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The November 2014 San Diego general elections were on November 4, 2014, in San Diego, California. A two-round system was used for the election, starting with a primary in June followed by a runoff in November between the top-two candidates if no candidate received a majority of the votes in the first round.

The elections included a single seat to the San Diego City Council. During the June primary, incumbents Myrtle Cole (District 4) and David Alvarez (District 8) won re-election by acquiring the majority of the votes. Lorie Zapf (District 2) was also re-elected in the June primary, but in a different district due to redistricting. Chris Cate won a majority of the votes in the November runoff and was elected to the City Council for District 6.[1]

City Council[edit]

District 6[edit]

Incumbent council member Lorie Zapf shifted from District 6 to District 2 due to the 2010 redistricting. Chris Cate and Carol Kim received the most votes in the June primary. Since no candidate won a majority, a runoff was held in November to determine the winner. Cate won a majority in the runoff and was elected to the City Council.[1]

San Diego City Council District 6 election, 2014[2]
Primary election
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Chris Cate 10,270 47.17
Democratic Carol Kim 6,880 31.59
Nonpartisan Mitz Lee 2,717 12.48
Nonpartisan Jane L. Glasson 1,012 4.65
Nonpartisan De Le 895 4.11
Total votes 21,774 100
General election
Republican Chris Cate 13,399 54.57
Democratic Carol Kim 11,155 45.43
Total votes 24,554 100


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