2014 Moldovan Super Cup

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Supercupa Moldovei
Zimbru won 4–3 on penalties
Date27 June 2014
VenueSheriff Stadium, Tiraspol
RefereeGabriel Tupicica

The 2014 Moldovan Super Cup was the eight Moldovan Super Cup (Romanian: Supercupa Moldovei), an annual Moldovan football match played by the winner of the national football league (the National Division) and the winner of the national Cup. The match was played between Zimbru Chișinău, winners of the 2013–14 Moldovan Cup, and Sheriff Tiraspol, champions of the 2013–14 National Division. It was held at the Sheriff Stadium on 27 June 2014.
Zimbru won 4–3 on penalties, after the match finished 1–1 after 90 minutes.[1]


GK 12 Moldova Denis Rusu
DF 4 Moldova Iulian Erhan (c)
DF 5 Moldova Constantin Bogdan
DF 18 Belarus Dzmitry Klimovich
DF 21 Belarus Kiril Pavlyuchek Yellow card 90'
MF 8 Moldova Alexandru Vremea
MF 10 Moldova Alexandru Pașcenco Substituted off 46'
MF 11 Moldova Alexandru Dedov
MF 77 Moldova Anatol Cheptine Substituted off 63'
MF 94 Moldova Dan Spătaru Substituted off 61'
FW 31 Moldova Alexandru Grosu Substituted off 71'
GK 89 Moldova Anatol Chirinciuc
DF 3 Moldova Ștefan Burghiu Substituted in 71'
DF 14 Moldova Ion Jardan Substituted in 61'
MF 7 Moldova Gheorghe Anton Substituted in 63'
MF 13 Moldova Corneliu Pavalachi
MF 25 Ivory Coast Jean-Marie Amani Substituted in 46'
FW 19 Moldova Ilie Damașcan
Belarus Oleg Kubarev
GK 1 Moldova Serghei Pașcenco
DF 15 Ivory Coast Marcel Metoua
DF 22 Guinea Djibril Paye
DF 26 Slovenia Miral Samardžić (c)
DF 88 Brazil Ligger
MF 20 Brazil Cadú Substituted off 67'
MF 23 Brazil Ernandes Substituted off 86'
MF 91 Moldova Serghei Gheorghiev Yellow card 63'
FW 8 Moldova Radu Gînsari Substituted off 58'
FW 9 Brazil Juninho Potiguar Substituted off 72'
FW 90 Moldova Henrique Luvannor
GK 25 Moldova Sergiu Juric
DF 30 Romania Andrei Mureșan
MF 11 Brazil Ricardinho Substituted in 67'
MF 24 Moldova Veaceslav Lisa
MF 33 Moldova Valeriu Macrițchii
FW 7 Moldova Maxim Antoniuc
FW 16 Moldova Vadim Paireli Substituted in 58'
FW 19 Netherlands Fred Benson Substituted in 72'
FW 27 Brazil Klysman Henrique
FW 29 Bulgaria Ismail Isa Substituted in 86'
FW 89 Moldova Maxim Iurcu
Moldova Veaceslav Rusnac

Assistant referees:
Andrei Bodean
Victor Mardari
Fourth official:
Victor Gheciu

Match rules

  • 90 minutes.
  • Penalty shoot-out if score is still level.
  • Eleven named substitutes, of which up to four may be used.


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