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Coral UK Open
Tournament information
Dates 7–9 March 2014
Venue Butlins Resort
Location Minehead
Country United Kingdom
Organisation(s) PDC
Format Legs
Final – best of 21
Prize fund £250,000
Winners share £50,000
England Adrian Lewis
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The 2014 Coral UK Open was a darts tournament staged by the Professional Darts Corporation. It was the twelfth year of the tournament where, following numerous regional qualifying heats throughout Britain, players competed in a single elimination tournament to be crowned champion. The tournament was held at the Butlins Resort in Minehead over 7–9 March 2014, and had the nickname, the "FA Cup of darts" as a random draw was staged after each round until the final.

Phil Taylor was the defending champion but he suffered a huge upset by losing 9–7 to Aden Kirk in the third round.[1]

Adrian Lewis won the fourth major title of his career beating Terry Jenkins 11–1 in the final.[2]

Format and qualifiers[edit]

UK Open Qualifiers[edit]

There were six qualifying events staged in February 2014 to determine the UK Open Order of Merit Table. The tournament winners were:

No. Date Venue Winner Score Runner-up Ref.
1 Friday 7 February Robin Park Tennis Centre, Wigan Andy Hamilton England 6–2 England Adrian Lewis [3]
2 Saturday 8 February Stephen Bunting England 6–5 England Andrew Gilding [4]
3 Sunday 9 February Phil Taylor England 6–2 England Adrian Lewis [5]
4 Friday 21 February Brendan Dolan Northern Ireland 6–1 Wales Jamie Lewis [6]
5 Saturday 22 February Gary Anderson Scotland 6–2 Scotland Robert Thornton [7]
6 Sunday 23 February Michael van Gerwen Netherlands 6–0 England Michael Smith [8]

The tournament featured 138 players. The results of the six qualifiers shown above were collated into the UK Open Order Of Merit. The top 32 players in the Order of Merit received a place at the final tournament. In addition, the next 82 players plus ties in the Order of Merit list qualified for the tournament, but needed to start in the earlier rounds played on the Friday. A further 32 players qualified via regional qualifying tournaments.[9]

Top 32 in Order of Merit (receiving byes into Third Round)[edit]

Number 33-64 of the Order of Merit (receiving byes into Second Round)[edit]

Remaining Order of Merit qualifiers (starting in First and Preliminary Round)[edit]

Riley qualifiers (starting in First and Preliminary Round)[edit]

32 amateur players qualified from Riley qualifiers held across the UK.[10]

  • England Aaron Holdstock
  • England Carl Green
  • England Lionel Sams
  • England Ian Jones
  • England Alan Casey
  • England Kevin Taylor
  • England Shaun Lovett
  • England Tony Broughton
  • England Chris Dobey
  • England James Young
  • England Andy Boulton
  • England Tony Randell
  • England Scott Bennett
  • England Paul Whitworth
  • England William Naylor
  • England Adam Cousins
  • Wales Dean Reynolds
  • Scotland Chris Mackie
  • England Graham Dando
  • Wales Rhys Griffin
  • England Michael Malone
  • England Nigel Daniels
  • England Simon Stevenson
  • England Paul Hogan
  • England Martin Stead
  • England Dean Stewart
  • England Jim Hill
  • England Sam Allen
  • England Mick Baker
  • England Jason Mold
  • England Ben Burton
  • England David O'Brien

Prize money[edit]

The prize fund had increased from £200,000 to £250,000 for this year's event.[11]

Stage (no. of players) Prize money
Winner (1) £50,000
Runner-up (1) £25,000
Semi-finalists (2) £12,500
Quarter-finalists (4) £7,500
Last 16 (Round 5) (8) £5,000
Last 32 (Round 4) (16) £3,000
Last 64 (Round 3) (32) £1,000



Friday 7 March; Best of nine legs[edit]

Preliminary round[edit]


Player Score Player Player Score Player
England Carl Green 3–5 England Lionel Sams England Brian Woods 3–5 England Dean Stewart
England Paul Whitworth 0–5 Wales Rhys Griffin England Alan Tabern 1–5 England Tony Randall
England Martin Stead 5–3 England Alan Casey England Kevin McDine 5–2 England Aaron Holdstock
England Ian Jones 3–5 England Simon Stevenson England James Young 3–5 England David O'Brien
England Nathan Derry 5–2 England Jason Mold England William Naylor 4–5 England Sam Allen

First round[edit]


Player Score Player Player Score Player
Republic of Ireland Glenn Spearing 2–5 Spain Antonio Alcinas England Kevin Taylor 1–5 England Arron Monk
Netherlands Raymond van Barneveld 5–3 England Anthony Broughton Australia Kyle Anderson 4–5 England Kevin McDine
England Dennis Smith 5–1 England Mark Hylton Scotland Ewan Hyslop 5–4 England Steve Brown
England Alan Derrett 5–2 Germany Jyhan Artut England Ben Burton 4–5 Northern Ireland Michael Mansell
England Steve Douglas 3–5 England Johnny Haines England James Hubbard 5–4 England Jeff Batham
England Joe Murnan 5–0 England Shaun Lovett Wales Dean Reynolds 4–5 England Martin Stead
England Conan Whitehead 4–5 England Aden Kirk England Mark Cox 5–4 Canada Shaun Narain
England Lionel Sams 5–3 England Chris Aubrey Wales Rhys Griffin 3–5 England Karl Merchant
England Adam Cousins 2–5 England Paul Hogan England Pete Dyos 3–5 Republic of Ireland William O'Connor
England Adam Hunt 5–3 England Michael Malone England Dean Stewart 5–0 England Graham Dando
England Andy Boulton 5–2 Wales Jonathan Worsley England Matthew Edgar 5–1 England Matt Clark
England Jason Lovett 3–5 England Simon Stevenson England Tony Randall 5–1 Austria Rowby-John Rodriguez
Netherlands Benito van de Pas 5–3 England Doug Thompson England Jim Hill 1–5 England Alex Roy
England Sam Allen 5–3 Scotland Chris Mackie England Nathan Derry 4–5 Wales Gerwyn Price
England Nigel Daniels 5–3 England Scott Bennett England Michael Baker 4–5 England Mick Todd
England Kevin Dowling 5–4 England Chris Dobey England Davy Dodds 5–1 England David O'Brien

Second round[edit]


Player Score Player Player Score Player
Scotland John Henderson 1–5 Netherlands Jelle Klaasen England Keegan Brown 3–5 Austria Mensur Suljović
England Ian White 5–4 Northern Ireland Daryl Gurney England Paul Hogan 5–0 Canada John Part
England Steve Maish 5–0 England Ben Ward Belgium Ronny Huybrechts 5–0 England Adrian Gray
Scotland Jason Hogg 5–4 England Wayne Jones England Martin Stead 2–5 Netherlands Raymond van Barneveld
England Gary Spedding 2–5 England David Pallett England Dennis Smith 2–5 England Peter Hudson
Scotland Ewan Hyslop 2–5 England Kevin McDine England Alex Roy 5–4 England Tony Newell
England John Bowles 1–5 Netherlands Dirk van Duijvenbode Belgium Rocco Maes 5–2 England Nigel Daniels
England Alan Derrett 3–5 England Adam Hunt England Sam Allen 3–5 England Ross Smith
England Andy Boulton 5–4 England Josh Payne England James Hubbard 5–3 England Steve Hine
England Arron Monk 4–5 England Karl Merchant Netherlands Benito van de Pas 5–3 England Davy Dodds
England Nigel Heydon 5–4 England Johnny Haines England Dave Weston 3–5 England Mick Todd
Spain Antonio Alcinas 5–3 England Matthew Edgar England Lionel Sams 4–5 England Joe Murnan
England Michael Barnard 1–5 England Stuart Kellett England Tony Randall 5–4 England Steve West
England Jamie Caven 3–5 England Kevin Dowling Northern Ireland Michael Mansell 5–2 England Dean Stewart
England Mark Cox 1–5 England Darren Webster England Ian Lever 3–5 Republic of Ireland William O'Connor
England Aden Kirk 5–2 Wales Gerwyn Price England Simon Stevenson 5–3 Scotland Mark Barilli

Third round; Best of seventeen legs[edit]


Player Score Player Player Score Player
Scotland Peter Wright 9–8 England Michael Smith England Ronnie Baxter 5–9 England Adrian Lewis
England Aden Kirk 9–7 England Phil Taylor Netherlands Michael van Gerwen 9–1 England James Hubbard
England Justin Pipe 7–9 England Dave Chisnall England Kevin Painter 9–5 Wales Richie Burnett
Netherlands Raymond van Barneveld 9–3 England Mick Todd England James Wade 9–1 Northern Ireland Michael Mansell
England Steve Beaton 6–9 Northern Ireland Brendan Dolan England Adam Hunt 5–9 Australia Paul Nicholson
England Terry Jenkins 9–4 England Stuart Kellett England Kevin Dowling 8–9 England Stephen Bunting
Wales Mark Webster 9–5 England Mark Walsh England Kevin McDine 8–9 England David Pallett
England Andy Smith 3–9 Scotland Gary Anderson England Steve Maish 1–9 England Nigel Heydon
Belgium Ronny Huybrechts 9–6 Australia Simon Whitlock Wales Jamie Lewis 9–8 Republic of Ireland William O'Connor
Scotland Robert Thornton 9–3 Scotland Jason Hogg Austria Mensur Suljović 9–3 England Tony Randall
England Paul Hogan 9–3 Netherlands Benito van de Pas Netherlands Christian Kist 9–2 Spain Antonio Alcinas
England Andrew Gilding w/o England Wes Newton (withdrew) Netherlands Dirk van Duijvenbode 8–9 England Joe Murnan
Belgium Kim Huybrechts 9–5 England Ross Smith England Peter Hudson 8–9 England Ian White
England Andy Boulton 2–9 England Dean Winstanley England Nick Fullwell 1–9 England Alex Roy
England Darren Webster 6–9 Netherlands Vincent van der Voort Belgium Rocco Maes 6–9 England Simon Stevenson
England Karl Merhant 4–9 England Mervyn King England Andy Hamilton 9–8 Netherlands Jelle Klaasen

Saturday 8 March[edit]

Fourth round; Best of seventeen legs[edit]


Player Score Player Player Score Player
England James Wade 9–5 Belgium Kim Huybrechts Netherlands Vincent van der Voort 8–9 Netherlands Christian Kist
Netherlands Michael van Gerwen 9–5 England Andy Hamilton England Aden Kirk 9–5 Scotland Peter Wright
Australia Paul Nicholson 5–9 England Terry Jenkins Netherlands Raymond van Barneveld 9–3 England Joe Murnan
England Dave Chisnall 4–9 England Mervyn King England Dean Winstanley 9–6 England Stephen Bunting
England Alex Roy 5–9 England Ian White England Nigel Heydon 7–9 Northern Ireland Brendan Dolan
England Kevin Painter 9–4 England Andrew Gilding Belgium Ronny Huybrechts 8–9 England Adrian Lewis
Austria Mensur Suljović 9–7 Scotland Robert Thornton Scotland Gary Anderson 9–5 England David Pallett
Wales Jamie Lewis 9–5 England Simon Stevenson Wales Mark Webster 9–8 England Paul Hogan

Fifth round[edit]


Player Score Player
Northern Ireland Brendan Dolan 9–7 England Aden Kirk
Austria Mensur Suljović 9–5 Wales Jamie Lewis
England Adrian Lewis 9–2 Netherlands Raymond van Barneveld
Netherlands Michael van Gerwen 9–4 Wales Mark Webster
England Kevin Painter 9–5 England Dean Winstanley
Scotland Gary Anderson 7–9 England Ian White
England Mervyn King 9–6 Netherlands Christian Kist
England Terry Jenkins 9–8 England James Wade

Sunday 9 March[edit]

Quarter-finals; Best of nineteen legs[edit]


Player Score Player
Netherlands Michael van Gerwen (99.38) 10–8 England Ian White (92.87)
England Terry Jenkins (98.89) 10–4 Northern Ireland Brendan Dolan (93.69)
England Adrian Lewis (98.35) 10–3 Austria Mensur Suljović (98.09)
England Kevin Painter (87.35) 6–10 England Mervyn King (94.73)

Semi-finals and Final[edit]

(best of 19)
(best of 21)
England Terry Jenkins (96.65) 10
Netherlands Michael van Gerwen (95.58) 8
England Terry Jenkins (93.15) 1
England Adrian Lewis (109.13) 11
England Mervyn King (94.58) 6
England Adrian Lewis (99.64) 10


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