2015 Nadia riots

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2015 Nadia riots
Date 5 May 2015 (2015-05-05)
Location Nadia district, West Bengal, India
23°44′N 88°14′E / 23.73°N 88.23°E / 23.73; 88.23Coordinates: 23°44′N 88°14′E / 23.73°N 88.23°E / 23.73; 88.23
Death(s) 4
Injuries 8
Nadia district is located in West Bengal
Nadia district
Nadia district
Location of place of riots in West Bengal, India

Nadia riots was a large scale communal riot [1] that occurred in Kaliganj block, Nadia district of West Bengal during 5 May 2015. 4 people were killed and 8 injured .[2][3][4] The victims belonged to the same family. Some sources claimed five people were killed.[citation needed] Mainstream media and local politicians didn't condemn the incidents as the victims were from Scheduled Caste Hindus and accused are Muslims.[5]

Nadia has seen communal tensions in the past.[6]


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