2016 J.League Cup

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2016 J.League Cup
J.League YBC Levain Cup
Country Japan
ChampionsUrawa Red Diamonds
Runners-upGamba Osaka
Top goal scorer(s)Toshiyuki Takagi (4 goals)

The 2016 J.League Cup (also known as the 2016 Yamazaki Nabisco Cup, later changed to J.League YBC Levain Cup for sponsoring purposes) is the 41st edition of the most prestigious Japanese football league cup tournament and the 24th edition under the current J.League Cup format.


Teams from the J1 League will take part in the tournament. Sanfrecce Hiroshima, Gamba Osaka, Urawa Red Diamonds and FC Tokyo were given a bye to the quarter-finals due to qualification in the 2016 AFC Champions League. The remaining 14 teams started from the group stage, where they were divided into two groups of seven. The group winners and the runners-up of each group qualified for the quarter-final along with the four teams which qualified for the AFC Champions League.

Group stage[edit]

All times are Japan Standard Time (UTC+9)

Group A[edit]


Kashima Antlers1-2Ventforet Kofu
Yamamoto Goal 60' Report Billy Celeski Goal 6'
Nilson Goal 45'
Omiya Ardija1-0Nagoya Grampus
Esaka Goal 37' Report
Júbilo Iwata1-2Vissel Kobe
Saito Goal 13' Report Pedro Júnior Goal 35'
Leandro Goal 69'
Attendance: 6,695

Ventforet Kofu0-0Omiya Ardija
Nagoya Grampus0-1Shonan Bellmare
Report Shimamura Goal 87'
Attendance: 7,309
Referee: Masuya Ueda
Vissel Kobe4-1Kashima Antlers
Pedro Júnior Goal 23'64'
Watanabe Goal 37'
Soma Goal 75'
Report Yamamoto Goal 84'

Shonan Bellmare0-1Omiya Ardija
Report Pečnik Goal 64'
Júbilo Iwata1-0Ventforet Kofu
Matsui Goal 1' Report
Attendance: 6,541
Referee: Takuto Okabe
Nagoya Grampus1-3Kashima Antlers
Noda Goal 38' Report Endo Goal 52'
Caio Goal 66'
Shoji Goal 71'
Attendance: 6,134
Referee: Hiromichi Oka

Shonan Bellmare0-0Júbilo Iwata
Attendance: 5,211
Referee: Koichiro Fukushima
Nagoya Grampus0-0Ventforet Kofu
Attendance: 3,919
Referee: Nobutsugu Murakami
Vissel Kobe1-1Omiya Ardija
Watanabe Goal 58' Report Esaka Goal 17'

Kashima Antlers2-3Shonan Bellmare
Nagaki Goal 11'
Doi Goal 26'
Report Otsuki Goal 18'
Hasegawa Goal 87'
Hanato Goal 90+4'
Attendance: 5,788
Referee: Takuto Okabe
Omiya Ardija1-0Júbilo Iwata
Keisuke Goal 25' Report
Attendance: 5,985
Referee: Yusuke Araki
Ventforet Kofu0-2Vissel Kobe
Report Tanaka Goal 64'
Seigou Goal 75'
Attendance: 4,723
Referee: Kochiro Fukushima

Kashima Antlers1-1Júbilo Iwata
Sugimoto Goal 58' Report Fujita Goal 17'
Attendance: 5,272
Referee: Masaaki Toma
Ventforet Kofu1-0Shonan Bellmare
Kawamoto Goal 61' Report
Vissel Kobe4-0Nagoya Grampus
Nakasaka Goal 10'
Watanabe Goal 19'
Ishizu Goal 88'
Takahashi Goal 90+3'

Omiya Ardija1-0Kashima Antlers
Pečnik Goal 87' Report
Attendance: 9,316
Referee: Poland Bartosz Frankowski
Shonan Bellmare0-2Vissel Kobe
Report Nakasaka Goal 37'
Fujita Goal 90+1'
Attendance: 4,501
Referee: Akihiko Ikeuchi
Júbilo Iwata1-3Nagoya Grampus
Bothroyd Goal 64' Report Koyamatsu Goal 27'
Takeuchi Goal 37'
Kawamata Goal 39'
Attendance: 8,792
Referee: Kenji Ogiya

Group B[edit]


Vegalta Sendai1–0Albirex Niigata
Enomoto Goal 4' Report
Attendance: 6,135
Referee: Yusuke Araki
Kawasaki Frontale0-0Yokohama F. Marinos
Avispa Fukuoka2-2Kashiwa Reysol
Jogo Goal 17'
Wellington Goal 30'
Report Wako Goal 55'
Tanaka Goal 77'
Attendance: 5,525
Referee: Jumpei Iida

Kashiwa Reysol0-1Vegalta Sendai
Report Tomita Goal 69'
Kawasaki Frontale0-1Avispa Fukuoka
Report Tamura Goal 79'
Albirex Niigata1-0Sagan Tosu
Léo Silva Goal 75' Report
Attendance: 12,427
Referee: Hiromichi Oka

Albirex Niigata0-5Kawasaki Frontale
Report Taniguchi Goal 8'23'
Kano Goal 20'83'
Hashimoto Goal 48'
Attendance: 8,404
Referee: Koichiro Fukushima
Sagan Tosu1-1Vegalta Sendai
Baek Sung-dong Goal 38' Report Kim Min-Tae Goal 86'
Attendance: 4,195
Referee: Masaaki Toma
Yokohama F. Marinos1-3Kashiwa Reysol
Togashi Goal 5' Report Nakagawa Goal 42'
Masushima Goal 50'68'

Vegalta Sendai0-0Avispa Fukuoka
Attendance: 5,955
Referee: Yusuke Araki
Kashiwa Reysol2-1Kawasaki Frontale
Diego Oliveira Goal 39'
Taketomi Goal 90+4'
Report Eduardo Neto Goal 72'
Attendance: 5,543
Referee: Hajime Matsuo
Yokohama F. Marinos1-0Sagan Tosu
Ito Goal 23' Report

Kashiwa Reysol1-2Albirex Niigata
Diego Oliveira Goal 66' Report Ito Goal 55'
Kozuka Goal 72'
Sagan Tosu1-1Kawasaki Frontale
Tomiyama Goal 72' Report Kim Min-hyeok Goal 16' (o.g.)
Attendance: 4,779
Referee: Hiromichi Oka
Yokohama F. Marinos2-1Avispa Fukuoka
Hyodo Goal 73'
Ito Goal 90+4'
Report Hirai Goal 31'
Attendance: 5,133
Referee: Shoichiro Mikami

Kawasaki Frontale2-1Vegalta Sendai
Otsuka Goal 43'48' Report Ramon Lopes Goal 85'
Attendance: 8,801
Referee: Poland Bartosz Frankowski
Albirex Niigata1-1Yokohama F. Marinos
Ibusuki Goal 7' Report Nakagawa Goal 72'
Attendance: 8,136
Referee: Nobutsugu Murakami
Avispa Fukuoka1-1Sagan Tosu
Hirai Goal 85' Report Toyoda Goal 45'
Attendance: 14,465
Referee: Kenji Ogiya

Vegalta Sendai0-2Yokohama F. Marinos
Report Nakamura Goal 42'
Saito Goal 61'
Attendance: 12,811
Referee: Yudai Yamamoto
Avispa Fukuoka4-2Albirex Niigata
Kanamori Goal 16'37'
Hirai Goal 19'
Jogo Goal 68'
Report Yamazaki Goal 6'
Suzuki Goal 82'
Attendance: 7,209
Referee: Hajime Matsuo
Sagan Tosu1-1Kashiwa Reysol
Ikeda Goal 31' Report Éderson Goal 79'
Attendance: 5,337

Knock-out stage[edit]

All times are Japan Standard Time (UTC+9)

  Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
Yokohama F. Marinos (a) 1 1 2  
Omiya Ardija 2 0 2  
  Yokohama F. Marinos 0 1 1  
  Gamba Osaka (a) 0 1 1  
Gamba Osaka 1 6 7
  Sanfrecce Hiroshima 1 3 4  
    Gamba Osaka 1 (4)
  Urawa Red Diamonds 1 (5)
  Urawa Red Diamonds 2 4 6  
Vissel Kobe 1 0 1  
  Urawa Red Diamonds 2 3 5
  FC Tokyo 1 1 2  
Avispa Fukuoka 1 0 1
  FC Tokyo 1 2 3  


First leg[edit]

Omiya Ardija2–1Yokohama F. Marinos
Mateus Goal 23'
Ienaga Goal 87'
Report Kanai Goal 71'

Sanfrecce Hiroshima1–1Gamba Osaka
Shibasaki Goal 28' Report Goya Goal 86'
Attendance: 5,529

Vissel Kobe1–2Urawa Red Diamonds
Leandro Goal 35' Report Takagi Goal 6'
Zlatan Goal 41'
Attendance: 7,001
Referee: Yusuke Araki

FC Tokyo1–1Avispa Fukuoka
Nakajima Goal 62' Report Mishima Goal 90'
Attendance: 6,882
Referee: Takuto Okabe

Second leg[edit]

Yokohama F. Marinos1–0Omiya Ardija
Kayke Goal 45+1' Report

2–2 on aggregate. Yokohama F. Marinos won on away goals

Urawa Red Diamonds4–0Vissel Kobe
Takagi Goal 39'60'
Abe Goal 43'
Lee Goal 84'
Attendance: 19,253

Urawa Red Diamonds won 6-1 on aggregate.

Gamba Osaka6–3Sanfrecce Hiroshima
Nagasawa Goal 32'45+2'
Niwa Goal 55'
Ademilson Goal 60'63'
Abe Goal 71'
Report Nogami Goal 24'
Morisaki Goal 52'
Minagawa Goal 79'

Gamba Osaka won 7-4 on aggregate.

Avispa Fukuoka0–2FC Tokyo
Report Tanabe Goal 30'
Takahashi Goal 75'
Attendance: 8,060
Referee: Kenji Ogiya

FC Tokyo won 3-1 on aggregate.


First leg[edit]

Gamba Osaka0–0Yokohama F. Marinos

FC Tokyo1–2Urawa Red Diamonds
Higashi Goal 49' Report Goal 77' Takagi
Goal 80' Muto
Attendance: 13,354

Second leg[edit]

Yokohama F. Marinos1–1Gamba Osaka
Ito Goal 56' Report Goal 63' Endō
Attendance: 19,378
Referee: Kenji Ogiya

1–1 on aggregate. Gamba Osaka won on away goals

Urawa Red Diamonds3–1FC Tokyo
Koroki Goal 24'38'53' Report Goal 81' Nakajima
Attendance: 26,876

Urawa Red Diamonds won 5-2 on aggregate.


Gamba Osaka1–1 (a.e.t.)Urawa Red Diamonds
Ademilson Goal 17' Goal 76' Lee
Fujimoto Penalty scored
Konno Penalty scored
Niwa Penalty scored
Goya Penalty missed
Endō Penalty scored
4–5 Penalty scored Abe
Penalty scored Otani
Penalty scored Koroki
Penalty scored Lee
Penalty scored Endo
Attendance: 51,248
Referee: Ryuji Sato

Top scorers[edit]

Rank Scorer Club Goals
Japan Toshiyuki Takagi Urawa Red Diamonds
2 Japan Shinzo Koroki Urawa Red Diamonds
Brazil Pedro Júnior Vissel Kobe
Japan Kazuma Watanabe Vissel Kobe
Japan Shoki Hirai Avispa Fukuoka
Japan Sho Ito Yokohama F. Marinos

Updated to games played on 15 October 2016
Names of players in bold are still active.
Source: J. League Data