan
Allodin Fothergill
Akheem Gauntlett
Edino Steele
Dane Hyatt*
Jermaine Brown*
3:03.69 NR
High jump
 Mutaz Essa Barshim
Qatar (QAT)
2.38 m AR  Ivan Ukhov
Russia (RUS)
2.38 m  Andriy Protsenko
Ukraine (UKR)
2.36 m PB
Pole vault
 Konstadinos Filippidis
Greece (GRE)
5.80 m SB  Malte Mohr
Germany (GER)
5.80 m  Jan Kudlička
Czech Republic (CZE)
5.80 m PB
Long jump
 Mauro Vinícius da Silva
Brazil (BRA)
8.28 m NR  Li Jinzhe
China (CHN)
8.23 m SB  Michel Tornéus
Sweden (SWE)
8.21 m SB
Triple jump
 Lyukman Adams
Russia (RUS)
17.37 m WL  Ernesto Revé
Cuba (CUB)
17.33 m  Pedro Pablo Pichardo
Cuba (CUB)
17.24 m
Shot put
 Ryan Whiting
United States (USA)
22.05 m  David Storl
Germany (GER)
21.79 m SB  Tomas Walsh
New Zealand (NZL)
21.26 m AR
 Ashton Eaton
United States (USA)
6632 pts WL  Andrei Krauchanka
Belarus (BLR)
6303 pts NR  Thomas van der Plaetsen
Belgium (BEL)
6259 pts NR
  • Note: * = Relay athletes who only ran in heats


Event Gold Silver Bronze
60 metres
 Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce
Jamaica (JAM)
6.98 WL  Murielle Ahouré
Ivory Coast (CIV)
7.01 SB  Tianna Bartoletta
United States (USA)
7.06 SB
400 metres
 Francena McCorory
United States (USA)
51.12  Kaliese Spencer
Jamaica (JAM)
51.54 PB  Shaunae Miller
Bahamas (BAH)
800 metres
 Chanelle Price
United States (USA)
2:00.09 WL  Angelika Cichocka
Poland (POL)
2:00.45  Maryna Arzamasava
Belarus (BLR)
2:00.79 PB
1500 metres
 Abeba Aregawi
Sweden (SWE)
4:00.61  Axumawit Embaye
Ethiopia (ETH)
4:07.12 PB  Nicole Sifuentes
Canada (CAN)
4:07.61 NR
3000 metres
 Genzebe Dibaba
Ethiopia (ETH)
8:55.04  Hellen Onsando Obiri
Kenya (KEN)
8:57.72  Maryam Yusuf Jamal
Bahrain (BHR)
60 metres hurdles
 Nia Ali
United States (USA)
7.80 PB  Sally Pearson
Australia (AUS)
7.85  Tiffany Porter
Great Britain (GBR)
7.86 SB
4x400 metres relay
 United States
Natasha Hastings
Joanna Atkins
Francena McCorory
Cassandra Tate
Jernail Hayes*
Monica Hargrove*
3:24.83 WL  Jamaica
Patricia Hall
Anneisha McLaughlin
Kaliese Spencer
Stephenie Ann McPherson
Verone Chambers*
Natoya Goule*
3:26.54 NR  Great Britain
Eilidh Child
Shana Cox
Margaret Adeoye
Christine Ohuruogu
Victoria Ohuruogu*
High jump
 Mariya Kuchina
Russia (RUS)
 Kamila Lićwinko
Poland (POL)
2.00 m SB
2.00 m =NR
  Not awarded  Ruth Beitia
Spain (ESP)
2.00 m SB
Pole vault
 Yarisley Silva
Cuba (CUB)
4.70 m  Anzhelika Sidorova
Russia (RUS)
 Jiřina Svobodová
Czech Republic (CZE)
4.70 m
4.70 m
  Not awarded
Long jump
 Éloyse Lesueur
France (FRA)
6.85 m  Katarina Johnson-Thompson
Great Britain (GBR)
6.81 m PB  Ivana Španović
Serbia (SRB)
6.77 m
Triple jump
 Ekaterina Koneva
Russia (RUS)
14.46 m  Olha Saladuha
Ukraine (UKR)
14.45 m  Kimberly Williams
Jamaica (JAM)
14.39 m SB
Shot put
 Valerie Adams
New Zealand (NZL)
20.67 m WL  Christina Schwanitz
Germany (GER)
19.94 m  Gong Lijiao
China (CHN)
19.24 m SB
 Nadine Broersen
Netherlands (NED)
4830 pts WL,NR  Brianne Theisen-Eaton
Canada (CAN)
4768 pts NR  Alina Fyodorova
Ukraine (UKR)
4724 pts PB
  • Note: * = Relay athletes who only ran in heats

Medal table[edit]

  The host country is highlighted in lavender blue
Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  United States 8 2 2 12
2  Russia 3 2 0 5
3  Ethiopia 2 2 1 5
4  Great Britain 1 2 3 6
5  Jamaica 1 2 2 5
6  Poland 1 2 0 3
7  Cuba 1 1 1 3
 Czech Republic 1 1 1 3
 France 1 1 1 3
10  Kenya 1 1 0 2
11  New Zealand 1 0 1 2
 Qatar 1 0 1 2
 Sweden 1 0 1 2
14  Brazil 1 0 0 1
 Djibouti 1 0 0 1
 Greece 1 0 0 1
 Netherlands 1 0 0 1
18  Germany 0 3 0 3
19  Ukraine 0 1 2 3
20  Bahamas 0 1 1 2
 Belarus 0 1 1 2
 Canada 0 1 1 2
 China 0 1 1 2
24  Australia 0 1 0 1
 Ivory Coast 0 1 0 1
26  Bahrain 0 0 1 1
 Belgium 0 0 1 1
 Morocco 0 0 1 1
 Serbia 0 0 1 1
 Spain 0 0 1 1
Total 27 26 25 78


Athletes with track boundary disqualifications
Athlete Nation Event
Edino Steele  Jamaica Men's 400 m semi-final
Saddam Hussain  Pakistan Men's 800 m heats
Marcin Lewandowski  Poland Men's 800 m final
Aníta Hinriksdóttir  Iceland Women's 800 m heats
Nicholas Willis  New Zealand Men's 1500 m final
Rababe Arafi  Morocco Women's 1500 m final
Heather Kampf  United States Women's 1500 m final
Yoann Kowal  France Men's 3000 m heats

A number of athletes were disqualified for stepping over the inside track boundary and onto the in-field. The most high profile of these disqualifications was Poland's Marcin Lewandowski in the men's 800 m final. The host nation athlete originally won the bronze medal but a single step on the in-field led to his disqualification and the promotion of Great Britain's Andrew Osagie into the third podium position.[10]

There was a similar occurrence in the women's 1500 m final, where Rababe Arafi took the bronze and she also received the honour in a medal ceremony. Half an hour afterwards, a review of race footage led to her being disqualified with Canada's Nicole Sifuentes being promoted to bronze position.[11] Nick Willis, the original men's 1500 m fourth placer, was another high profile disqualification.[12]

Outside of the in-field track infringements, there were a smaller number of disqualifications. Reflecting the more physical nature of indoor competition, Richard Buck, Lisanne de Witte and Ioan Zaizan were all disqualified for obstruction or jostling. Siologa Viliamu Sepa and Musaeb Abdulrahman Balla were removed for lane infringement, while Michael Herreros' performance was erased due to improper hurdling. No athletes fell foul of the false start rule.


Athletes disqualified for doping
Athlete Nation Event
Kseniya Ryzhova  Russia Women's 4×400 m relay
Nataliia Lupu  Ukraine Women's 800 meters
Anca Heltne  Romania Women's shot put

The Russian women's 4×400 m relay team was disqualified after Kseniya Ryzhovas doping sample from 7 March was found positive for trimetazidine.[13][14][15] Nataliia Lupu (UKR) was disqualified from the Women's 800 meters after her doping sample was found positive for Methylhexaneamine.[16][17] The Romanian shot putter Anca Heltne took part in the championships but was disqualifed from all her results after a doping control carried out on 7 February 2014 showed she'd been using the anabolic steroids Dianabol and Oral Turinabol.[18][19][20]


One championship record was broken at the competition: the American men's 4×400 metres relay team ran a time of 3:02.13 minutes, which was also a world indoor record for the event (a time of 3:01.96 minutes was set by an American team in 2006 but this was not ratified due to a lack of a post-race EPO drug test).[21][22] Six area (continental) indoor records were broken at the competition, as well as two men's heptathlon championship bests and numerous indoor national records in athletics.[23]

Athlete Nation Event Performance Type
Levern Spencer  Saint Lucia High jump 1.95 m NR
Tomas Walsh  New Zealand Shot put 20.41 m NR
21.26 m AR
Franck Elemba  Republic of the Congo Shot put 17.74 m NR
Brianne Theisen-Eaton  Canada Pentathlon 4768 pts NR
Mitja Krevs  Slovenia 1500 metres 3:43.22 min NR
Wesam Al-Massri  Palestine 1500 metres 3:53.84 min NR
Nadine Broersen  Netherlands High jump (in heptathlon) 1.93 m NR
Pentathlon 4830 pts NR
Ashton Eaton  United States 60 metres hurdles (heptathlon) 7.64 sec Championship best
Farkhod Kuralov  Tajikistan 800 metres 1:52.36 min NR
Brice Etès  Monaco 800 metres 1:51.24 min NR
Yvette Lewis  Panama 60 metres hurdles 7.91 sec AR
Andrea Ivančević  Croatia 60 metres hurdles 8.10 sec NR
8.09 sec NR
Gnima Faye  Senegal 60 metres hurdles 8.15 sec NR
Lavonne Idlette  Dominican Republic 60 metres hurdles 8.16 sec NR
Reza Ghasemi  Iran 60 metres 6.58 sec NR
Sibusiso Matsenjwa  Swaziland 60 metres 6.88 sec NR
Faresa Kapisi  American Samoa 60 metres 7.14 sec NR
Benjamín Véliz  Nicaragua 60 metres 7.27 sec NR
Adrian Strzałkowski  Poland Long jump 8.18 m NR
Luis Rivera  Mexico Long jump 8.01 m NR
Eliane Saholinirina  Madagascar 1500 metres 4:19.64 NR
Georgi Ivanov  Bulgaria Shot put 21.02 m NR
Zane Robertson  New Zealand 3000 metres 7:44.16 min NR
Abdulaziz Al-Mandeel  Kuwait 60 metres hurdles 7.74 sec NR
Amir Shaker  Iraq 60 metres hurdles 7.96 sec NR
Iong Kim Fai  Macau 60 metres hurdles 8.34 sec NR
Nelson Camilo Acebey  Bolivia 60 metres hurdles 8.48 sec NR
Natalia Ducó  Chile Shot put 17.24 m NR
Patricia Taea  Cook Islands 60 metres 7.93 sec NR
Lovelite Detenamo  Nauru 60 metres 7.94 sec NR
Vitaliy Butrym
Yevhen Hutsol
Dmytro Bikulov
Danylo Danylenko
 Ukraine 4×400 metres relay 3:07.54 min NR
Tobi Ogunmola
Noah Akwu
Salihu Isah
Cristian Morton
 Nigeria 4×400 metres relay 3:07.95 min AR
Maria Enrica Spacca
Elena Maria Bonfanti
Marta Milani
Chiara Bazzoni
 Italy 4×400 metres relay 3:31.99 min NR
Verone Chambers
Anneisha McLaughlin
Natoya Goule
Stephenie Ann McPherson
 Jamaica 4×400 metres relay 3:29.43 min NR
Gerald Phiri  Zambia 60 metres 6.57 sec NR
6.52 sec NR
Gabriel Mvumvure  Zimbabwe 60 metres 6.60 sec NR
Nicole Sifuentes  Canada 1500 metres 4:07.61 min NR
Andrei Krauchanka  Belarus Heptathlon 6303 pts NR
High jump (in heptathlon) 2.21 m Championship best
Thomas van der Plaetsen  Belgium Heptathlon 6259 pts NR
Oleksiy Kasyanov  Ukraine 1000 metres (in heptathlon) 2:39.44 min NR
Pavel Maslák  Czech Republic 400 metres 45.24 sec NR
Kamila Lićwinko  Poland High jump 2.00 m NR
Su Bingtian  China 60 metres 6.52 sec NR
Aitor Gomez  Gibraltar 1500 metres 4:07.34 min NR
Mauro Vinícius da Silva  Brazil Long jump 8.28 m NR

Participating nations[edit]


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