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The 2017 AFC Cup qualifying play-offs were played from 30 January to 28 February 2017.[1] A total of 14 teams competed in the qualifying play-offs to decide five of the 34 places in the group stage of the 2017 AFC Cup.[2]


The following 14 teams, split into five zones (West Asia Zone, Central Asia Zone, South Asia Zone, ASEAN Zone, East Asia Zone), entered the qualifying play-offs, consisting of two rounds:[3][4][5]

  • 8 teams entered in the preliminary round.
  • 6 teams entered in the play-off round.

Originally 17 teams entered the qualifying play-offs (10 entered in the preliminary round, 7 entered in the play-off round) before the withdrawal of teams in the East Asia Zone.

Zone Teams entering in play-off round Teams entering in preliminary round
West Asia Zone
Central Asia Zone
South Asia Zone
East Asia Zone


In the qualifying play-offs, each tie was played on a home-and-away two-legged basis. The away goals rule, extra time (away goals would not apply in extra time) and penalty shoot-out were used to decide the winner if necessary (Regulations Article 9.3). The five winners of the play-off round advanced to the group stage to join the 29 direct entrants.[2]


The schedule of each round was as follows (W: West Asia Zone; C: Central Asia Zone; S: South Asia Zone; A: ASEAN Zone).[1]

Round W, A C, S
First leg Second leg First leg Second leg
Preliminary round Not played 31 January 2017 7 February 2017
Play-off round 30–31 January 2017 6–7 February 2017 21 February 2017 28 February 2017


The bracket of the qualifying play-offs for each zone was determined by the AFC based on the association ranking of each team, with the team from the higher-ranked association hosting the second leg. Teams from the same association in the ASEAN Zone could not be placed into the same play-off.[4]

Play-off West Asia[edit]

  Play-off round
State of Palestine Shabab Al-Khalil 2 1 3
Oman Al-Suwaiq 1 3 4

Play-off Central Asia[edit]

  Preliminary round Play-off round
Kyrgyzstan Dordoi 1 2 3  
Turkmenistan Balkan 1 1 2  
    Kyrgyzstan Dordoi 1 1 2
  Tajikistan Khosilot 0 1 1
Afghanistan Shaheen Asmayee 0 0 0
Tajikistan Khosilot 1 0 1  

Play-off South Asia[edit]

  Preliminary round Play-off round
Bhutan Thimphu City 0 0 0  
Maldives Club Valencia 0 3 3  
    Maldives Club Valencia 1 1 2
  India Mohun Bagan 1 4 5
Sri Lanka Colombo 1 1 2
India Mohun Bagan 2 2 4  

Play-off ASEAN 1[edit]

  Play-off round
Cambodia Phnom Penh Crown 3 0 3
Singapore Home United 4 3 7

Play-off ASEAN 2[edit]

  Play-off round
Cambodia Boeung Ket Angkor 1 1 2
Laos Lao Toyota 1 0 1

Play-off East Asia[edit]

The East Asia Zone qualifying play-offs were not played due to the withdrawal of teams.

Preliminary round[edit]

A total of 8 teams played in the preliminary round.

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd legl
Central Asia Zone
Shaheen Asmayee Afghanistan 0–1 Tajikistan Khosilot 0–1 0–0
Dordoi Kyrgyzstan 3–2 Turkmenistan Balkan 1–1 2–1
Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
South Asia Zone
Colombo Sri Lanka 2–4 India Mohun Bagan 1–2 1–2
Thimphu City Bhutan 0–3 Maldives Club Valencia 0–0 0–3

Central Asia Zone[edit]

Shaheen Asmayee Afghanistan0–1Tajikistan Khosilot
Khosilot Tajikistan0–0Afghanistan Shaheen Asmayee
Attendance: 6,000

Khosilot won 1–0 on aggregate.

Dordoi Kyrgyzstan1–1Turkmenistan Balkan
Attendance: 8,000
Balkan Turkmenistan1–2Kyrgyzstan Dordoi

Dordoi won 3–2 on aggregate.

South Asia Zone[edit]

Colombo Sri Lanka1–2India Mohun Bagan
Mohun Bagan India2–1Sri Lanka Colombo

Mohun Bagan won 4–2 on aggregate.

Thimphu City Bhutan0–0Maldives Club Valencia
Attendance: 4,200
Referee: Hanna Hattab (Syria)
Club Valencia Maldives3–0Bhutan Thimphu City

Club Valencia won 3–0 on aggregate.

Play-off round[edit]

A total of 10 teams played in the play-off round: 6 teams which entered in this round, and 4 winners of the preliminary round.

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
West Asia Zone
Shabab Al-Khalil State of Palestine 3–4 Oman Al-Suwaiq 2–1 1–3
Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Central Asia Zone
Dordoi Kyrgyzstan 2–1 Tajikistan Khosilot 1–0 1–1
Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
South Asia Zone
Club Valencia Maldives 2–5 India Mohun Bagan 1–1 1–4
Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Phnom Penh Crown Cambodia 3–7 Singapore Home United 3–4 0–3
Boeung Ket Angkor Cambodia 2–1 Laos Lao Toyota 1–1 1–0

West Asia Zone[edit]

Shabab Al-Khalil State of Palestine2–1Oman Al-Suwaiq
Al-Suwaiq Oman3–1State of Palestine Shabab Al-Khalil

Al-Suwaiq won 4–3 on aggregate.

Central Asia Zone[edit]

Dordoi Kyrgyzstan1–0Tajikistan Khosilot
Attendance: 2,500
Referee: Wang Di (China)
Khosilot Tajikistan1–1Kyrgyzstan Dordoi
Attendance: 7,000

Dordoi won 2–1 on aggregate.

South Asia Zone[edit]

Club Valencia Maldives1–1India Mohun Bagan
Mohun Bagan India4–1Maldives Club Valencia

Mohun Bagan won 5–2 on aggregate.

ASEAN Zone[edit]

Phnom Penh Crown Cambodia3–4Singapore Home United
Attendance: 1,700
Home United Singapore3–0Cambodia Phnom Penh Crown

Home United won 7–3 on aggregate.

Boeung Ket Angkor Cambodia1–1Laos Lao Toyota
Lao Toyota Laos0–1Cambodia Boeung Ket Angkor

Boeung Ket Angkor won 2–1 on aggregate.


  1. ^ a b c Rovers (Guam) and Taipower (Chinese Taipei) withdrew from the group stage after the draw, and Tatung (Chinese Taipei) withdrew from the qualifying play-offs,[6] and thus Kigwancha (North Korea) and Erchim (Mongolia) advanced directly from the play-off round and preliminary round respectively to the group stage to replace them, and only three teams competed in the East Asia Zone group stage, and the East Asia Zone qualifying play-offs were not played.
  2. ^ Teams from Afghanistan were not allowed to host their home matches in their country due to security reasons.[7]


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