2014 Kabul Serena Hotel attack

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Not to be confused with 2008 Kabul Serena Hotel attack.
2014 Kabul Serena Hotel attack
Part of the War in Afghanistan (2001–present)
Serena Hotel in Kabul.jpg
Location Kabul, Afghanistan
Date March 20, 2014 (2014-03-20)
20:30 – 23:30 (UTC+4:30)
Target Foreign election observers and journalists
Attack type
Suicide attack
Deaths 9 (+4 attackers)[1]
Non-fatal injuries
Perpetrators Taliban

The 2014 Kabul Serena Hotel attack was a mass shooting at the restaurant of the Kabul Serena Hotel, in Kabul, Afghanistan on March 20, 2014 for which the Taliban claimed responsibility. Four teenage gunmen entered the restaurant of the hotel, opening fire with handguns against patrons and sparking a three-hour standoff with Afghan security forces. At least nine people were reported killed in the assault, including five Afghans and four foreigners. Among the victims was former Paraguyan diplomat Luis Maria Duarte, who was in the country as an international observer in the upcoming Presidential elections. Afghan authorities later announced that four women and two children were among the victims, which included nationals of New Zealand, Pakistan, India and Canada. At least two of the hotel's security guards were injured during the assault as well.[2]

In 2008 there was a bomb and firearms attack in the hotel's gym. In that attack on January 14, 2008 six people were killed. The Taliban claimed responsibility.

The attack[edit]

The four underage teenager attackers killed nine hotel guests. After a gunfight with the police, four of the attackers died in the shootout.[3]


Those killed were: two women from Canada,[4] two Bangladeshis, a man and a woman with dual USA/Bangladesh citizenship,[5] a woman from New Zealand, a man from Pakistan, eight Afghans (include a family of three), and one Paraguayan.[6]

Nationalities of the Serena Hotel Attacks[5]
Nationality Victims Attackers Total
 Afghanistan 4 3 7
 Bangladesh 1 (+ 1) 1 (+1 woman with dual U.S.-Bangladeshi citizenship)
 Canada 2 2
 New Zealand 1 1
 Pakistan 0 1 1
 Paraguay 1 1
 USA 1 * 1
Total (7 nationalities) 9 4 13

Notable victims:


The Taliban have claimed responsibility for the attack.[3]

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