2014 Stade Tata Raphaël disaster

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Stade Tata Raphaël disaster
Date May 11, 2014 (2014-05-11)
Location Democratic Republic of the Congo Stade Tata Raphaël, Kinshasa
Coordinates 4°20′17″S 15°19′20″E / 4.338056°S 15.322222°E / -4.338056; 15.322222Coordinates: 4°20′17″S 15°19′20″E / 4.338056°S 15.322222°E / -4.338056; 15.322222
Deaths 15
Non-fatal injuries 24[1]

The 2014 Stade Tata Raphaël disaster refers to a stampede that occurred in Kinshasa at the Stade Tata Raphaël on 11 May 2014.

During the match between Congolese football clubs TP Mazembe and Vita Club, missiles were thrown onto the pitch and the referee chose to delay play.

Fifteen people lost their lives after police launched tear gas into the stands causing a stampede.[2] A police source who declined to be named put the death toll higher, at 18.[3] Governor Andre Kimbuta said at least 24 other people were injured during the melee that followed.[4]

Supporters were said to have been blinded by the gas, with the panic and confusion contributing to the collapse of a stadium wall. Suffocation was reported to have been the cause of death in most instances.[5]