2016 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship

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2016 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship
Championship details
Dates1 May – 1 October 2016
All-Ireland Champions
Winning teamDublin (26th win)
CaptainStephen Cluxton
ManagerJim Gavin
All-Ireland Finalists
Losing teamMayo
CaptainCillian O'Connor
ManagerStephen Rochford
Provincial Champions
Championship statistics
No. matches played65
Top ScorerColours of Dublin.svg Dean Rock (1-58)
Player of the YearColours of Mayo.svg Lee Keegan

The 2016 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship was the 129th edition of the GAA's premier inter-county gaelic football tournament since its establishment in 1887.

33 teams took part. 31 of the 32 Counties of Ireland participated, with Kilkenny, as in previous years, declining to take part. London and New York again competed.[1]

The winning team, Dublin (who defeated Mayo by a single point after a replay), received the Sam Maguire Cup. It was the first time Dublin, as defending champions, had retained the trophy since the 1977 final.[2][3]


Provincial Championships format[edit]

Connacht, Leinster, Munster and Ulster each organise a provincial championship. All provincial matches are knock-out. All teams eliminated from their provincial championships with the exception of New York, for logistical reasons, enter the All-Ireland qualifiers.[4][5][6][7]

Qualifiers format[edit]

Twenty eight of the twenty nine teams beaten in the provincial championships enter the All-Ireland qualifiers, which are knockout. The sixteen teams eliminated before their provincial semi-finals play eight matches in round 1, with the winners of these games playing the eight beaten provincial semi-finalists in round 2. The eight winning teams from round 2 play-off against each other in round 3, with the four winning teams facing the four beaten provincial finalists in round 4 to complete the double-elimination format. Further details of the format are included with each qualifier round listed below.[8]

All-Ireland format[edit]

The four provincial champions play the four winners of round 4 of the qualifiers in the quarter-finals. Two semi-finals and a final follow. All matches are knock-out. Any game that ends in a draw is replayed. If a replay ends in a draw, extra time is played.[citation needed]

Changes from 2015 championship[edit]

Referees have been instructed to add on 20 seconds for the introduction of a substitute and 20 seconds for each instance of a goalkeeper or defender going upfield for a placed ball attempt. Previously there was no specific provision for these two events which led to instances of deliberate time-wasting by teams who were leading. 30 seconds are also to be added each time Hawk-Eye is utilised.[citation needed]

Broadcast rights[edit]

RTÉ, the national broadcaster in Ireland, provided the majority of the live television coverage of the championship in the third year of a deal running from 2014 until 2016. A number of matches were also broadcast by Sky Sports, with Sky having exclusive rights to some games.[9][10]

Live broadcast matches[edit]

The broadcast schedule for matches shown live on television in Ireland follows -

Provincial Championships[edit]

Connacht Senior Football Championship[edit]

Preliminary Round Quarter-Finals Semi-Finals Connacht Final
Colors of New York.svg New York 0-17
Colours of Roscommon.svg Roscommon 1-15 Colours of Roscommon.svg Roscommon 1-21
Colours of Leitrim.svg Leitrim 0-11
Colours of Roscommon.svg Roscommon 4-16
Colours of Sligo.svg Sligo 2-13
Colours of Roscommon.svg Roscommon
Colours of Galway.svg Galway
Colours of Leinster Council.svg London 0-9
Colours of Mayo.svg Mayo 2-16
Colours of Mayo.svg Mayo 0-12
Colours of Galway.svg Galway 1-12
Connacht Final
Galway Colours of Galway.svg0-13 – 1-10Colours of Roscommon.svg Roscommon
D Cummins (0-3), G Sice, D Comer (0-2 each), G Bradshaw, J Heaney, G O’Donnell, B Power, A Varley (0-1 each) Report E Smith (1-0), F Cregg, N Daly, C Murtagh (0-2 each), C Cregg, C Devaney, D O’Malley, D Smith (0-1 each)
Attendance: 24,324
Referee: Conor Lane (Cork)
Connacht Final
Galway Colours of Galway.svg3-16 – 0-14Colours of Roscommon.svg Roscommon
D Cummins (2-1), G Sice (1-2), D Comer, S Walsh (0-3 each), E Brannigan (0-2), P Conroy, E Kerin, G O’Donnell, B Power, P Varley (0-1 each) Report C Murtagh (0-4), S Kilbride, D Shine, E Smith (0-2 each), T Corcoran, C Cregg, U Harney, F Lennon (0-1 each)
MacHale Park, Castlebar
Attendance: 15,960
Referee: Ciaran Branagan (Down)

Leinster Senior Football Championship[edit]

Preliminary Round Quarter-Finals Semi-Finals Leinster Final
Colours of Laois.svg Laois 3-16
Colours of Roscommon.svg Wicklow 0-18 Colours of Laois.svg Laois 2-10
Colours of Dublin.svg Dublin 2-21
Colours of Dublin.svg Dublin 0-21
Colours of Cork.svg Louth 2-24 Colours of Leitrim.svg Meath 0-11
Colours of Carlow.svg Carlow 3-11 Colours of Cork.svg Louth 1-13
Colours of Leitrim.svg Meath 0-20
Colours of Dublin.svg Dublin 2-19
Colours of Roscommon.svg Longford 2-13 Colours of Galway.svg Westmeath 0-10
Colours of Offaly.svg Offaly 2-21 Colours of Offaly.svg Offaly 0-12
Colours of Galway.svg Westmeath 0-13
Colours of Galway.svg Westmeath 1-12
Colours of Kildare.svg Kildare 1-11
Colours of Wexford.svg Wexford 0-8
Colours of Kildare.svg Kildare 0-9
Leinster Final
Dublin Colours of Dublin.svg2-19 – 0-10Colours of Galway.svg Westmeath
D Rock (0-8), B Brogan (1-4), K McManamon (1-2), P Andrews (0-2), D Connolly, P Flynn, J Small (0-1 each) Report J Heslin (0-6), G Egan (0-2), D Corroon, C McCormack (0-1 each)
Attendance: 47,840
Referee: Fergal Kelly (Longford)

Munster Senior Football Championship[edit]

Quarter-Finals Semi-Finals Munster Final
Colours of Clare.svg Clare 0-16
Colours of Leinster Council.svg Limerick 0-13 Colours of Clare.svg Clare 0-17
Colours of Leitrim.svg Kerry 2-23
Colours of Leitrim.svg Kerry 3-17
Colours of Roscommon.svg Tipperary 2-10
Colours of Cork.svg Cork 2-16
Colours of Monaghan.svg Waterford 1-07 Colours of Roscommon.svg Tipperary 3-15
Colours of Roscommon.svg Tipperary 1-15
Munster Final
Kerry Colours of Leitrim.svg3-17 – 2-10Colours of Roscommon.svg Tipperary
P Geaney (2-3), P Murphy (1-1), James O’Donoghue, B Sheehan (0-4 each), M Geaney, BJ Keane, S O’Brien, D O’Sullivan, K Young (0-1 each) Report K O’Halloran (0-6), J Feehan, R Kiely (1-0 each), M Quinlivan (0-3), A Moloney (0-1)
Attendance: 21,512
Referee: David Gough (Meath)

Ulster Senior Football Championship[edit]

Preliminary Round Quarter-Finals Semi-Finals Ulster Final
Colours of Cork.svg Derry 0-12
Colours of Tyrone.svg Tyrone 3-14
Colours of Tyrone.svg Tyrone
Colours of Laois.svg Cavan
Colours of Laois.svg Cavan 2-16
Colours of Armagh.svg Armagh 0-14
Colours of Tyrone.svg Tyrone 0-13
Colours of Leitrim.svg Donegal 0-11
Colours of Monaghan.svg Monaghan 2-22
Colours of Down.svg Down 0-09
Colours of Monaghan.svg Monaghan
Colours of Leitrim.svg Donegal
Colours of Leitrim.svg Donegal 2-12
Colours of Leinster Council.svg Fermanagh 1-12 Colours of Leinster Council.svg Fermanagh 0-11
Colours of Antrim.svg Antrim 0-9
Ulster Final
Tyrone Colours of Tyrone.svg0-13 – 0-11Colours of Leitrim.svg Donegal
S Cavanagh (0-3), P Harte, N Morgan (0-2 each), R Brennan, C McCarron, D McCurry, C McGeary, C McShane, N Sludden (0-1 each) Report P McBrearty, R McHugh (0-3 each), O MacNiallais, M Murphy (0-2 each), C Toye (0-1)
Attendance: 33,433
Referee: David Coldrick (Meath)

All-Ireland Qualifiers[edit]

A and B Teams[edit]

An A and B system for the qualifier draws was introduced in 2014 and has been retained. The teams are designated as A or B depending on which half of their provincial championships they play in. Although some teams receive byes in the early provincial rounds, their position in the round in which they enter the competition is usually determined by the provincial draw, resulting in most teams being designated as A or B randomly. For example, each of the four provinces has two semi-finals – one between two teams designated A and one between two teams designated B. The beaten semi-finalists in each province will always be one A team and one B team.

In all qualifier rounds A teams play A teams and B teams play B teams. Usually the A teams play their provincial games before the B teams which allows the A qualifier games to be scheduled a week before the B qualifier games.

Round 1[edit]

In the first round of the qualifiers sixteen of the seventeen teams beaten in the preliminary rounds or quarter-finals of the provincial championships compete. New York does not enter the qualifiers. Four A teams play four A teams and four B teams play four B teams. The round 1 draw is unrestricted − if two teams have played each other in a provincial match they can be drawn to meet again with the winner of the provincial match receiving home advantage. The eight round 1 winners play the eight beaten provincial semi-finalists in round 2 of the qualifiers.

The following teams were entered into round 1.

Round 1A
Laois Colours of Laois.svg1-10 – 0-10
Match declared void*
Colours of Armagh.svg Armagh
D Kingston 0-4 (0-3 fs), C Meredith 1-0, P Cahillane (f), D Conway (f), D Strong, G Walsh (f), J Farrell, R Munnelly 0-1. Report S Campbell 0-3 (0-3 fs), R Grugan 0-2 (0-1 f), M McKenna 0-2, A Forker, M Shields, J Feeney 0-1.
Referee: A.Nolan (Wicklow)

*During the match Laois made seven substitutions, one more than the permitted six. On 21 June 2016 the CCCC declared the match void and scheduled a replay for 2 July.[11]

Round 1A
Derry Colours of Cork.svg1-18 – 2-10Colours of Cork.svg Louth
J Kielt 1-9 (6f, 1 pen), C Bradley 0-3 (1f), E McGuckin 0-2, M Lynch (0-2, 2f), N Toner 0-1, E Bradley 0-1 Report D Byrne 1-3, J McEneaney 1-1 (pen), J Califf 0-4 (4f), R Burns 0-1 (f), C Grimes 0-1
Attendance: 1,632
Referee: M.Duffy (Sligo)

Round 1A
Carlow Colours of Carlow.svg1-17 – 1-12Colours of Roscommon.svg Wicklow
D Foley 0-8 (5f), B Murphy 1-4, D St Ledger 0-3 (3f), C Blake, G Power 0-1. Report P Cunningham 1-6 (4f), D Hayden, M Kenny 0-2; R Finn, A Murphy 0-1.
Attendance: 2,000
Referee: P.O'Sullivan (Kerry)

Round 1A
Leitrim Colours of Leitrim.svg0-12 – 0-08Colours of Monaghan.svg Waterford
Mulligan (0-3, 2f), C Gilheaney (0-1), R Kennedy (0-7, 2f, 1’45), D Wrynn (0-1), Report G Crotty (0-1), P Hurney (0-1, 1f), M O’Halloran, J Veale, L Lawlor (0-2), M Ferncombe (0-3, 3f)

Round 1A
Laois Colours of Laois.svg1-11 – 1-10Colours of Armagh.svg Armagh
C Meredith 1-0; D Conway, R Munnelly (1f), J O’Loughlin 0-2 each; P Cahillane (f), N Donoher, D Strong, D Kingston (f), G Walsh (f) 0-1 each. Report R Grugan 1-2; S Campbell 0-4(3fs); C Watters 0-2; M McKenna, B Donaghy 0-1 each.
Referee: Padraig O’Sullivan (Kerry)

Round 1B
Down Colours of Down.svg3-17 – 2-24
Colours of Roscommon.svg Longford
Donal O’Hare 2-9 (0-8f), Conor Maginn 1-1, Ryan Mallon 0-4, Barry O’Hagan, S Dornan, Mark Poland 0-1 each. Report Brian Kavanagh 0-6 (0-5f), Michael Quinn, Robbie Smyth (0-1f) 0-4 each, Seamus Hannon 1-1, James McGivney, Diarmuid Masterson 0-3 each, Mark Hughes 1-0, Barry McKeon 0-2, D Reynolds 0-1.
Referee: Barry Cassidy (Derry).

Round 1B
Antrim Colours of Antrim.svg0-09 – 2-06Colours of Leinster Council.svg Limerick
R Murray 0-2 (2f), P McBride 0-2, K Niblock 0-2 (1f), M Fitzpatrick, S Burke, T McCann (1f) 0-1. Report S McSweeney 1-3 (1-0 pen, 3fs), I Ryan 1-2 (1f), S Cahill 0-1.
Referee: S Hurson (Tyrone)

Round 1B
Offaly Colours of Offaly.svg0-17 – 1-07Colours of Leinster Council.svg London
N Dunne 0-7 (0-4f), N McNamee 0-4, B Allen 0-3 (0-2f), A Sullivan, N Bracken & N Darby 0-1 each. Report P O’Hara 1-1, M Gottsche (f), L Gavaghan, A Moyles (f), S Conroy (f), E Mageean & D Molloy 0-1 each.
Attendance: 500 est.
Referee: D Coldrick (Meath)

Round 1B
Wexford Colours of Wexford.svg1-11 – 0-19Colours of Leinster Council.svg Fermanagh
S Donohoe 1-0; D Shanley 0-4 frees; J Tubritt 0-3; B Brosnan 0-2; K O’Grady, S Roche 0-1 each. Report T Corrigan (5f) 0-9; S Quigley (2f) 0-4; A Breen, E Donnelly 0-2 each; B Mulrone, R Corrigan 0-1 each.
Referee: E Kinsella (Laois)

Round 2[edit]

In the second round of the qualifiers the eight winning teams from Round 1A and Round 1B play the eight beaten provincial semi-finalists. The round 2 draw is unrestricted − if two teams have played each other in a provincial match they can be drawn to meet again with the winner of the provincial match receiving home advantage. The eight winners of these matches play each other in Round 3.

The following teams take part in this round -

Round 2A
Sligo Colours of Sligo.svg2-15 – 0-10Colours of Leitrim.svg Leitrim
N Murphy 0-5, M Breheny 0-4 (2f), K Cawley &, D Cummins 1-0 each, A Marren 0-3 (1f, 1’45), J Hynes, K O’Donnell & B Egan 0-1 each Report E Mulligan 0-4 (4f), N O’Donnell 0-2, D Wrynn, R Kennedy (f), D Sweeney & C Gaffney 0-1 each.
Attendance: 4,227
Referee: Sean Hurson (Tyrone)

Round 2A
Derry Colours of Cork.svg1-14 – 1-11Colours of Leitrim.svg Meath
M Lynch 0-6 (2f), J Kielt 0-4 (3f), N Loughlin (1-0), C McKaigue, E Lynn, C Bradley, E Brown 0-1 each Report M Newman 1-4 (3f), G Reilly 0-2, C O'Sullivan 0-2 (2f), M Burke, P Harnan 0-1 each, A Tormey 0-1 (f)
Referee: P Neilan (Roscommon)

Round 2A
Cavan Colours of Laois.svg2-13 – 0-12Colours of Carlow.svg Carlow
G McKiernan (0-5, 1f); E Keating (1-1); C Mackey (1-1); S Johnston (0-3, 3f); D McVeety (0-1); T Corr (0-1); T Hayes (0-1). Report D St. Ledger (0-5,4f, ‘45); D Foley (0-2, 2f); E Ruth (0-1); D O’Brien (0-1); C Blake (0-1, 1f); J Murphy (0-1); A Kelly (0-1).
Referee: F Kelly (Longford)

Round 2A
Clare Colours of Clare.svg0-14 – 1-10Colours of Laois.svg Laois
E Cleary 0-4 (0-4f), J Malone 0-3, G Brennan 0-1 (0-1f), C O’Connor 0-1, K Sexton 0-1, D Tubridy 0-1 (0-1f), S Hickey 0-1, S Malone 0-1, S McGrath 0-1. Report J O’Loughlin 0-3, D Kingston 0-3 (0-2f), S Attride 1-0, C Meredith 0-1, D Conway 0-1, D Strong 0-1, P Cahillane 0-1 (0-1f).
Referee: Marty Duffy (Sligo)

Round 2B
Limerick Colours of Leinster Council.svg0-10 – 2-12Colours of Cork.svg Cork
I Ryan 0-4 (3f), D Treacy & I Corbett 0-2 each, S McSweeney (f) & S Buckley 0-1 each. Report P Kerrigan 1-3, M Collins 0-5, P Kelleher 1-0, C O’Neill (f), L Connolly (f), J O’Rourke & M Hurley 0-1 each.
Attendance: 15,540
Referee: N Mooney (Cavan)

Round 2B
Mayo Colours of Mayo.svg2-14 – 1-12Colours of Leinster Council.svg Fermanagh
L Keegan (0-02), C Boyle (0-01), A O’Shea (0-01), D O’Connor (0-02), E Regan (0-01, 0-01f), A Freeman (1-00), C O’Connor (1-05, 1-00 pen, 0-03f, 0-01 ’45). Report Breen (0-03), E Donnelly (0-01), B Mulrone (0-02), R Lyons (0-01), S Quigley (1-01, 0-01f), T Corrigan (0-04, 0-02f).
Referee: Joe McQuillan (Cavan).

Round 2B
Monaghan Colours of Monaghan.svg1-13 – 2-13Colours of Roscommon.svg Longford
C McCarthy 0-4, C McManus 0-4 (3f), C Walshe 1-0, J McCarron 0-2, R Beggan 0-1 (1f), R McAnespie 0-1, S Carey 0-1. Report R Smyth 1-3 (2f), D Masterson 0-3, J McGivney 0-3, B Kavanagh 0-3 (1f, 1 s-l), M Quinn 1-0, L Connerton 0-1.
Referee: C Branagan (Down)

Round 2B
Kildare Colours of Kildare.svg1-22 – 2-14Colours of Offaly.svg Offaly
N Flynn 0-5 (0-2f); N Kelly, A Tyrrell (0-2f) 0-4 each; T Moolick 1-1; E O’Flaherty (0-2f), F Conway 0-2 each; C McNally, K Feely, A Smith, D Hyland 0-1 each. Report N Dunne 1-7 (0-7f); P Cunningham 1-1 (1-0 pen); J Moloney, N Darby (0-1f) 0-2 each; N McNamee, G Guilfoyle 0-1 each.
Referee: Padraig Hughes (Armagh)

Round 3[edit]

In the third round of the qualifiers winning teams from round 2A play against winning teams from round 2A and winning teams from round 2B play against winning teams from round 2B. Round 3 rules do not allow two teams that have played each other in a provincial match to meet again. The four winners of these matches play the four beaten provincial finalists in Round 4.

The following teams take part in this round -

Round 3A
Sligo Colours of Sligo.svg1-13 – 2-17Colours of Clare.svg Clare
A. Marren (0-3, 2f); M. Breheny (0-3, 2f); P. Hughes (1-0); N. Murphy (0-3, 1f); Brian Egan (0-1); Kyle Cawley (0-1); A. McIntyre (0-1); C. Henry (0-1) Report D. Tubridy (1-3, 2f, 1-0 pen); E. Cleary (0-5, 2f); C. O’Connor (0-4); K. Sexton (0-3); G. Brennan (1-0); P. Lillis (0-1); S. McGrath (0-1)
Referee: Anthony Nolan (Wicklow)

Round 3A
Cavan Colours of Laois.svg0-18 – 1-17Colours of Cork.svg Derry
G McKiernan (0-4, 3f), R Galligan (0-3, 3f), D McVeety (0-3), M Reilly (0-2), C Moynagh (0-1), M Argue (0-1), C Mackey (0-1), J Brady (0-1), S Johnston (0-1, 1f), G Smith (0-1). Report M Lynch (0-7, 4f), E McGuckin (1-0), C McAtamney (0-1), D Heavron (0-1), C Bradley (0-1), J Kielt (0-1), E Lynn (0-1), N Loughlin (0-1, ‘45)
Referee: E Kinsella (Laois)

Round 3B
Mayo Colours of Mayo.svg2-17 – 0-14Colours of Kildare.svg Kildare
D O'Connor 1-5, E Regan 1-4 (0-1f), C O'Connor (2fs) J Doherty 0-2 each, K Higgins, P Durcan, A Freeman, C O'Shea 0-1 each. Report N Flynn 0-5 (2fs, 1 45), F Dowling 0-3, M O'Flaherty 0-2, J Byrne, C McNally, A Smith (f), K Cribbin all 0-1 each.
Attendance: 14,557
Referee: Derek O Mahoney (Tipperary).

Round 3B
Longford Colours of Roscommon.svg1-06 – 2-09Colours of Cork.svg Cork
Brian Kavanagh 1-1 (1-0 pen), Michael Quinn, Diarmuid Masterson, Barry McKeon (0-1f), James McGivney, Robbie Smyth 0-1 each. Report Colm O’Neill 1-1, Ian Maguire 1-0, Mark Collins, Paul Kerrigan 0-2 each, James Loughrey, JohnO ‘Rourke, Michael Hurley, Patrick Kelly 0-1 each.
Attendance: 3,567
Referee: Barry Cassidy (Derry)

Round 4[edit]

In the fourth round of the qualifiers, the four winning teams of Round 3A and Round 3B play the four beaten provincial finalists. Round 4 rules do not allow two teams that have played each other in a provincial match to meet again if such a pairing can be avoided. The four winners of these matches play the provincial champions in the All-Ireland Quarter-Finals.

The following teams take part in this round -

23 July 2016
3.00 PM
Round 4A
Clare Colours of Clare.svg 2-12 – 1-09 Colours of Roscommon.svg Roscommon Pearse Stadium
Attendance: 4,100
Referee: P Hughes (Armagh)
E Cleary (0-6, 2 frees); D Tubridy (1-2, 0-1 free); J Malone (1-0); D Ryan, G Brennan, S McGrath and S Malone (all 0-1). Report E Smith (1-1); C Murtagh (0-3 frees); S Mullooly and C Devaney (both 0-1); N Kilroy, D Shine and D Murtagh (all 0-1 frees).

23 July 2016
5.00 PM
Round 4A
Derry Colours of Cork.svg 2-17 – 1-21 Colours of Roscommon.svg Tipperary Breffni Park
Attendance: 2,795
Referee: M. Duffy (Sligo)
M. Lynch (1-4, 0-3 frees); D. Heavron (0-4); N. Loughlin (0-3); E. Brown (1-0); J. Kielt (0-2, 1 free); E. Lynn, E. Bradley, L. McGoldrick, C. Bradley (0-1 each). Report K. O’Halloran (1-5, 0-4 frees, 0-1 45); M. Quinlivan (0-6, 4 frees); C. Sweeney (0-5); J. Keane (0-2); P. Austin, P. Acheson, B. Maher (0-1 each).

30 July 2016
4.00 PM
Round 4B
Cork Colours of Cork.svg 1-15 – 0-21 Colours of Leitrim.svg Donegal Croke Park
Attendance: 27,615
Referee: P Neilan (Roscommon)
Paul Kerrigan 1-1, Colm O’Driscoll, Tom Clancy (Clonakilty), Kevin O’Driscoll, Colm O’Neill (0-1f), Donncha O’Connor 0-2 each, Mark Collins, Tomás Clancy (Fermoy), Seán Powter, Aidan Walsh 0-1 each Report Patrick McBrearty 0-11 (0-4f), Ryan McHugh 0-3, Eoin McHugh, Michael Murphy (0-1f) 0-2 each, Karl Lacey, Frank McGlynn, Odhrán MacNiallais 0-1 each.

30 July 2016
6.00 PM
Round 4B
Mayo Colours of Mayo.svg 3-15 – 1-14 Colours of Galway.svg Westmeath Croke Park
Attendance: 27,615
Referee: R Hickey (Clare)
Man of the Match: Donal Vaughan (Ballinrobe)
Cillian O’Connor (1-5, 0-2 frees), Jason Doherty (1-1), Aidan O’Shea (1-0), Evan Regan 0-3 (0-2f), Andy Moran (0-2), Keith Higgins, Patrick Durcan, Donal Vaughan and Kevin McLoughlin 0-1 each Report John Heslin (0-10, 0-7 frees); Kieran Martin (0-2); James Dolan (1-1); Frank Boyle (0-1)


6 August, Croke Park
Colours of Tyrone.svg Tyrone0-12
21 August, Croke Park
Colours of Mayo.svg Mayo0-13
Colours of Mayo.svg Mayo2-13
31 July, Croke Park
Colours of Roscommon.svg Tipperary0-14
Colours of Galway.svg Galway1-10
18 September & 1 October
Croke Park
Colours of Roscommon.svg Tipperary3-13
Colours of Mayo.svg Mayo
6 August, Croke Park
Colours of Dublin.svg Dublin
Colours of Dublin.svg Dublin1-15
28 August, Croke Park
Colours of Leitrim.svg Donegal1-10
Colours of Dublin.svg Dublin0-22
31 July, Croke Park
Colours of Leitrim.svg Kerry2-14
Colours of Leitrim.svg Kerry2-16
Colours of Clare.svg Clare 0-11

All-Ireland Quarter-Finals[edit]

The four provincial champions play the winners from Round 4 of the qualifiers. Draw rules – 1) Two teams who met in a provincial final cannot meet again 2) If one of the provincial champions has already met one of the qualifiers in an earlier match then those two teams cannot be drawn together if such a pairing can be avoided.

31 July
2.00 PM
Kerry Colours of Leitrim.svg 2-16 – 0-11 Colours of Clare.svg Clare Croke Park, Dublin
Attendance: 29,251
Referee: M Deegan (Laois)
D O'Sullivan 1-2, J O'Donoghue 0-5 (3fs), BJ Keane 0-3, P Geaney 0-3 (0-1f), D Walsh 1-1, B Sheehan 0-1 (0-1f), S O'Brien 0-1 [1] D Tubridy 0-4 (2fs, 145), E Cleary 0-4 (4fs), P Lillis 0-1, J Malone 0-1, P Burke 0-1

31 July
4.00 PM
Galway Colours of Galway.svg 1-10 – 3-13 Colours of Roscommon.svg Tipperary Croke Park, Dublin
Attendance: 29,251
Referee: C Lane (Cork)
Man of the Match: Michael Quinlivan (Clonmel Commercials)
S Walsh 0-4 (4fs), D Comer 1-0, D Cummins 0-3, E Brannigan 0-1, P Conroy 0-1, P Varley 0-1 Report C Sweeney 2-2, M Quinlivan 1-4 (1f), K O'Halloran 0-4 (2fs, 145), B Fox 0-1, R Kiely 0-1, P Acheson 0-1

6 August
4.00 PM
Tyrone Colours of Tyrone.svg 0-12 – 0-13 Colours of Mayo.svg Mayo Croke Park, Dublin
Referee: D Gough (Meath)
Man of the Match: Lee Keegan (Westport)
P Harte (0-4, 2f), M Donnelly (0-3), C McAliskey (0-2, 2f) R O'Neill (0-1, 1f), N Sludden (0-1), D McCurry (0-1) Report C O'Connor (0-7, 4f), L Keegan (0-2), C Boyle, A Moran, A O'Shea, T Parsons (0-1 each)

6 August
6.00 PM
Dublin Colours of Dublin.svg 1-15 – 1-10 Colours of Leitrim.svg Donegal Croke Park, Dublin
Referee: C Branagan (Down)
Man of the Match: Ciaran Kilkenny (Castleknock)
D Rock (0-5f), P Mannion (1-1), D Connolly, K McManamon, P McMahon (0-2 each), P Andrews, C Kilkenny, J Cooper (0-1 each) Report [2] M Murphy (0-6 5f, 1 45), R McHugh (1-0), P McBrearty (0-3, 2f), A Thompson (0-1)

All-Ireland Semi-Finals[edit]

There is no draw for the semi-finals as the fixtures are pre-determined on a three yearly rotation. This rotation ensures that a provinces's champions play the champions of all the other provinces once every three years in the semi-finals if they each win their quarter-finals and prevents two provincial champions meeting in the semi-finals in successive years. If a qualifier team beats a provincial winner in a quarter-final, the qualifier team takes that provincial winner's place in the semi-final.

21 August
3:30 pm
Mayo Colours of Mayo.svg 2-13 – 0-14 Colours of Roscommon.svg Tipperary Croke Park, Dublin
Attendance: 53,212
Referee: David Coldrick (Meath)
Man of the Match: Keith Higgins (Ballyhaunis)
Andy Moran 0-4, Jason Doherty and Conor O’Shea 1-0 each, Cillian O’Connor 0-3f, Diarmuid O’Connor 0-2, Lee Keegan, Colm Boyle, Kevin McLoughlin, Aidan O’Shea 0-1 each Report Michael Quinlivan 0-7f, Conor Sweeney 0-3 (0-1f), Kevin O’Halloran 0-2 (0-1f), Bill Maher and Philip Austin 0-1 each

28 August
3:30 pm
Dublin Colours of Dublin.svg 0-22 – 2-14 Colours of Leitrim.svg Kerry Croke Park
Referee: David Gough (Meath)
Dean Rock 0-12 (8f, 2 ’45), Diarmuid Connolly 0-3, Kevin McManamon 0-2, Bernard Brogan 0-2, Philly McMahon 0-1, Eoghan O’Gara 0-1, Brian Fenton 0-1. Report [3] Paul Geaney 1-4, Colm Cooper 0-5 (4f), Darran O’Sullivan 1-0, David Moran 0-1, Stephen O’Brien 0-1, Paul Murphy 0-1, James O’Donoghue 0-1, Barry John Keane 0-1.

All-Ireland Final[edit]

18 September
3:30 pm
Mayo Colours of Mayo.svg 0-15 – 2-09 Colours of Dublin.svg Dublin Croke Park, Dublin
Attendance: 82,257
Referee: Conor Lane (Cork)
Man of the Match: John Small (Ballymun Kickhams)
Cillian O'Connor (0-7 5f), Donal Voughan, Andy Moran (0-2 each), Patrick Durcan, Tom Parsons, Alan Dillon, Jason Doherty (0-1) Report Dean Rock (0-4 3f), Paddy Andrews (0-2), John Small, Brian Fenton, Diarmuid Connolly (0-1 each) (Kevin McLoughlin, Colm Boyle 1-0 own goal each)

All-Ireland Final Replay[edit]

1 October
5:00 pm
Mayo Colours of Mayo.svg 1-14 – 1-15 Colours of Dublin.svg Dublin Croke Park, Dublin
Attendance: 82,249
Referee: Maurice Deegan (Laois)
Man of the Match: Michael Fitzsimons (Cuala)
Cillian O'Connor 0-9 (0-9f), Lee Keegan 1-0, Patrick Durcan 0-2, Kevin Mcloughlin, Andy Moran, Diarmuid O'Connor 0-1 each Report Dean Rock 0-9 (0-7f), Diarmuid Connolly 1-1 (1-0 pen), Cormac Costello 0-3, Kevin McManamon, Bernard Brogan 0-1 each

Championship statistics[edit]

  • All scores correct as of 1 October 2016[12]

Top Scorer Overall[edit]

Rank Player County Tally Total Matches Average
1 Dean Rock Colours of Dublin.svg Dublin 1-58 61 7 8.7
2 Cillian O'Connor Colours of Mayo.svg Mayo 2-44 50 8 6.3
3 Michael Quinlivan Colours of Roscommon.svg Tipperary 2-27 33 6 5.5
4 Patrick McBrearty Colours of Leitrim.svg Donegal 0-29 29 6 4.8
Tomas Corrigan Colours of Leinster Council.svg Fermanagh 0-29 29 4 7.2
6 Conor McManus Colours of Monaghan.svg Monaghan 1-24 27 4 6.8
Kevin O'Halloran Colours of Roscommon.svg Tipperary 1-24 27 5 5.4
8 David Tubridy Colours of Clare.svg Clare 2-20 26 6 4.3
Ciaran Murtagh Colours of Roscommon.svg Roscommon 3-17 26 6 4.3
10 John Heslin Colours of Galway.svg Westmeath 0-25 25 4 6.2
11 Eoin Cleary Colours of Clare.svg Clare 0-24 24 6 4
James Kielt Colours of Cork.svg Derry 1-21 24 5 4.8
13 Nigel Dunne Colours of Offaly.svg Offaly 1-20 23 3 7.7
14 Mark Lynch Colours of Cork.svg Derry 1-19 22 4 5.5
15 Robbie Smyth Colours of Roscommon.svg Longford 2-14 20 4 5

Top Scorer In A Single game[edit]

Rank Player County Tally Total Opposition
1 Donal O'Hare Colours of Down.svg Down 2-09 15 Colours of Roscommon.svg Longford
2 Dean Rock Colours of Dublin.svg Dublin 1-10 13 Colours of Laois.svg Laois
3 Dean Rock Colours of Dublin.svg Dublin 0-12 12 Colours of Leitrim.svg Kerry
James Kielt Colours of Cork.svg Derry 1-09 12 Colours of Cork.svg Louth
5 Patrick McBrearty Colours of Leitrim.svg Donegal 0-11 11 Colours of Cork.svg Cork
6 Dean Rock Colours of Dublin.svg Dublin 0-10 10 Colours of Leitrim.svg Meath
John Heslin Colours of Galway.svg Westmeath 0-10 10 Colours of Mayo.svg Mayo
Ryan Burns Colours of Cork.svg Louth 1-07 10 Colours of Carlow.svg Carlow
Nigel Dunne Colours of Offaly.svg Offaly 1-07 10 Colours of Kildare.svg Kildare
Peter Harte Colours of Tyrone.svg Tyrone 2-04 10 Colours of Laois.svg Cavan
11 Dean Rock Colours of Dublin.svg Dublin 0-09 9 Colours of Mayo.svg Mayo
Cillian O'Connor Colours of Mayo.svg Mayo 0-09 9 Colours of Dublin.svg Dublin
Tomas Corrigan Colours of Leinster Council.svg Fermanagh 0-09 9 Colours of Antrim.svg Antrim
Tomas Corrigan Colours of Leinster Council.svg Fermanagh 0-09 9 Colours of Wexford.svg Wexford
Donal Kingston Colours of Laois.svg Laois 1-06 9 Colours of Roscommon.svg Wicklow
Paul Cunningham Colours of Roscommon.svg Wicklow 1-06 9 Colours of Carlow.svg Carlow
Paul Geaney Colours of Leitrim.svg Kerry 2-03 9 Colours of Roscommon.svg Tipperary


  • Tipperary beat Cork for the first time since 1944.
  • Kerry were the first team since Cork (1987–1990) to win a 4th Munster title in a row.
  • In the old system All Ireland series we would have had a Galway vs Tyrone All Ireland semi-final.
  • The All-Ireland final ends in a draw and goes to a replay for the first time since 2000.

Scoring Events[edit]

Widest winning margin: 19

Most goals in a match: 7

  • Tyrone 5-18 – 2-17 Cavan (Ulster SFC semi-final replay)

Most points in a match: 41

Most goals by one team in a match: 5

  • Tyrone 5-18 – 2-17 Cavan (Ulster SFC semi-final replay)

Highest aggregate score: 56 points

  • Down 3-17 – 2-24 Longford (Round 1B qualifier – A.E.T.)
  • Tyrone 5-18 – 2-17 Cavan (Ulster SFC semi-final replay)

Lowest aggregate score: 17 points

Stadia and locations[edit]

Antrim Armagh Carlow Cavan Clare
Corrigan Park Athletic Grounds Dr. Cullen Park Breffni Park Cusack Park
Belfast Armagh Carlow Cavan Ennis
Capacity: 5,500 Capacity: 19,500 Capacity: 21,000 Capacity: 32,000 Capacity: 14,864
Cork Derry Donegal Down Dublin
Páirc Uí Chaoimh Celtic Park MacCumhaill Park Páirc Esler Croke Park
Cork Derry Ballybofey Newry Dublin
Capacity: 43,550 Capacity: 22,000 Capacity: 18,000 Capacity: 20,000 Capacity: 82,500
Páirc Uí Choaimh 2014 Cork vs Kerry
Celtic Park, Derry, August 2009.JPG View from the Hill in Croke Park
Fermanagh Galway Kerry Kildare Laois
Brewster Park Pearse Stadium Fitzgerald Stadium St. Conleth's Park O'Moore Park
Enniskillen Galway Killarney Newbridge Portlaoise
Capacity: 20,000 Capacity: 26,197 Capacity: 43,180 Capacity: 6,200 Capacity: 27,000
Pearse Park.jpg FitzGeraldStadium.jpg
Leitrim Limerick London Longford Louth
Páirc Seán Mac Diarmada Gaelic Grounds Emerald GAA Grounds Pearse Park Drogheda Park
Carrick-on-Shannon Limerick Ruislip Longford Drogheda
Capacity: 9,331 Capacity: 49,866 Capacity: 5,000 Capacity: 10,000 Capacity: 7,000
Mayo Meath Monaghan New York Offaly
MacHale Park Páirc Tailteann St. Tiernach's Park Gaelic Park O'Connor Park
Castlebar Navan Clones New York City Tullamore
Capacity: 42,000 Capacity: 10,000 Capacity: 36,000 Capacity: 2,000 Capacity: 20,000
Roscommon Sligo Tipperary Tyrone Waterford
Dr. Hyde Park Markievicz Park Semple Stadium Healy Park Walsh Park
Roscommon Sligo Thurles Omagh Waterford
Capacity: 18,500 Capacity: 18,558 Capacity: 53,500 Capacity: 26,500 Capacity: 17,000
Semple1.jpg Healy Park, Omagh.jpg
Westmeath Wexford Wicklow
Cusack Park (Mullingar) Wexford Park Aughrim County Ground
Mullingar Wexford Aughrim
Capacity: 11,000 Capacity: 20,000 Capacity: 10,000
Cusack Park Mullingar Main Stand.jpg

Referees Panel[edit]

As announced in April 2016:[13][14]
  1. Ciaran Branagan (Down)
  2. Barry Cassidy (Derry)
  3. David Coldrick (Meath)
  4. Maurice Deegan (Laois)
  5. Marty Duffy (Sligo)
  6. David Gough (Meath)
  7. Rory Hickey (Clare)
  8. Padraig Hughes (Armagh)
  9. Sean Hurson (Tyrone)
  10. Fergal Kelly (Longford)
  11. Eddie Kinsella (Laois)
  12. Conor Lane (Cork)
  13. Joe McQuillan (Cavan)
  14. Noel Mooney (Cavan), first year
  15. Paddy Neilan (Roscommon)
  16. Anthony Nolan (Wicklow)
  17. Derek O'Mahoney (Tipperary)
  18. Padraig O'Sullivan (Kerry)
Linesman Panel (newly created)
  1. James Bermingham (Cork)
  2. Niall Cullen (Fermanagh)
  3. Liam Devenney (Mayo)
  4. Jerome Henry (Mayo)
  5. John Hickey (Carlow)
  6. Shaun McLaughlin (Donegal)
  7. Martin McNally (Monaghan)
  8. Cormac Reilly (Meath)


Sunday Game Team of the Year

The Sunday Game team of the year was picked on 1 October, the night of the final replay. Dublin's Brian Fenton was named as the Sunday Game player of the year.[15]

  • 1. Stephen Cluxton (Dublin)
  • 2. Brendan Harrison (Mayo)
  • 3. Jonny Cooper (Dublin)
  • 4. Philly McMahon (Dublin)
  • 5. Lee Keegan (Mayo)
  • 6. Colm Boyle (Mayo)
  • 7. Patrick Durcan (Mayo)
  • 8. Brian Fenton (Dublin)
  • 9. Mattie Donnelly (Tyrone)
  • 10. Kevin McLoughlin (Mayo)
  • 11. Diarmuid Connolly (Dublin)
  • 12. Ciaran Kilkenny (Dublin)
  • 13. Paul Geaney (Kerry)
  • 14. Michael Quinlivan (Tipperary)
  • 15. Dean Rock (Dublin)
All Star Team of the Year

The All Star football team was announced on 3 November.[16][17]

  • 1. David Clarke (Mayo)
  • 2. Brendan Harrison (Mayo)
  • 3. Jonny Cooper (Dublin)
  • 4. Philly McMahon (Dublin)
  • 5. Lee Keegan (Mayo)
  • 6. Colm Boyle (Mayo)
  • 7. Ryan McHugh (Donegal)
  • 8. Brian Fenton (Dublin)
  • 9. Mattie Donnelly (Tyrone)
  • 10. Peter Harte (Tyrone)
  • 11. Diarmuid Connolly (Dublin)
  • 12. Ciaran Kilkenny (Dublin)
  • 13. Dean Rock (Dublin)
  • 14. Michael Quinlivan (Tipperary)
  • 15. Paul Geaney (Kerry)

See also[edit]


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