2015 Abha mosque bombing

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2015 Saudi Arabia attack
Part of Military intervention against ISIL
Asir in Saudi Arabia.svg
LocationAbha, Asir, Saudi Arabia
Coordinates18°13′1″N 42°30′19″E / 18.21694°N 42.50528°E / 18.21694; 42.50528
DateAugust 6, 2015
Attack type
Suicide bombing
PerpetratorAQMI Flag.svg ISIL

The 2015 Abha mosque bombing occurred on 6 August 2015, when a suicide bomb attack killed 17 people at a mosque in the south-western Saudi Arabian city of Abha.[1][2][3][4][5]

Responsibility for the attack, in a city near Saudi Arabia's southern border with Yemen, a country presently torn apart by the Yemeni Civil War, was claimed by a self-described affiliate of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria calling itself Hijaz Province of the Islamic State.[6][7]

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