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The year 2016 is marked, in science fiction, by the following events.


Star Trek writer and actor Simon Pegg giving a Vulcan salute in 2016


Literary releases[edit]


Stories collections[edit]

Short stories[edit]



Denis Villeneuve directed Arrival, the most critically acclaimed sci-fi film of 2016

Original/new franchise[edit]

Sequels, spin-offs and remakes[edit]


Video games[edit]


Hugo Award[edit]

Nebula Award[edit]

Locus Award[edit]

Best Science Fiction Novel: Ancillary Mercy by Ann Leckie

Saturn Award[edit]

Grand Prix de l'Imaginaire Award[edit]

Prix Rosny-Aîné Award[edit]

BSFA Award[edit]

Sidewise Award for Alternate History[edit]

Arthur C. Clarke Award[edit]

Edward E. Smith Memorial Award[edit]


Seiun Award[edit]

Academy Award[edit]

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