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Events in the year 2014 in Pakistan.





  • February 9 - An exchange of gunfire on the border between the Pakistani states of Sindh and Balochistan kills at least nine people.
  • February 9 - Gunmen attack an Islamic religious gathering in Karachi, killing 8 people.
  • February 11 - At least 11 people are killed after a grenade is thrown into a movie theatre in the city of Peshawar.
  • February 12 - Militants in northwestern Pakistan kill nine male family members of a slain leader of a pro-government militia in an attack on the family's house outside the city of Peshawar.
  • February 13 - At least eight police officers are killed in a suicide bomb attack in Karachi.
  • February 16 - A bomb derails a train in southwest Pakistan killing 8 people.
  • February 17 - Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan say they have killed 23 captured Pakistani security force members, in a setback to peace talks aimed at ending the Islamist insurgency.
  • February 17 - Former president Pervez Musharraf appeared in front of a civil court for the first time.
  • February 21 - Pakistan vs India Match was played on ICC T20 2014 CUP



  • April 3 - Former President of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf survives an assassination attempt in Islamabad. There are no reports of injuries.
  • April 8 - A bomb detonates on a rail car in Sibi, killing 13 people and injuring another 35.
  • April 9 - A bomb blast in a market kills 26 people in the outskirts of Islamabad.
  • April 11 - Two rival factions of the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan clash in Waziristan, leaving 12 insurgents dead.
  • April 12 - Gunmen kidnap 100 men from a tribal gathering in North-West Pakistan.
  • April 13 - 73 people are released from captivity by the Taliban, a day after they were kidnapped.
  • April 17 - The Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan announces that it will not extend a ceasefire with the Pakistani government.
  • April 22 - Nine people are killed and dozens wounded in two separate bomb and gun attacks in north west Pakistan.
  • April 25 - A bomb detonates in Karachi, killing 4 people and wounding 25.
  • April 27 - 1st ARY Film Awards took place at Golf Club, DHA Phase VIII, Karachi, Sindh.


  • May 7 - An alleged American FBI agent is arrested for carrying ammunition while trying to board a flight, which is in violation of their anti-terror laws.
  • May 8 - A roadside bomb near the Afghan border in North Waziristan, kills 8 Pakistani soldiers.
  • May 9 - Geo TV transmission banned by the government
  • May 21 - Pakistan Air Force fighter jets bomb suspected militant hideouts in North Waziristan, killing approximately 60 militants and injuring another 30.
  • May 27 - A Pakistani woman is stoned to death with bricks outside a courthouse by family members including her father, two brothers, and ex-fiancé for marrying a man she loved against the family's wishes.
  • May 28 - A split emerges in the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan after the Mehsud faction walked out, saying the group leaders' tactics were "un-Islamic".
  • May 31 - Taliban insurgents from Afghanistan attack a Pakistani border post in the Bajur tribal area, resulting in the deaths of 14 militants and one soldier.


  • June 4 - A suicide bomber detonates his explosives near a military vehicle in Islamabad, killing 5 people.
  • June 5 - Pakistani police arrest multiple people involved in the stoning of Farzana Parveen, bringing the total number of people in custody to 12.
  • June 6 - Ashiqullah Mehsud, a senior commander in the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan, is shot and killed by unknown assailants, speculated to be from the Mehsud splinter group, in the village of Urmuz in the North Waziristan region.
  • June 8 - At least 24 people were killed when militants attacked a bus carrying Shia pilgrims from Iran to Quetta in Balochistan province of Pakistan.
  • June 8 - Gunmen attack Karachi's Jinnah International Airport resulting in at least 13 deaths and leading to all flights to and from the airport being cancelled.
  • June 9 - 2014 Jinnah International Airport attack
    • Karachi's Jinnah International Airport will resume services after yesterday's attack which claimed 21 lives.
    • The Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan claims responsibility for the attack.
  • June 10 - 2014 Jinnah International Airport attack
    • The Pakistan Air Force conducts bombing raids against Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan positions in the Tirah region killing at least 15 militants in response to the Jinnah International Airport attack in Karachi.
    • Gunmen attack a training facility near the Jinnah International Airport.
  • June 11 - Tirah air strike
    • At least 25 suspected militants were killed and 15 injured when military planes bombed their hideouts in Tirah valley of Khyber Agency.
  • June 11 - Five killed in separate clashes near Swat Valley
    • In the first incident, unidentified men fired at a car in the Kooza Bandi village of Swat Valley, killing three people including a police guard.
    • In a separate incident, up to six militants stormed a checkpoint in the northwestern town of Dargai, that lies in the Malakand region neighbouring Swat. Two Levies personnel were killed in the attack, Express News reported.
  • June 12 - At least ten more militants are killed in a suspected United States drone attack in North Waziristan.
  • June 15 - War in North-West Pakistan
    • Airstrikes in the northwestern tribal area bordering Afghanistan kill as many as 100 militants.
    • Abu Abdur Rehman Almani, the alleged mastermind behind 2014 Jinnah International Airport attack, is killed during air strikes carried out by Pakistan Air Force.
    • Pakistan formally launches military operation against the insurgents in North Waziristan.
  • June 16 - The Pakistan Air Force conducts airstrikes against 6 Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan positions in North Waziristan, killing 27 militants.
  • June 17 - Clashes in Lahore between the Punjab Police and Pakistan Awami Tehreek activists results in several protesters being killed by police gunfire.[1][2][3]
  • June 29 - The Islamic Featival of Ramzan started in Pakistan.





Multan Tragedy October 2014


  • November 2 - More than 60 people were killed and more than 110 people were injured in a suicide attack on the Pakistan side of the Wagah border. (2014 Wagah border suicide attack)
  • November 10 - At least four policemen are killed and another four are wounded in separate attacks in Karachi and Rawalpindi.
  • November 11 - A gunfight and two bombings leave at least 15 militants and 5 soldiers dead.


  • December 16 - 2014 Peshawar school attack
    • Taliban gunmen storm a military-run Army Public Schools in Peshawar, killing at least 141, including 132 children and nine employees, with most of five hundred students evacuated. The shooting ends with all seven gunmen dead.
  • December 17 - Pakistan lifts the moratorium on the death penalty for terror-related cases following the Taliban's assault on a school in Peshawar on Tuesday that killed 141, including 132 children.
    • All Parties Conference (APC) on 16 December 2014 at Peshawar.




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  • Pakistan played in the T20I World cup 2014 and was restricted to the group stage for the first time in T20I World cups, due to the defeat against West Indies by 84 runs (which is a worst defeat for any team). Before the World Cup, they also played Asia cup 2014 and reached to final and lost by 5 wickets.



  • January 6 — Aitzaz Hasan, 15, student, bomb blast.[4]
  • January 9 — Chaudhry Aslam Khan, 53, police chief and SSP of the Crime Investigation Department in Sindh Police, bomb blast.[5]

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