2016 Pekan Olahraga Nasional

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Pekan Olahraga Nasional XIX
Logo PON 2016.png
Host cityBandung
MottoBerjaya di Tanah Legenda (Glory in Land of Legends)
Events44 sports
Opening ceremony17 September 2016
Closing ceremony29 September 2016
Officially opened byJoko Widodo
President of Indonesia
Ceremony venueGelora Bandung Lautan Api Stadium
Pekanbaru 2012 Jayapura 2020  >

2016 Pekan Olahraga Nasional is the nineteenth edition of Pekan Olahraga Nasional. It will be held in Bandung, West Java in 2016. It will be the first time for Indonesia's third largest city of Bandung to host the games in more than forty years. Bandung hosted the fifth edition of Pekan Olahraga Nasional in 1961.


West Java was given the rights to host the 2016 Pekan Olahraga Nasional by acclamation of the members of National Sports Committee of Indonesia. Banten was the only other applicant which submitted its bid for the games.[1][2] North Sulawesi showed its interest in hosting, but later decided to cancel it.


Events will take place in 68 venues, each venues will be feature in 16 cities and regencies of West Java Province.

Gelora Bandung Lautan Api Stadium


Location Venues Sports
Sport Jabar Arcamanik Sand volleyball court Beach volleyball
Baseball Stadium Baseball
Gymnasium, Graha Laga Satria, Graha Laga Tangkas Gymnastics
Faculty of Sports and Health Education,
Indonesia University of Education
Gymnasium Taekwondo, Indoor Hockey
Softball Stadium Softbol (Women's Event)
Sporthall Sepak takraw
Swimming pool Diving, Swimming, Synchronized Swimming
Saparua Sports Complex Saparua Sports Hall Judo, Wrestling
Saparua roller skating rinks Roller skating
Siliwangi Sports Complex Graha Siliwangi Billiard Arena Cue sports
Graha Siliwangi Squash Arena Squash
Graha Siliwangi Bowling Arena Bowling
Siliwangi Stadium Cricket
Siliwangi Tennis Courts dan Maluku Park Tennis
Venue Cabang Olahraga
Gelora Bandung Lautan Api Stadium Opening and closing ceremony
Sasana Budaya Ganesha, Bandung Institute of Technology Karate, Kempo
C-Tra Arena Sports Hall Basketball
Savoy Homan Hotel Chess
Horison Hotel Contract bridge
Haris Hotel Dance Sport, Fencing
Padjadjaran Sports Hall Wushu, Tarung derajat

Bandung Regency[edit]

West Bandung Regency[edit]

Sumedang Regency[edit]

Location Venues Sports
Bandung Institute of Technology, Jatinangor Campus Graha Laga Satria Pencak Silat
Futsal courts Futsal
Sports Hall 3 Table Tennis
Venues Sports
Batudua Hills, Lingga Mount Hang gliding, Paragliding
Bandung Giri Gahana Golf Golf


Venues Sports
Cisangkan shooting range Shooting
Munaip Saleh Velodrome Track Cycling

Indramayu Regency[edit]

Venues Sports
Tirtamaya Beach Open water swimming, Finswimming (Long distance)
Balongan Indah Beach Sailing

Pangandaran Regency[edit]

Venues Sports
Cijulang Nusawiru Airport Parachuting
Pangandaran horse racing track Horse racing


Venues Sports
Bima Sport Hall Badminton
Catherine Surya Swimming pool, Bima Madya Sports Complex Finswimming (Pool)

Subang Regency[edit]

Venues Sports
Suryadarma Air Base Gliding

Karawang Regency[edit]

Venues Sports
Cipule Lake Canoeing, Dragon boat, Rowing

Sukabumi Regency[edit]

Venues Sports
Pelabuhan Ratu Boxing Gymnasium Boxing


Venues Sports
Patriot Stadium Football

Bekasi Regency[edit]

Venues Sports
Wibawa Mukti Stadium Football

Bogor Regency[edit]

Venues Sports
Pakansari Stadium Athletics, Marching band, Football

Ciamis Regency[edit]

Venues Sports
Cigembor Forest Park Circuit BMX Cycling


Venues Sports
Bukit Peusar Circuit Motorcycle racing

The Games[edit]


The 2016 edition will feature more sports than the previous edition.[3] 44 sports and 12 demonstration sports will be held in various venues scattered around West Java.[4]

Demonstration Sports[edit]

Participating Provincial Sports Committees[edit]

Participating Provincial Sports Committees

Medal table[edit]

A total of 2501 medals—763 gold, 758 silver, and 980 bronze—were awarded to athletes.

  *   Host nation (West Java)

2016 Pekan Olahraga Nasional medal table
1 West Java*217157157531
2 East Java132138134404
3 Jakarta132124118374
4 Central Java325685173
5 East Kalimantan254173139
6 Bali20213576
7 Riau18262771
8 Papua17193268
9 North Sumatra16173366
10 Special Region of Yogyakarta16162557
11 West Sumatra14102044
12 South Sulawesi12232863
13 Banten11102647
14 West Nusa Tenggara11101839
15 Lampung1191636
16 South Kalimantan9101837
17 Aceh87924
18 East Nusa Tenggara77923
19 Riau Islands74718
20 Maluku (province)73919
21 South Sumatra6111431
22 West Kalimantan681630
23 Jambi662133
24 Southeast Sulawesi64414
25 West Papua421016
26 Central Kalimantan34411
27 North Kalimantan3036
28 Gorontalo2013
29 Bangka Belitung16411
30 North Maluku1124
31 North Sulawesi1089
32 Central Sulawesi04711
33 Bengkulu0224
34 West Sulawesi0011
Totals (34 provinces)7617569762493

Concerns and controversies[edit]

The Games were marred with controversies in the competition itself and other non-competition related aspects. At least 15 of the 44 sports contested faced problems involving unfair judging, intimidating supporters, or sudden change of rules.[5] Boycott from other provinces also occurred in judo[6] and synchronized swimming.[7]


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Pekan Olahraga Nasional Succeeded by
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