2015 All-Ireland Minor Football Championship

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2015 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship
Championship details
DatesApril — 20 September 2015
All-Ireland Champions
Winning teamKerry (13th win)
All-Ireland Finalists
Losing teamTipperary
Provincial Champions
Championship statistics

The 2015 All-Ireland Minor Football Championship is the GAA's premier inter-county Gaelic football competition for under 18's. 31 teams take part.

The defending champions were Kerry who defeated Donegal in the 2014 final.

Kerry retained their title with a comprehensive 4-14 to 0-06 win over Munster rivals Tipperary.[1][2][3][4]


A total of 31 teams will contest the championship. Kilkenny, New York and London do not participate in the competition.


Connacht, Leinster, Munster and Ulster organise four provincial championships on a knock-out basis. The four provincial winners play the four provincial runners-up in the All-Ireland Quarter Finals.

Fixtures and results[edit]

Connacht Minor Football Championship[edit]

Quarter-Finals Semi-Finals Munster Final
Colours of Leitrim.svg Leitrim 0-12
Colours of Sligo.svg Sligo 4-09 Colours of Sligo.svg Sligo 1-14
Colours of Roscommon.svg Roscommon 3-5
Colours of Sligo.svg Sligo
Colours of Galway.svg Galway
Colours of Mayo.svg Mayo 1-3
Colours of Galway.svg Galway 3-14
Sligo Colours of Sligo.svg1-04 - 0-07Colours of Galway.svg Galway
Patrick O’Connor 1-0, Liam Gaughan 0-3 (0-2f); Darragh Cummins 0-1. Report Finian O Laoi 0-3; Colm O’Braonain 0-2; Eric Lee 0-1, Cillian McDaid 0-1.
Final Replay
Sligo Colours of Sligo.svg1-08 - 4-12Colours of Galway.svg Galway
C Herron 1-0, L Gaughan 0-3 (2f), F Cawley 0-2 (1f), N Rooney 0-1 (1f), K Cawley 0-1, A McLoughlin 0-1. Report P McCormack 1-2 (1f), S Kelly 1-1, C McDaid 0-3 (2f), F Ó Laoi 1-0, D Connelly 1-0, J Daly 0-2 (1f), E Lee 0-1 (1 ’45), C Marsden 0-1 (1f), C Ryan 0-1, C Brady 0-1.

Leinster Minor Football Championship[edit]

Preliminary Round Quarter-Finals Semi-Finals Leinster Final
Colours of Carlow.svg Carlow 1-09
Colours of Wicklow.svg Wicklow 1-08 Colours of Longford.svg Longford 1-14
Colours of Longford.svg Longford 1-14 Colours of Longford.svg Longford 1-09
Colours of Laois.svg Laois 2-08 Colours of Meath.svg Meath 0-08
Colours of Meath.svg Meath 1-17 Colours of Meath.svg Meath 0-12
Colours of Kildare.svg Kildare 2-11 Colours of Louth.svg Louth 0-11
Colours of Louth.svg Louth 2-14 Colours of Longford.svg Longford 1-09
Colours of Wexford.svg Wexford 2-14 Colours of Kildare.svg Kildare 2-15
Colours of Westmeath.svg Westmeath 2-14 Colours of Wexford.svg Wexford 0-11
Colours of Dublin.svg Dublin 2-11 Colours of Dublin.svg Dublin 3-08
Colours of Offaly.svg Offaly 1-09 Colours of Dublin.svg Dublin 3-13
Colours of Kildare.svg Kildare 3-16
Colours of Kildare.svg Kildare* 1-10
Colours of Laois.svg Laois* 1-09

LOSERS ROUND - The five losers from the preliminary round play-off and two teams advance to the Leinster Quarter Final

Losers Round One Losers Round Two Leinster Quarter Final**
Colours of Offaly.svg Offaly 2-13
Colours of Westmeath.svg Westmeath 1-10 Colours of Offaly.svg Offaly 0-13
Colours of Kildare.svg Kildare 0-14
Colours of Kildare.svg Kildare 1-10
Colours of Laois.svg Laois 1-09
Colours of Laois.svg Laois 5-13
Colours of Wicklow.svg Wicklow 1-13
Longford Colours of Longford.svg1-09 - 2-15Colours of Kildare.svg Kildare
Conor Berry 1-2, Jayson Matthews 0-2 (1f), Darragh Doherty, Rory Hawkins, Neil Devlin, Cian Finnan, Peter Lynn 0-1 each. Report Jimmy Hyland 0-8 (1f), Conor Hartley, Ciaran Kelly (1f) 1-1 each, Brian McLoughlin 0-2, Ethan O’Donohue, Matthew Kelly (1f), Aaron Murphy (1 45) 0-1 each.

Munster Minor Football Championship[edit]

Quarter-Finals Semi-Finals Munster Final
Colours of Clare.svg Clare 0-03
Colours of Kerry.svg Kerry 0-14 Colours of Kerry.svg Kerry 0-16
Colours of Cork.svg Cork 2-15 Colours of Cork.svg Cork 1-12
Colours of Limerick.svg Limerick 2-07 Colours of Kerry.svg Kerry 2-14
Colours of Tipperary.svg Tipperary 1-11
Colours of Clare.svg Clare* 2-09
Colours of Waterford.svg Waterford 1-07 Colours of Tipperary.svg Tipperary 0-16
Colours of Tipperary.svg Tipperary 2-16

Playoff Round

Clare were the winners of a playoff round between the quarter final losers*

Playoff 1 Playoff 2
Colours of Limerick.svg Limerick 2-14
Colours of Waterford.svg Waterford 3-10 Colours of Limerick.svg Limerick 0-05
Colours of Clare.svg Clare 2-11
Kerry Colours of Kerry.svg2-14 - 1-11Colours of Tipperary.svg Tipperary
C Geaney 1-5 (1f), C Linnane 1-1 (1f), Michael Foley 0-2, Sean O’Shea 0-2 (1f), Jack Morgan 0-1, Gavin White 0-1, Bryan Sweeney 0-1, Stephen O’Sullivan 0-1 Report Aidan Buckley 1-2, Alan Tynan 0-3 (2f), Jack Kennedy 0-2 (1f), Brendan Martin 0-2, Danny Owens 0-1, Mark Kehoe 0-1

Ulster Minor Football Championship[edit]

Preliminary Round Quarter-Finals Semi-Finals Ulster Final
Colours of Cavan.svg Cavan 2-17
Colours of Monaghan.svg Monaghan 1-08
Colours of Cavan.svg Cavan 1-19
Colours of Antrim.svg Antrim 1-11
Colours of Fermanagh.svg Fermanagh 2-09
Colours of Antrim.svg Antrim 2-11
Colours of Cavan.svg Cavan 0-11
Colours of Derry.svg Derry 1-11
Colours of Derry.svg Derry 2-11
Colours of Down.svg Down 1-07
Colours of Derry.svg Derry 0-11
Colours of Donegal.svg Donegal 0-10
Colours of Armagh.svg Armagh 0-07
Colours of Donegal.svg Donegal 1-11 Colours of Donegal.svg Donegal 2-14
Colours of Tyrone.svg Tyrone 0-08
Cavan Colours of Cavan.svg0-11 - 1-11Colours of Derry.svg Derry
D Raythrorne (0-3), D Brady (0-2), D Gannon (0-3), T Donohoe (0-1), C Smith (0-2) Report P Kearney (0-3), S Downey (0-1), C Glass (0-1); T Flanagan (1-0), B Grant (0-1), S McGuigan (0-5)

All-Ireland Knockout[edit]

1 August 2015 – Brewster Park
Colours of Derry.svg Derry0-12
23 August 2015 – Croke Park
Colours of Longford.svg Longford2-04
Colours of Derry.svg Derry1-06
3 August 2015– O'Connor Park
Colours of Kerry.svg Kerry1-11
Colours of Kerry.svg Kerry2-12
20 September 2015– Croke Park
Colours of Sligo.svg Sligo1-06
Colours of Kerry.svg Kerry4-14
1 August 2015– Páirc Tailteann
Colours of Tipperary.svg Tipperary0-06
Colours of Kildare.svg Kildare2-14
30 August 2015 – Croke Park
Colours of Cavan.svg Cavan2-12
Colours of Kildare.svg Kildare0-09
3 August 2015 – O'Connor Park
Colours of Tipperary.svg Tipperary0-11
Colours of Galway.svg Galway0-06
Colours of Tipperary.svg Tipperary1-10


The four provincial champions play the four beaten finalists from the provincial championships.

Derry Colours of Derry.svg0-12 - 2-04Colours of Longford.svg Longford
Shane McGuigan 0-7 (0-2f), Conor Glass (0-1f), Jack Doherty 0-2 each, Brian Cassidy 0-1. Report Conor Berry 1-3 (0-2f), Darragh Doherty 1-0, Ruairi Harkins 0-1

Quarter Final
Kildare Colours of Kildare.svg2-14 - 2-12Colours of Cavan.svg Cavan
Ciaran Kelly (1-7, 5f), Jimmy Hyland (1-4, 1f), Rory Feely (0-1), Matthew Kelly (0-1), Ethan O’Donohue (0-1) Report Thomas Edward Donohoe (1-2), David Brady (0-3, 1f, 1 45), James Brady (1-0), Robbie Fitzpatrick (0-3, 2f), Darragh Gannon (0-2), Dillon Raythorne (0-2)

Kerry Colours of Kerry.svg2-12 - 1-06Colours of Sligo.svg Sligo
C Geaney 1-4 (0-1f), B Ó’Seanacháin 1-0, S O’Shea (1f), G White and D O’Brien 0-2 each, JM Foley and R Buckley 0-1 each Report K Cawley 1-0, F Cawley (0-1f) & R Kennedy (0-1f) 0-2 each, L Gaughan & C Lally 0-1 each

Quarter Final
Galway Colours of Galway.svg0-06 - 1-10Colours of Tipperary.svg Tipperary
Conor Marsden (0-2f), John Daly (0-1f) 0-2 each, Paudie McCormack and Eric Lee 0-1 each Report Alan Tynan 1-5 (0-2f, 0-1 ’45), Brendan Martin 0-2, Colin English, Jack Kennedy and Jamie Bergin 0-1 each.


There is no draw for the semi-finals as the fixtures are pre-determined on a three yearly rotation. This rotation ensures that a provinces's champions play the champions of all the other provinces once every three years in the semi-finals if they each win their quarter-finals. If a provincial winner loses their quarter final, then the provincial runner-up who beat them takes their place in the semi-final.

Derry Colours of Derry.svg1-06 - 1-11KerryColours of Kerry.svg
Conor Maunsell 1-0, Shane McGuigan 0-2, Francis Kearney 0-2, Conor Glass 0-1, Niall McAtamney 0-1 Report Michael Foley 1-3, John Mark Foley 0-3, Conor Geaney 0-5
Referee: Jerome Henry (Mayo)

Kildare Colours of Kildare.svg0-09 - 0-11Tipperary Colours of Tipperary.svg
C Kelly 0-4 (4f), C Hartley 0-2, J Hyland 0-2 (2f), M Kelly 0-1 Report J Kennedy 0-4 (1f, 1 '45'), A Tynan 0-3 (2f), B McGrath 0-1, B Martin 0-1, A Buckley 0-1, S Quirke 0-1
Referee: Noel Mooney (Cavan)


KerryColours of Kerry.svg4-14 - 0-6Tipperary Colours of Tipperary.svg
C Geaney 2-4 (2-0 pen, 1f); B Sweeney 1-1, Michael Foley 1-0, S O’Shea 0-2, J Duggan 0-2 (1f), M O’Connor 0-1, JM Foley 0-1, B Barrett 0-1, B Ó Seanacháin 0-1, S O’Sullivan 0-1. Report A Tynan 0-2, T Nolan 0-2, B McGrath 0-1, J Kennedy 0-1 (1 ’45’)
Referee: David Gough (Meath)

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