2017 Albuquerque mayoral election

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Albuquerque mayoral election, 2017

← 2013 October 3 and November 14, 2017 2021 →
  Tim Keller.jpeg No image.svg
Candidate Tim Keller Dan Lewis
Party Democratic Republican
Popular vote 60,219 36,594
Percentage 62.2% 37.8%

Mayor before election

Richard J. Berry

Elected Mayor

Tim Keller

The 2017 Albuquerque mayoral election was a nonpartisan election, held on October 3, 2017, to choose the next mayor of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Richard J. Berry, the incumbent mayor, did not seek reelection. This was the first mayoral election in Albuquerque without an incumbent candidate in twenty years. All candidates ran on the same ballot. If no candidate reaches 50% of the vote, a runoff election is held between the top two finishers which was scheduled for November 14, 2017.[1]

The race was non-partisan (i.e., party affiliations do not appear on the ballot).[2] However, "although the election is nonpartisan, a candidate’s political affiliation obviously can play a role in the campaign."[1] In order to appear on the ballot, a candidate must collect 3,000 signatures from Albuquerque registered voters and submit them to the city clerk's office.[3]

The maximum allowed campaign contribution that may be given to a candidate is $5,193 per person or company, which is 5% of the mayor's salary.[4]

Alongside the mayoral election, five seats of the city council were up for re-election. Incumbent councillors Ken Sanchez (District 1), Klarissa Peña (District 3), Diane G. Gibson (District 7) and Don Harris (District 9) were re-elected. In District 5, Cynthia Borrego, who identifies as a Democrat, won the runoff against Robert Aragon, who ran as a Republican for State Auditor in 2014. The District 5 seat was vacated by Dan Lewis, who ran for mayor.

Primary election[edit]


Qualified for ballot

in alphabetical order


The following candidates announced, but it was unclear whether they submitted enough signatures to get on the ballot

Withdrew from race or did not make it on ballot


  • Richard J. Berry, incumbent mayor (Voter registration: Republican)[1]
  • Pete Dinelli (Voter registration: Democratic), former city councilor and local prosecutor, unsuccessful candidate for mayor in 2013 and 1989[10]
  • James Lewis, president of the Alumni Association of the University of New Mexico, former state treasurer[10]


Mayor of Albuquerque election results
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Tim Keller 38,156 39%
Republican Dan Lewis 22,238 23%
Democratic Brian Colon 15,884 16%
Republican Wayne Johnson 9,342 10%
Democratic Augustus "Gus" Pedrotty 6,638 7%
Independent Michelle Garcia Holmes 3,748 4%
Independent Susan Wheeler-Deichsel 490 1%
Republican Ricardo Chaves 475 0%
Total votes 96,971 100%

Runoff election[edit]



Poll source Date(s)
Margin of
Carroll Strategies October 4, 2017 - ± 4.1% 49.2% 36.4% 14.4%


Mayor of Albuquerque runoff election results, 2017
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Tim Keller 60,219 62.2%
Republican Dan Lewis 36,594 37.8%
Total votes 96,813 100%

Source: Bernalillo County, New Mexico County Clerk;[11]


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