2016 Guamanian legislative election

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Guamanian legislative election, 2016

← 2014 November 8, 2016 2018 →

All 15 seats of the Legislature of Guam
  Majority party Minority party
Leader Judith Won Pat
(lost re-election)
V. Anthony "Tony" Ada
(lost re-election)
Party Democratic Republican
Leader's seat At-large district At-large district
Last election 9 seats 6 seats
Seats won 9 6
Seat change Increase 9 Decrease 6
Popular vote 218,767 171,768
Percentage 55.95% 43.92%

Speaker before election

Judith Won Pat

Elected Speaker

Benjamin Cruz

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Legislative elections were held in Guam on November 8, 2016,[1] along with the election for the Guam delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives. The Democratic Party won nine of the fifteen seats in the Legislature and maintained control of Guam's delegate seat. The fifteen elected members of the 34th Guam Legislature were inaugurated on January 2, 2017. [2]



Party Votes % Seats +/–
Democratic Party 218,767 55.95% 9
Republican Party 171,768 43.92% 6
Write-in votes 471 0.12
Total 391,006 100 15 0
Registered voters/turnout 51,713 67
Source: [1]

General election candidates[edit]

Democratic candidates[edit]

Republican candidates[edit]

  • Brant Thomas McCreadie (I)
  • Albert John Balajadia
  • James V. Espaldon (I)
  • Jose Acfalle San Agustin
  • William Mendiola Castro
  • Louisa Borja Muna
  • Fernando Barcinas Esteves
  • Thomas "Tommy" Aaron Morrison (I)
  • Vicente Anthony "Tony" Ada (I)
  • Frank Flores Blas Jr. (I)
  • Christopher M. Duenas
  • Amanda Francel Blas
  • Mary Camacho Torres (I)
  • Eric Mantanona Palacios
  • Benito Santos Servino

Primary Election[edit]

The members are elected at-large with the first 15 winning candidates are elected as the new members of the legislature. As there were many candidates running, primaries were set on August 27, 2016 for both the Democratic and Republican parties. The first fifteen candidates who win the highest votes go on to the General election.

Democratic Party Primary[edit]

Democratic Party of Guam primary election, 2016[3]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Democratic Aguon Jr., Frank 9,381
Democratic San Nicolas, Michael 9,381
Democratic Terlaje, Therese 9,149
Democratic Cruz, Benjamin J. 8,221
Democratic Nelson, Telena 7,985
Democratic Rodriguez Jr., Dennis G. 7,736
Democratic Ada, Thomas C. 7,270
Democratic San Agustin, Joe S. 7,217
Democratic Underwood, Nerissa 7,022
Democratic Muna Barnes, Tina 6,869
Democratic Won Pat, Judith 6,526
Democratic Lee, Regine 6,281
Democratic Respicio, Rory J. 6,278
Democratic Bordallo Jr., Fred 6,014
Democratic Alerta, Jermaine 5,562
Democratic Gaza, Victor 4,462
Democratic Dominguez, Armando 3,649

Eliminated candidates[edit]

Two Democratic hopefuls were eliminated in the 2016 primaries:

  • Victor Gaza
  • Armando Dominguez

Republican Party Primary[edit]

Republican Party of Guam primary election, 2016
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Republican Blas Jr., Frank 5,315
Republican Castro, William 5,266
Republican Morrison, Thomas 5,248
Republican Ada, Vicente A. 5,185
Republican Muna, Louisa B. 5,036
Republican Espaldon, James 4,996
Republican Duenas, Christopher 4,796
Republican Torres, Mary C. 4,543
Republican Palacios, Eric 3,970
Republican Esteves, Fernando 3,875
Republican San Agustin, Jose A. 3,806
Republican McCreadie, Brant 3,795
Republican Blas, Amanda 3,748
Republican Balajadia, Albert J. 3,478
Republican Servino, Benito S. 3,387
Republican Mead, Barry 2,680
Republican Paz, Ellery 2,150

Eliminated candidates[edit]

Two Republican hopefuls were eliminated in the 2016 primaries:

  • Barry Mead
  • Ellery Paz

General election results[edit]

Following the primaries, there were 26 candidates vying for the 15 seats in the Legislature of Guam. The members are elected at-large with the first 15 winning candidates elected as the new members of the legislature.

2016 Guamanian legislative election (Top 15 winning candidates)
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Democratic AGUON, JR., Frank Blas 21,070 5.39 n/a
Democratic SAN NICOLAS, Michael F.Q. 19,686 5.03 n/a
Democratic TERLAJE, Therese M. 19,681 5.03 n/a
Democratic RODRIGUEZ, JR., Dennis G. 17,600 4.50 n/a
Democratic NELSON, Telena Cruz 16,922 4.33 n/a
Republican CASTRO, William Mendiola 15,599 3.99 n/a
Republican ESPALDON, James Virata 14,998 3.84 n/a
Democratic LEE, Regine Biscoe 14,864 3.80 n/a
Republican TORRES, Mary Camacho 14,792 3.78 n/a
Democratic CRUZ, Benjamin J.F. 14,436 3.69 n/a
Republican MUNA, Louisa Borja 13,666 3.50 n/a
Republican MORRISON, Thomas Aaron 13,634 3.49 n/a
Democratic ADA, Thomas Castro 13,053 3.34 n/a
Republican ESTEVES, Fernando Barcinas 12,982 3.32 n/a
Democratic SAN AGUSTIN, Joe Shimizu 12,532 n/a n/a
Democratic MUNA BARNES, Tina 12,510 n/a n/a
Democratic UNDERWOOD, Nerissa Bretania 12,325 n/a n/a
Republican ADA, Vicente Anthony 12,023 n/a n/a
Republican BLAS, Frank Flores Jr. 12,005 n/a n/a
Democratic WON PAT, Judith Teresita P. 11,942 n/a n/a
Democratic RESPICIO, Rory J. 11,920 n/a n/a
Republican DUENAS, Christopher M. 10,934 n/a n/a
Democratic ALERTA, Jermaine 10,667 n/a n/a
Democratic BORDALLO, Fred Eugene Jr. 9,559 n/a n/a
Republican BLAS, Amanda Francel 9,533 n/a n/a
Republican PALACIOS, Eric Matanona 9,451 n/a n/a
Republican SERVINO, Benito Santos 9,332 n/a n/a
Republican BALAJADIA, Albert J. 8,668 n/a n/a
Republican SAN AGUSTIN, Jose Acfalle 7,069 n/a n/a
Republican MCCREADIE, Brant T. 7,063 n/a n/a
Majority n/a
Turnout n/a
Democratic gain from Republican

Freshman Senators[edit]

There will be 7 freshman Senators in the 34th Legislature, and were inaugurated on January 2, 2017.

  • TERLAJE, Therese M. (DEM)
  • NELSON, Telena Cruz (DEM)
  • CASTRO, William Mendiola (REP)
  • LEE, Regine Biscoe (DEM)
  • MUNA, Louisa Borja (REP)
  • ESTEVES, Fernando Barcinas (REP)
  • SAN AGUSTIN, Joe Shimizu (DEM)


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