2014 Major League Baseball draft

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2014 MLB draft
Date(s) June 5–7, 2014
Location Secaucus, New Jersey
Network(s) (US) MLB Network
First selection Brady Aiken
Houston Astros
First round selections 41
Overall selections 1,215

The 2014 Major League Baseball (MLB) First-Year Player Draft was held from June 5 through June 7, 2014, to assign amateur baseball players to MLB teams. The first two rounds were conducted on June 5, followed by rounds three through ten on June 6, and the last 30 rounds on June 7.[1] It was broadcast from Studio 42 of the MLB Network in Secaucus, New Jersey.

The draft order was the reverse order of the 2013 MLB regular season standings. As the Astros finished the 2013 season with the worst record, they had the first overall selection for the third consecutive year.[2] In addition, the Toronto Blue Jays got the 11th pick, as compensation for failing to sign Phil Bickford, the 10th overall selection of the 2013 MLB Draft.[1] The St. Louis Cardinals got bumped from #30 to #31 because although tied with the Boston Red Sox for most wins in the 2013 regular season, the Red Sox had fewer wins in 2012.[3] Kansas City Royals first round draft pick Brandon Finnegan made his Major League debut on September 6, 2014, the first player to reach the majors from the 2014 draft class, with Carlos Rodon the second. Rodon first appeared for the Chicago White Sox on April 21, 2015. Finnegan became the first player to play in both the College World Series, for TCU, and the MLB World Series, for Kansas City, in the same year. Kyle Schwarber was the first position player to reach the majors from the 2014 draft class doing so June 16, 2015.

First round draft order[edit]

* Player did not sign
Pick Player Team Position School
1 Aiken, BradyBrady Aiken* Houston Astros Left-handed pitcher Cathedral Catholic High School (CA)
2 Kolek, TylerTyler Kolek Miami Marlins Right-handed pitcher Shepherd High School (TX)
3 Rodon, CarlosCarlos Rodon Chicago White Sox Left-handed pitcher NC State
4 Schwarber, KyleKyle Schwarber Chicago Cubs Catcher Indiana
5 Gordon, NickNick Gordon Minnesota Twins Shortstop Olympia High School (FL)
6 Jackson, AlexAlex Jackson Seattle Mariners Outfielder Rancho Bernardo High School (CA)
7 Nola, AaronAaron Nola Philadelphia Phillies Right-handed pitcher LSU
8 Freeland, KyleKyle Freeland Colorado Rockies Left-handed pitcher Evansville
9 Hoffman, JeffJeff Hoffman Toronto Blue Jays Right-handed pitcher East Carolina
10 Conforto, MichaelMichael Conforto New York Mets Outfielder Oregon State
11 Pentecost, MaxMax Pentecost Toronto Blue Jays[Compensation 1] Catcher Kennesaw State
12 Medeiros, KodiKodi Medeiros Milwaukee Brewers Left-handed pitcher Waiakea High School (HI)
13 Turner, TreaTrea Turner San Diego Padres Shortstop NC State
14 Beede, TylerTyler Beede San Francisco Giants Right-handed pitcher Vanderbilt
15 Newcomb, SeanSean Newcomb Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Left-handed pitcher Hartford
16 Toussaint, ToukiTouki Toussaint Arizona Diamondbacks Right-handed pitcher Coral Springs Christian Academy (FL)
17 Finnegan, BrandonBrandon Finnegan Kansas City Royals Left-handed pitcher TCU
18 Fedde, ErickErick Fedde Washington Nationals Right-handed pitcher UNLV
19 Howard, NickNick Howard Cincinnati Reds Right-handed pitcher Virginia
20 Gillaspie, CaseyCasey Gillaspie Tampa Bay Rays First baseman Wichita State
21 Zimmer, BradleyBradley Zimmer Cleveland Indians Outfielder San Francisco
22 Holmes, GrantGrant Holmes Los Angeles Dodgers Right-handed pitcher Conway High School (SC)
23 Hill, DerekDerek Hill Detroit Tigers Outfielder Elk Grove High School (CA)
24 Tucker, ColeCole Tucker Pittsburgh Pirates Shortstop Mountain Pointe High School (AZ)
25 Chapman, MattMatt Chapman Oakland Athletics Third baseman Cal State Fullerton
26 Chavis, MichaelMichael Chavis Boston Red Sox Shortstop Sprayberry High School (GA)
27 Weaver, LukeLuke Weaver St. Louis Cardinals Right-handed pitcher Florida State

Compensatory round[edit]

Pick Player Team Position School
28 Griffin, FosterFoster Griffin Kansas City Royals[Compensation 2] Left-handed pitcher The First Academy (FL)
29 Blandino, AlexAlex Blandino Cincinnati Reds[Compensation 3] Third Baseman Stanford
30 Ortiz, LuisLuis Ortiz Texas Rangers[Compensation 4] Right-handed pitcher Sanger High School (CA)
31 Sheffield, JustusJustus Sheffield Cleveland Indians[Compensation 5] Left-handed pitcher Tullahoma High School (TN)
32 Davidson, BraxtonBraxton Davidson Atlanta Braves[Compensation 6] Outfielder T.C. Roberson High School (NC)
33 Kopech, MichaelMichael Kopech Boston Red Sox[Compensation 7] Right-handed pitcher Mount Pleasant High School (TX)
34 Flaherty, JackJack Flaherty St. Louis Cardinals[Compensation 8] Right-handed pitcher Harvard-Westlake School (CA)

Competitive Balance Round A[edit]

Pick Player Team Position School
35 Wall, ForrestForrest Wall Colorado Rockies Second baseman Orangewood Christian School (FL)
36 Anderson, BlakeBlake Anderson Miami Marlins[Compensation 9] Catcher West Lauderdale High School (MS)
37 Fisher, DerekDerek Fisher Houston Astros[Trades 1] Outfielder Virginia
38 Papi, MikeMike Papi Cleveland Indians Outfielder Virginia
39 Joe, ConnorConnor Joe Pittsburgh Pirates[Trades 2] Outfielder San Diego
40 Vallot, ChaseChase Vallot Kansas City Royals Catcher St. Thomas More School (LA)
41 Gatewood, JacobJacob Gatewood Milwaukee Brewers Shortstop Clovis High School (CA)

Other notable selections[edit]

Round Pick Player Team Position School
2 42 Reed, A. J.A. J. Reed Houston Astros First baseman University of Kentucky
2 44 Adams, SpencerSpencer Adams Chicago White Sox Right-handed pitcher White County High School (GA)
2 45 Stinnett, JakeJake Stinnett Chicago Cubs Right-handed pitcher University of Maryland, College Park
2 46 Burdi, NickNick Burdi Minnesota Twins Right-handed pitcher University of Louisville
2 48 Castellani, RyanRyan Castellani Colorado Rockies Right-handed pitcher Brophy College Preparatory (AZ)
2 49 Reid-Foley, SeanSean Reid-Foley Toronto Blue Jays Right-handed pitcher Sandalwood High School (FL)
2 50 Harrison, MonteMonte Harrison Milwaukee Brewers Outfielder Lee's Summit West High School (MO)
2 51 Gettys, MichaelMichael Gettys San Diego Padres Outfielder Gainesville High School (GA)
2 52 Garcia, AramisAramis Garcia San Francisco Giants Catcher Florida International University
2 54 Reed, CodyCody Reed Arizona Diamondbacks Left-handed pitcher Ardmore High School (AL)
2 55 Lindgren, JacobJacob Lindgren New York Yankees Left-handed pitcher Mississippi State University
2 56 Blewett, ScottScott Blewett Kansas City Royals Right-handed pitcher Charles W. Baker High School (NY)
2 57 Suarez, AndrewAndrew Suarez Washington Nationals Left-handed pitcher University of Miami
2 59 Forbes, Ti'QuanTi'Quan Forbes Texas Rangers Shortstop Columbia High School (MS)
2 62 Verdugo, AlexAlex Verdugo Los Angeles Dodgers Outfielder Sahuaro High School (AZ)
2 64 Keller, MitchMitch Keller Pittsburgh Pirates Right-handed pitcher Xavier High School (IA)
2 65 Gossett, DanielDaniel Gossett Oakland Athletics Right-handed pitcher Clemson University
2 67 Travis, SamSam Travis Boston Red Sox First baseman Indiana University Bloomington
2 70 Díaz, IsanIsan Díaz Arizona Diamondbacks Shortstop Springfield Central High School (MA)
2 71 Morales, AndrewAndrew Morales St. Louis Cardinals Right-handed pitcher University of California, Irvine
2 72 Honeywell, BrentBrent Honeywell Tampa Bay Rays Right-handed pitcher Walters State Community College
2 74 Morgan, GarethGareth Morgan Seattle Mariners Outfielder Blyth Academy (ON)
3 76 Anderson, BrianBrian Anderson Miami Marlins Second baseman University of Arkansas
3 77 Fry, JaceJace Fry Chicago White Sox Left-handed pitcher Oregon State University
3 78 Zagunis, MarkMark Zagunis Chicago Cubs Catcher Virginia Tech
3 79 Cederoth, MichaelMichael Cederoth Minnesota Twins Right-handed pitcher San Diego State University
3 81 Brown, AaronAaron Brown Philadelphia Phillies Outfielder Pepperdine University
3 82 Howard, SamSam Howard Colorado Rockies Left-handed pitcher Golden Southern University
3 85 Sneed, CyCy Sneed Milwaukee Brewers Right-handed pitcher Dallas Baptist University
3 86 Lemond, ZechZech Lemond San Diego Padres Right-handed pitcher Rice University
3 88 Ellis, ChrisChris Ellis Los Angeles Angels Right-handed pitcher University of Mississippi
3 92 Skoglund, EricEric Skoglund Kansas City Royals Left-handed pitcher University of Central Florida
3 94 Strahan, WyattWyatt Strahan Cincinnati Reds Right-handed pitcher University of Southern California
3 95 Morgan, JoshJosh Morgan Texas Rangers Shortstop Lutheran High School of Orange County (CA)
3 97 Bradley, BobbyBobby Bradley Cleveland Indians First baseman Harrison Central High School (MS)
3 98 Richy, JohnJohn Richy Los Angeles Dodgers Right-handed pitcher University of Nevada, Las Vegas
3 99 Greiner, GraysonGrayson Greiner Detroit Tigers Catcher University of South Carolina
3 100 Luplow, JordanJordan Luplow Pittsburgh Pirates Outfielder California State University, Fresno
3 102 Povse, MaxMax Povse Atlanta Braves Right-handed pitcher University of North Carolina at Greensboro
3 103 Cosart, JakeJake Cosart Boston Red Sox Right-handed pitcher Seminole State College of Florida
3 105 Mader, MichaelMichael Mader Miami Marlins Left-handed pitcher Chipola College
4 106 Mengden, DanielDaniel Mengden Houston Astros Right-handed pitcher Texas A&M University
4 111 Yarbrough, RyanRyan Yarbrough Seattle Mariners Left-handed pitcher Old Dominion University
4 121 Connaughton, PatPat Connaughton Baltimore Orioles Right-handed pitcher University of Notre Dame
4 122 Montgomery, JordanJordan Montgomery New York Yankees Left-handed pitcher University of South Carolina
4 125 LaValley, GavinGavin LaValley Cincinnati Reds Third baseman Carl Albert High School (OK)
4 130 Ravenelle, AdamAdam Ravenelle Detroit Tigers Right-handed pitcher Vanderbilt University
4 131 Gushue, TaylorTaylor Gushue Pittsburgh Pirates Catcher University of Florida
4 135 Gomber, AustinAustin Gomber St. Louis Cardinals Left-handed pitcher Florida Atlantic University
5 136 Nix, JacobJacob Nix Houston Astros Right-handed pitcher Los Alamitos High School (CA)
5 141 Altavilla, DanDan Altavilla Seattle Mariners Right-handed pitcher Mercyhurst University
5 143 Padlo, KevinKevin Padlo Colorado Rockies Third baseman Murrieta Valley High School (CA)
5 148 Coonrod, SamSam Coonrod San Francisco Giants Right-handed pitcher Southern Illinois University Carbondale
5 150 McCullough, MasonMason McCullough Arizona Diamondbacks Right-handed pitcher Lander University
5 158 Merryweather, JulianJulian Merryweather Cleveland Indians Right-handed pitcher Oklahoma Baptist University
5 162 Fillmyer, HeathHeath Fillmyer Oakland Athletics Right-handed pitcher Mercer County Community College
5 164 Ockimey, JoshJosh Ockimey Boston Red Sox First baseman Saints John Neumann and Maria Goretti Catholic High School (PA)
6 166 Dykxhoorn, BrockBrock Dykxhoorn Houston Astros Right-handed pitcher Central Arizona College
6 169 Cease, DylanDylan Cease Chicago Cubs Right-handed pitcher Milton High School (GA)
6 170 Curtiss, JohnJohn Curtiss Minnesota Twins Right-handed pitcher University of Texas at Austin
6 172 Leibrandt, BrandonBrandon Leibrandt Philadelphia Phillies Left-handed pitcher Florida State University
6 180 Curtis, ZacZac Curtis Arizona Diamondbacks Left-handed pitcher Middle Tennessee State University
6 181 Scott, TannerTanner Scott Baltimore Orioles Left-handed pitcher Howard College
6 182 Holder, JonathanJonathan Holder New York Yankees Right-handed pitcher Mississippi State University
6 186 Trevino, JoseJose Trevino Texas Rangers Third baseman Oral Roberts University
6 189 Stewart, BrockBrock Stewart Los Angeles Dodgers Right-handed pitcher Illinois State University
6 191 Eppler, TylerTyler Eppler Pittsburgh Pirates Right-handed pitcher Sam Houston State University
6 194 Mars, DannyDanny Mars Boston Red Sox Outfielder Chipola College
7 197 Seymour, AnferneeAnfernee Seymour Atlanta Braves Shortstop American Heritage School (FL)
7 198 Peter, JakeJake Peter Chicago White Sox Shortstop Creighton University
7 205 Wieck, BradBrad Wieck New York Mets Left-handed pitcher Oklahoma City University
7 212 Payton, MarkMark Payton New York Yankees Outfielder University of Texas at Austin
7 219 Oaks, TrevorTrevor Oaks Los Angeles Dodgers Right-handed pitcher California Baptist University
7 223 Dykstra, LukeLuke Dykstra Atlanta Braves Second baseman Westlake High School (CA)
8 227 Garrett, StoneStone Garrett Miami Marlins Outfielder George Ranch High School (TX)
8 233 Musgrave, HarrisonHarrison Musgrave Colorado Rockies Left-handed pitcher West Virginia University
8 238 Slater, AustinAustin Slater San Francisco Giants Outfielder Stanford University
8 243 O'Hearn, RyanRyan O'Hearn Kansas City Royals First baseman Sam Houston State University
9 258 Clark, BrianBrian Clark Chicago White Sox Left-handed pitcher Kent State University
9 259 Farris, JamesJames Farris Chicago Cubs Right-handed pitcher University of Arizona
9 272 Conde, VicenteVicente Conde New York Yankees Shortstop Vanderbilt University
10 287 Peters, DillonDillon Peters Miami Marlins Left-handed pitcher University of Texas at Austin
10 289 Williams, RyanRyan Williams Chicago Cubs Right-handed pitcher East Carolina University
10 294 Romano, JordanJordan Romano Toronto Blue Jays Right-handed pitcher Oral Roberts University
10 310 Voelker, PaulPaul Voelker Detroit Tigers Right-handed pitcher Dallas Baptist University
10 314 Sturgeon, ColeCole Sturgeon Boston Red Sox Outfielder University of Louisville
13 405 Pearce, MattMatt Pearce St. Louis Cardinals Right-handed pitcher Polk Community College
15 449 Mahle, GregGreg Mahle Los Angeles Angels Left-handed pitcher University of California, Santa Barbara
19 569 Bormann, JohnJohn Bormann Los Angeles Angels Catcher University of Texas at San Antonio
22 650 Hildenberger, TrevorTrevor Hildenberger Minnesota Twins Right-handed pitcher University of California, Berkeley
38 1,151 DeJong, PaulPaul DeJong Pittsburgh Pirates Catcher Illinois State University


Compensation picks
  1. ^ Compensation pick for failing to sign Phillip Bickford in the 2013 Major League Baseball Draft.
  2. ^ Compensation pick for the Atlanta Braves signing Ervin Santana
  3. ^ Compensation pick for the Texas Rangers signing Shin-Soo Choo.
  4. ^ Compensation pick for the Baltimore Orioles signing Nelson Cruz.
  5. ^ Compensation pick for the Baltimore Orioles signing Ubaldo Jiménez.
  6. ^ Compensation pick for the New York Yankees signing Brian McCann.
  7. ^ Compensation pick for the New York Yankees signing Jacoby Ellsbury.
  8. ^ Compensation pick for the New York Yankees signing Carlos Beltrán.
  9. ^ Compensation pick for failing to sign Matt Krook in the 2013 Major League Baseball Draft.
Traded picks
  1. ^ The Astros acquired the 37th overall pick, L. J. Hoes, and Josh Hader from the Orioles in exchange for Bud Norris at the 2013 trade deadline.[4]
  2. ^ The Pirates acquired the 39th overall pick from the Marlins in exchange for Bryan Morris on June 1, 2014.[5]

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