2016 PCBL Chairman's Cup

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2016 PCBL Chairman's Cup
Tournament information
DateMarch 6 – May 27, 2016
Venue(s)Malolos Sports and Convention Center & Marikina Sports Center
Final positions
ChampionsJumbo Plastic Linoleum Giants (2nd title)
1st runners-upMighty Sports (1st finals appearance)
2nd runners-upEuro-Med Laboratories
MVPFinals: Jeff Viernes
Conference MVP:
Kiefer Ravena
Last conference (Defunct) →

The 2016 PCBL Chairman's Cup was the second and the last conference of the inaugural season of the Pilipinas Commercial Basketball League and the first and the last offering of PCBL for the year 2016.[1] It was opened on March 6, 2016 at the Malolos Sports and Convention Center in Malolos, Bulacan. The PCBL games will be televised on a delayed basis on AksyonTV.

On May 27, 2016, the 2016 PCBL Chairman's Cup championship was awarded to Jumbo Plastic Linoleum Giants setting the first record for back to back championship wins for the Pilipinas Commercial Basketball League, after beating the heavily star-studded team Mighty Sports 80-68 on Game 3. Jeff Viernes also was named as the Finals MVP averaging 22.7 points per game.


The Chairman's Cup will be the first conference of the PCBL under new commissioner Joel Banal, who replaced Ato Batolato.[2] The PCBL also welcomed two new teams in the fledgling league, the SCTEX Road Warriors to be led by former PBA players Ervin Sotto, Ford Arao and Borgie Hermida,[3] and Mighty Sports, bannered by former UAAP men's basketball MVP Kiefer Ravena and retired PBA player Ty Tang.[4]

The SCTEX, under the ownership of Manila North Tollways Corporation, is also the reigning champion of the men's basketball competition in the 2016 MVP Olympics, after beating Mediaquest team, 90–80 in a one-game finals match on March 4, 2016 at the Meralco gym.[5] PCBL will be the first major league of the Mighty Sports franchise to carry their own brand, after their appearances in small-time basketball tournaments such as Republica Cup held in Malolos, Bulacan where they won a championship.[6]

Returning teams including Jumbo Plastic Linoleum Giants, the 2015 PCBL Founder's Cup champion., Sta. Lucia, Euro-Med, Foton and Supremo Lex-Our Lady of Fatima University. The team will also use imports for the conference. Notable imports which will be seen in the Champion's Cup are Bright Akhutie playing for Mighty Sports and Allwell Oraeme playing for Jumbo Plastic.[3]


The tournament format was observed during the conference as it follows:

  • The elimination round will be a double round-robin classification.
  • At the end of elimination round, the top 6 teams will advance to the playoffs, while the 7th placer team is eliminated.
    • The 2 teams with the best record will go outright semifinals.
  • The next 4 teams will undergo in the best-of-three quarterfinal round.
  • Semifinals: (best-of-3 series)
    • SF1: #1 vs. QF1 winner
    • SF2: #2 vs. QF2 winner
  • Third-place playoff:
    • SF1 vs. SF2 losers
  • Finals: (best-of-3 series)
    • F1: SF1 vs SF2 winner


Host cities Arenas Seating Capacities
Malolos Malolos Sports and Convention Center 3,500
Marikina Marikina Sports Center Unknown
The front view of the Malolos Sports and Convention Center.



These are the team standings at the end of elimination round:

Pos Team W L PCT GB Qualification
1 Mighty Sports Cavaliers 10 2 .833 Bye to the semi-finals
2 Jumbo Plastic Linoleum Giants 8 4 .667 2
3 Biyaheng SCTEX 7 5 .583 3 Qualified for the
best-of-three quarter-finals
4 Euro-Med Laboratories 6 6 .500 4
5 Foton Toplanders 5 7 .417 5
6 Sta. Lucia Realtors 5 7 .417 5
7 Supremo Lex Builders 1 11 .083 9 Eliminated
Source:[citation needed]
Rules for classification: a.) Head-to-head records, b.) Winning percentage, c.) Win-Loss record d.) Use quotient system**


Round 1 Round 2
Teams 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Foton Toplanders SLB SLR SCT JBP MIG EUR
Jumbo Plastic Linoleum Giants MIG EUR SLR SLB FOT SCT
Mighty Sports Cavaliers JBP SLB EUR SLR FOT SCT SCT
Sta. Lucia Realtors EUR FOT JBP MIG SCT SLB
  •   Win
  •   OT Win
  •   Loss
  •   OT Loss


Team Euro-Med Foton Jumbo Plastic Mighty Sports Sta. Lucia SCTEX Supremo Lex
Euro-Med 93–81 65–83 63–81 64–66 76–87 97–87
Foton 79–84* 87–82 89–104 70–62 102–99** 88–92
Jumbo Plastic 75–72 79–68 70–79 75–87 60–62 79–70
Mighty Sports 73–87 84–83* 73–74 80–67 74–70 75–68
Sta. Lucia 75–83 72–86 61–80 85–92 85–72 80–67
SCTEX 70–67 91–60 60–68 79–87 78–65 69–62
Supremo Lex 65–75 63–72 46–75 62–75 76–80 66–80
  •   Win
  •   OT Win
  •   Loss
  •   OT Loss



Best-of-three series
Best-of-three series
Best-of-three series
(2) Jumbo Plastic2
(6) Sta. Lucia1
(3) Biyaheng SCTEX1
(6) Sta. Lucia2
(2) Jumbo Plastic2
(1) Mighty Sports1
(1) Mighty Sports2
(4) Euro-Med0 Bronze medal match
(4) Euro-Med2
(5) Foton1
(4) Euro-Med79
(6) Sta. Lucia71


Euro-Med vs. Foton[edit]

Biyaheng SCTEX vs. Sta. Lucia[edit]


This round is in a best-of-three playoff. The first team who wins 2 games advances to the finals and the losing team will go for the third-place playoff.

Mighty Sports vs. Euro-Med[edit]

Jumbo Plastic vs. Sta. Lucia series[edit]

Game 1[edit]

May 15
Jumbo Plastic Linoleum Giants 94, Sta. Lucia Realtors 89 (OT)
Scoring by quarter: 26-14, 21-22, 14-30, 20-15, Overtime: 13-8
Pts: Arafat 16
Rebs: Taganas 9
Pts: Vidal 14
Jumbo Plastic leads series, 1-0
Malolos Sports and Convention Center, Malolos, Bulacan

Game 2[edit]

May 18
Sta. Lucia Realtors 68, Jumbo Plastic Linoleum Giants 62
Scoring by quarter: 17-15, 27-19, 15-10, 9-18
Pts: Vidal 15
Rebs: Sanjo 12
Pts: Martinez 15
Series tied, 1-1
Marikina Sports Center, Marikina

Game 3[edit]

May 20
Jumbo Plastic Linoleum Giants 70, Sta. Lucia Realtors 56
Scoring by quarter: 20-12, 24-16, 12-15, 14-13
Pts: Taganas 13 Pts: Sanjo 17
Jumbo Plastic enters PCBL Finals, 2-1
Marikina Sports Center, Marikina

Third-place playoff[edit]

May 25
Euro-Med Laboratories 79, Sta. Lucia Realtors 71
Scoring by quarter: 24-20, 15-15, 20-23, 20-13
Pts: Bangga 16 Pts: Custodio 19
Euro-Med wins third place trophy.
Marikina Sports Center, Marikina


Game 1[edit]

May 22
Mighty Sports Cavaliers 79–67 Jumbo Plastic Linoleum Giants
Scoring by quarter: 20–12, 14–13, 22–23, 23–19
Pts: Ravena 20
Rebs: Akhuetie 19
Pts: Viernes 16
Malolos Sports and Convention Center,
Malolos, Bulacan

Game 2[edit]

May 25
Jumbo Plastic Linoleum Giants 89–87 (OT) Mighty Sports Cavaliers
Scoring by quarter: 16–19, 29–20, 19–18, 16–23Overtime: 9–7
Pts: Viernes, Martinez 31 each
Rebs: Viernes 4
Asts: Viernes 6
Pts: Akhuetie 27
Rebs: Akhuetie 22
Asts: Ravena 2
Marikina Sports Center, Marikina

Game 3[edit]

May 27
Jumbo Plastic Linoleum Giants 80–68 Mighty Sports Cavaliers
Scoring by quarter: 15–16, 13–19, 25–17, 27–16
Pts: Viernes 21
Rebs: Viernes 6
Asts: Viernes 8
Pts: Akhuetie 14
Rebs: Akhuetie 15
Jumbo Plastic wins PCBL Finals, 2–1
Marikina Sports Center, Marikina

This is the first playoff (finals) meeting between the Mighty Sports and the Giants.


Individual Category
Award Winner Team
Conference MVP Philippines Kiefer Ravena Mighty Sports
Defensive Player of the Conference Award Philippines Jeff Viernes Jumbo Plastic Linoleum Giants
Best Import of the Conference Award Cameroon Bright Akhuetie Mighty Sports
Team Category
Awards Members Team
The Mythical Five Philippines Kiefer Ravena Mighty Sports
Cameroon Bright Akhuetie
Philippines Jeff Viernes Jumbo Plastic Linoleum Giants
Philippines Raul Soyud Biyaheng SCTEX
Philippines Cedrick Ablaza Foton Toplanders
The All-Defensive


Philippines Kent Salado Sta. Lucia Realtors
Philippines Marlon Gomez Foton Toplanders
Philippines Rocky Acidre Supremo Lex Builders
Philippines Stephen Siruma Jumbo Plastic Linoleum Giants
Philippines Jay-R Taganas


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