2014 Little League World Series

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2014 Little League World Series
Dates August 14–
August 24
Teams participating 16
Champion South Korea Seoul Little League
Seoul, South Korea
Runner-up United States Illinois Jackie Robinson West Little League
Chicago, Illinois

The 2014 Little League World Series, held in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania, started on August 14 and ended on August 24, 2014.[1] Eight teams from the United States, and eight from the rest of the world, competed in the 68th edition of the tournament. This was the first World Series to feature entire rosters of players born in the 21st century. ESPN again broadcast the games. This also marked the 75th anniversary of Little League Baseball. All games took place at Howard J. Lamade Stadium and Little League Volunteer Stadium. Seoul Little League of Seoul, South Korea defeated Jackie Robinson West Little League of Chicago, Illinois 8–4 to win the championship. On February 11, 2015, Jackie Robinson West's wins were vacated after it was found that the team used ineligible players from outside the Chicago area. Mountain Ridge Little League of Las Vegas, Nevada was named the US champion due to the vacating of Jackie Robinson West's wins. Therefore, all of Jackie Robinson West's results are now officially recorded as 0–6 losses (forfeit).


United States International
Illinois Chicago, Illinois
Great Lakes Region
Jackie Robinson West
South Korea Seoul, South Korea
Asia-Pacific and Middle East Region
Pennsylvania Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Mid-Atlantic Region
Western Australia Perth, Western Australia
Australia Australia Region
Perth Metro North
South Dakota Rapid City, South Dakota
Midwest Region
Canyon Lake
British Columbia Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada Canada Region
South Vancouver
Rhode Island Cumberland, Rhode Island
New England Region
Cumberland American
Puerto Rico Humacao, Puerto Rico
Caribbean Region
Miguel Luzunaris
Washington (state) Lynnwood, Washington
Northwest Region
Lynnwood Pacific
Czech Republic Brno, Czech Republic
Europe and Africa Region
South Moravia
Tennessee Nashville, Tennessee
Southeast Region
South Nashville
Tokyo Tokyo
Japan Japan Region
Tokyo Kitasuna
Texas Pearland, Texas
Southwest Region
Pearland East
Venezuela Maracaibo, Venezuela
Latin America Region
Nevada Las Vegas, Nevada
West Region
Mountain Ridge
Nuevo León Guadalupe, Nuevo León
Mexico Mexico Region
Linda Vista


The draw to determine the opening round pairings took place on June 11, 2014.[2]

United States bracket[edit]

  Round 1     Round 2     Round 3     U.S. Semifinal     U.S. Championship
  Winner's Bracket
  Illinois Illinois (F/5) 12  
  Washington (state) Washington 2    
      1–0 Illinois Illinois 2  
      1–0 Nevada Nevada (F/4) 13    
  South Dakota South Dakota 2          
  Nevada Nevada (F/5) 12        
      2–0 Nevada Nevada 8            
      2–0 Pennsylvania Pennsylvania 1              
  Pennsylvania Pennsylvania 4              
  Tennessee Tennessee 0                
      1–0 Pennsylvania Pennsylvania 7          
      1–0 Texas Texas 6        
  Texas Texas 6          
  Rhode Island Rhode Island 4         3–0 Nevada Nevada 5
      4–1 Illinois Illinois 7
  Loser's Bracket      
  0–1 Washington (state) Washington 7        
  0–1 South Dakota South Dakota 5     1–1 Washington (state) Washington 4        
    1–1 Texas Texas 11          
      2–1 Texas Texas 1        
  0–1 Tennessee Tennessee 7         2–1 Illinois Illinois 6     2–1 Pennsylvania Pennsylvania 5    
  0–1 Rhode Island Rhode Island 8     1–1 Rhode Island Rhode Island 7         3–1 Illinois Illinois 6  
    1–1 Illinois Illinois 8  

International bracket[edit]

  Round 1     Round 2     Round 3     International Semifinal     International Championship
  Winner's Bracket
  South Korea South Korea 10  
  Czech Republic Czech Republic 3    
      1–0 South Korea South Korea 8  
      1–0 Puerto Rico Puerto Rico 5    
  Puerto Rico Puerto Rico (F/4) 16          
  Australia Australia 3        
      2–0 South Korea South Korea 4            
      2–0 Japan Japan 2              
  Mexico Mexico 4              
  Canada Canada 3                
      1–0 Mexico Mexico 5          
      1–0 Japan Japan 9        
  Venezuela Venezuela 0          
  Japan Japan 1         3–0 South Korea South Korea 12
      3–1 Japan Japan 3
  Loser's Bracket      
  0–1 Czech Republic Czech Republic 1        
  0–1 Australia Australia 10     1–1 Mexico Mexico 6        
    1–1 Australia Australia 2          
      2–1 Mexico Mexico (F/5) 11        
  0–1 Canada Canada 0         2–1 Venezuela Venezuela 1     2–1 Japan Japan (F/5) 12    
  0–1 Venezuela Venezuela (F/5) 10     1–1 Venezuela Venezuela 2         3–1 Mexico Mexico 1  
    1–1 Puerto Rico Puerto Rico 1  

Crossover games[edit]

Teams that lose their first two games get to play a crossover game against a team from the other side of the bracket that also lost its first two games. These games are labeled Game A and Game B. Their purpose is to provide the teams who are already eliminated with the opportunity to play a third game.

Game A
August 18 – Lamade Stadium
 Czech Republic Czech Republic  3
 South Dakota South Dakota  5
Game B
August 19 – Lamade Stadium
 Canada Canada  9
 Tennessee Tennessee  12

Consolation game[edit]

The consolation game is played between the loser of the United States championship and the loser of the International championship.

Consolation game
August 24 – Lamade Stadium
 Japan Japan  5
 Nevada Nevada  0

World Championship[edit]

Little League World Championship
August 24 – Lamade Stadium
 South Korea South Korea  8
 Illinois Illinois  4
2014 Little League World Series Champions
South Korea
Seoul Little League
Seoul, South Korea

Mo'ne Davis[edit]

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania pitcher Mo'ne Davis became a media sensation throughout the tournament, becoming the first American female to participate in the Little League World Series (LLWS) since 2004 and the first female to pitch a winning LLWS game. The 13-year-old Davis is the first ever Little Leaguer featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine, as well as one of the youngest athletes to appear on the cover.[3]

Jackie Robinson West[edit]

Team Jackie Robinson West also made headlines during the tournament for being the first all-African American team to compete in the tournament in several decades. Hailing from the Washington Heights neighborhood of Chicago, the team made it all the way to the World Championship before ultimately falling to a team from South Korea.[4]

As the team rose to prominence, Evergreen Park, Illinois Little League official Chris Janes began to investigate personal information pertaining to players of the Jackie Robinson West team, finding that multiple players on the team lived outside the team's designated boundary region. He later discovered that the team had used a falsified boundary map which covered a wider area than other teams in the region had agreed to.[5] On February 11, 2015, based on Chris Janes' findings, the team's wins and U.S. titles were vacated for its use of ineligible players. The U.S. title was retroactively awarded to Mountain Ridge Little League of Las Vegas. The Great Lakes title was also stripped from Jackie Robinson West, and given to the team they beat in the championship, New Albany, Indiana.[5][6]

In February 2016, parents of the team's members sued Little League Baseball, Janes, ESPN Inc., and ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith. They alleged that Little League Baseball and JRW officials had deliberately obfuscated details about the players' eligibility to "reap the benefits of notoriety and media attention", did not grant due process, that ESPN's Stephen A. Smith made defamatory remarks on its program First Take that "directly accused the JRW parents of perpetrating a fraud against the Little League", and that Janes had violated their right to privacy by using license plates to identify the players' residencies.[4][7]


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