2017 League of Legends World Championship

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League of Legends World Championship
Tournament information
Location China
DatesSeptember 23–November 4
Administrator(s)Riot Games
12 team double round-robin Play-in Stage
16 team double round-robin Group Stage
8 team single-elimination bracket[1]
Final positions
ChampionSouth Korea Samsung Galaxy (2nd title, 1st title after Galaxy White)
Runner-upSouth Korea SK Telecom T1
MVPSouth Korea Park "Ruler" Jae-hyuk (Samsung Galaxy)
← 2016
2018 →

The 2017 League of Legends World Championship was the seventh world championship for League of Legends, a video game developed by Riot Games. It was held from September 23 – November, 2017, in cities across China. Twenty four teams qualified for the tournament based on their placement in regional circuits such as those in North America, Europe, South Korea, and China, with twelve of those teams having to reach the group stage via a play-in round.

Samsung Galaxy secured their second championship win after defeating the three-time world champion SK Telecom T1, 3-0 in a best of five final series. They previously won the 2014 League of Legends World Championship. Park "Ruler" Jae-hyuk, the AD carry of Samsung, was named the MVP of the tournament for his outstanding performances.[3]

Against the Current and Jay Chou have collaborated with Riot Games to produce two exclusive song titled "Legends Never Die" and "Heroes" respectively for the tournament, while Alan Walker also produced his own remix of "Legends Never Die".

The 2017 Worlds has been widely praised for its ceremonial performances,[4][5] while receiving attention worldwide due to the high quality of the tournament, its multiple dramatic and emotional series,[6][7][8][9] and SK Telecom T1's tributary moments.[10][11] The finals gained a solid following of 60 million unique viewers, breaking 2016's viewer record.[12] A donation of US$2 million were also raised through the sales of Worlds 2017 Championship Ashe skin, reaching out to different charities and receiving commendations.[13] It is lauded as one of the best tournaments in League of Legends' history.[14]

Teams and qualifications[edit]

Based on the result of MSI and World Championship in 2 years before (2015-2016), all teams from South Korea (LCK) is started in group stage and Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau (LMS) is added one more team (from 2 teams in 2016 to 3 teams in 2017). With the ranking of 2017 Mid Season Invitational, Southeast Asia (GPL) has a directly slot in group stage for summer champion team and one more slot in Play-in stage for summer runner-up team, and summer champion team of North America (NA LCS) is dropped to pool 2.

Region League Path Start in Pool Teams ID
China LPL Summer Champion Group stage 1 China Edward Gaming EDG
Championship Points 2 China Royal Never Give Up RNG
Regional Finals Play-in stage 3 China Team WE WE
Europe EU LCS Summer Champion Group stage 1 European Union G2 Esports G2
Championship Points 2 European Union Misfits Gaming MSF
Regional Finals Play-in stage 3 European Union Fnatic FNC
North America NA LCS Summer Champion Group stage 2 United States Team SoloMid TSM
Championship Points United States Immortals IMT
Regional Finals Play-in stage 3 United States Cloud9 C9
South Korea LCK Summer Champion Group stage 1 South Korea Longzhu Gaming LZ
Championship Points 2 South Korea SK Telecom T1 SKT
Regional Finals South Korea Samsung Galaxy SSG

Hong Kong


LMS Summer Champion Group stage 1 Taiwan Flash Wolves FW
Championship Points 2 Taiwan ahq e-Sports Club AHQ
Regional Finals Play-in stage 3 Hong Kong Hong Kong Attitude HKA
Southeast Asia

(included Vietnam)

VCS►GPL Summer Champion Group stage 2 Vietnam GIGABYTE Marines GAM
Summer Runner-up Play-in stage 4 Vietnam Young Generation YG
Brazil CBLOL Summer Champion Brazil Team oNe Esports ONE
CIS LCL Russia Gambit Esports GMB
Turkey TCL Turkey 1907 Fenerbahçe eSports FB
Japan LJL 5 Japan Rampage RPG
Latin America North LLN Mexico Lyon Gaming LYN
Latin America South CLS Chile Kaos Latin Gamers KLG
Oceania OPL Australia Dire Wolves DW


Teams Players Coach
Top Jungle Mid ADC Support
China EDward Gaming China Mouse

China Audi (DNP)

China Clearlove7 South Korea Scout China iBoy China Meiko South Korea NoFe
China Royal Never Give Up China Letme China Mlxg

China Y1HAN (DNP)

China Xiaohu China Uzi China Ming Taiwan FireFox
China Team WE China 957 China Condi China xiye South Korea Mystic South Korea Ben

South Korea Zero (DNP)

South Korea Homme
European Union G2 Esports South Korea Expect South Korea Trick Croatia Perkz Denmark Zven Spain mithy

Denmark Hoang (DNP)

Netherlands YoungBuck
European Union Misfits Gaming United Kingdom Alphari United Kingdom Maxlore Germany PowerOfEvil France Hans Sama South Korea IgNar

Finland Hiiva (DNP)

United Arab Emirates Daku
European Union Fnatic France sOAZ Denmark Broxah Denmark Caps

Netherlands Special (DNP)

Sweden Rekkles Denmark Jesiz Canada Dylan Falco
North America
United States Team SoloMid United States Hauntzer Denmark Svenskeren Denmark Bjergsen United States Doublelift

Denmark MrRallez (DNP)

Canada Biofrost United States Parth
United States Immortals South Korea Flame United States Xmithie

Canada AnDa (DNP)

United States Pobelter Canada Cody Sun South Korea Olleh South Korea SSONG
United States Cloud9 South Korea Impact

South Korea Ray (DNP)

United States Contractz Denmark Jensen United States Sneaky Canada Smoothie South Korea Reapered
South Korea
South Korea Longzhu Gaming South Korea Khan

South Korea Rascal

South Korea Cuzz South Korea Bdd South Korea PraY South Korea GorillA South Korea Kim Jeong-soo
South Korea SK Telecom T1 South Korea Huni South Korea Peanut

South Korea Blank

South Korea Faker South Korea Bang South Korea Wolf South Korea kkOma
South Korea Samsung Galaxy South Korea CuVee South Korea Ambition

South Korea Haru

South Korea Crown South Korea Ruler South Korea CoreJJ South Korea Edgar
Taiwan - Hong Kong - Macau
Taiwan Flash Wolves Taiwan MMD

Taiwan Cyo (DNP)

Taiwan Karsa Taiwan Maple Taiwan Betty Taiwan SwordArT Taiwan Steak
Taiwan ahq e-Sports Club Taiwan Ziv Taiwan Mountain Taiwan Westdoor

Singapore Chawy

Taiwan AN Taiwan Albis Taiwan GreenTea
Hong Kong Hong Kong Attitude South Korea Riris Hong Kong Godkwai

Taiwan Gemini

Taiwan M1ssion Hong Kong Unified Hong Kong Kaiwing Hong Kong Tabe
Southeast Asia (included Vietnam)
Vietnam GIGABYTE Marines Vietnam Archie Vietnam Levi Vietnam Optimus Vietnam Noway Vietnam Nevan

Vietnam Sya

Vietnam Tinikun
Vietnam Young Generation Vietnam Ren

Vietnam NhocTy

Vietnam Venus Vietnam Naul Vietnam BigKoro Vietnam Palette Vietnam Koo
Brazil Team oNe Esports Brazil VVvert Brazil 4LaN Brazil Brucer

Brazil Marf

Brazil Absolut Brazil RedBert Brazil Neki
Commonwealth of Independent States
Russia Gambit Esports Ukraine PvPStejos Russia Diamondprox Ukraine Kira Latvia Blasting

Russia Tauren (DNP)

Armenia EDward Russia Invi
Turkey 1907 Fenerbahçe Turkey Thaldrin South Korea Crash (R)

South Korea WaenA (DNP)

South Korea Frozen Turkey padden Turkey Japone Turkey Pades
Japan Rampage Japan Evi South Korea Tussle

Japan TETE (DNP)

Japan Ramune Japan YutoriMoyasi South Korea Dara South Korea 34
Latin America North
Mexico Lyon Gaming Mexico Jirall Peru Oddie Mexico Seiya Argentina WhiteLotus

Mexico MarioMe (DNP)

Argentina Genthix Mexico Yeti
Latin America South
Chile Kaos Latin Gamers Uruguay MANTARRAYA Chile Tierwulf Chile Plugo Argentina Fix

Chile Focho (DNP)

Chile Slow Argentina Pierre
Australia Dire Wolves New Zealand Chippys Australia shernfire

Australia Rippii (DNP)

Australia Phantiks Australia k1ng Australia Destiny Australia Sharp


Four venues in four cities were selected for the tournament.[15]

Wuhan, China Guangzhou, China Shanghai, China Beijing, China
Wuhan Gymnasium Guangzhou Gymnasium Shanghai Oriental Sports Center Beijing National Stadium
Play in, Group Stage Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
Sep 23 – Oct 15 Oct 19 – Oct 22 Oct 28 – Oct 29 Nov 4
Wuhan-SE-DSCF1118 - Olympics Sports Center.JPG Guangzhou Gymnasium.JPG Shanghai Oriental Sports Center Indoor Arena.jpg Beijing national stadium.jpg

Play-in stage[edit]

Group A[edit]

# Team 1 2 3 W L ±
1 China Team WE 2–0 2–0 4 0 4
2 Mexico Lyon Gaming 0–2 2–0 2 2 0
3 Russia Gambit Esports 0–2 0–2 0 4 –4

Group B[edit]

# Team 1 2 3 W L ±
1 United States Cloud9 2–0 2–0 4 0 4
2 Brazil Team oNe Esports 0–2 2–1 2 3 –1
3 Australia Dire Wolves 0–2 1–2 1 4 –3

Group C[edit]

# Team 1 2 3 W L ±
1 European Union Fnatic 1–1 2–0 3 1 2
2 Vietnam Young Generation 1–1 1–1 2 2 0
3 Chile Kaos Latin Gamers 0–2 1–1 1 3 –2

Group D[edit]

# Team 1 2 3 W L ±
1 Turkey 1907 Fenerbahçe eSports 2–1 2–0 4 1 3
2 Hong Kong Hong Kong Attitude 1–2 2–0 3 2 1
3 Japan Rampage 0–2 0–2 0 4 –4


Match 1
China Team WE 3
Vietnam Young Generation 0
Match 2
United States Cloud9 3
Mexico Lyon Gaming 0
Match 3
European Union Fnatic 3
Hong Kong Hong Kong Attitude 0
Match 4
Turkey 1907 Fenerbahçe 3
Brazil Team oNe Esports 1

Group stage[edit]

Group A[edit]

# Team 1 2 3 4 W L ±
1 South Korea SK Telecom T1 2−0 1−1 2−0 5 1 4
2 United States Cloud9 0−2 2−0 1−1 3 3 0
3 Taiwan ahq e-Sports Club 1−1 0−2 1−1 2 4 −2
3 China EDward Gaming 0−2 1−1 1−1 2 4 −2

Group B[edit]

# Team 1 2 3 4 W L ±
1 South Korea Longzhu Gaming 2−0 2−0 2−0 6 0 6
2 European Union Fnatic 0−2 2−1 2−1 4 4 0
3 Vietnam Gigabyte Marines 0−2 1−2 1−1 2 5 −3
4 United States Immortals 0−2 1−2 1−1 2 5 −3

Group C[edit]

# Team 1 2 3 4 W L ±
1 China Royal Never Give Up 2−0 1−1 2−0 5 1 4
2 South Korea Samsung Galaxy 0−2 2−0 2−0 4 2 2
3 European Union G2 Esports 1−1 0−2 2−0 3 3 0
4 Turkey 1907 Fenerbahçe eSports 0−2 0−2 0−2 0 6 –6

Group D[edit]

# Team 1 2 3 4 W L ±
1 China Team WE 2−0 1−1 2−0 5 1 4
2 European Union Misfits Gaming 0−2 2−1 2−0 4 3 1
3 United States Team SoloMid 1−1 1−2 1−1 3 4 −1
4 Taiwan Flash Wolves 0−2 0−2 1−1 1 5 −4

Knockout stage[edit]


Interior of Beijing National Stadium, as used for the 2017 League of Legends World Championship finals.
Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
A1 South Korea SK Telecom T1 3
D2 European Union Misfits Gaming 2
South Korea SK Telecom T1 3
China Royal Never Give Up 2
C1 China Royal Never Give Up 3
B2 European Union Fnatic 1
South Korea SK Telecom T1 0
South Korea Samsung Galaxy 3
D1 China Team WE 3
A2 United States Cloud9 2
China Team WE 1
South Korea Samsung Galaxy 3
B1 South Korea Longzhu Gaming 0
C2 South Korea Samsung Galaxy 3

Final standings[edit]

The stage for the finals between SKT T1 and Samsung Galaxy
Final standings, 2017[16][17][18][19]
Places Team Prize (USD)
1st South Korea Samsung Galaxy $1,723,721
2nd South Korea SK Telecom T1 $620,539
3rd–4th China Royal Never Give Up $321,761
China Team WE
5–8th South Korea Longzhu Gaming $183,863
European Union Misfits Gaming
European Union Fnatic
United States Cloud9
9–11th United States Team SoloMid $103,423
European Union G2 Esports
Vietnam Gigabyte Marines
12–13th China Edward Gaming $80,440
Taiwan ahq e-Sports Club
14–16th Taiwan Flash Wolves $57,457
Turkey 1907 Fenerbahçe eSports
United States Immortals
17–20th Mexico Lyon Gaming $34,474
Hong Kong Hong Kong Attitude
Brazil Team oNe Esports
Vietnam Young Generation
21–24th Japan Rampage $22,982
Chile Kaos Latin Gamers
Australia Dire Wolves
Russia Gambit Esports
Total $4,596,578

League of Legends Live[edit]

League of Legends Live was held on the eve of the finals, November 3, in Beijing National Aquatics Center (or known as the Water Cube) to commemorate the tournament, featuring international artists and League of Legends community musicians. It featured performances of a wide variety of music from League of Legends, including Get Jinxed, hits from Pentakill, DJ Sona, Warsongs, Star Guardian, The Curse Of The Sad Mummy, medleys of a wide variety of Worlds and Champion themes, DJ and music producer Alan Walker, and many other tracks over the course of the 90-minute show.[20]

Reception of performances[edit]

During the opening ceremony of the finals, dancers were decked out in different masks, unified as the ground around them exploded with visual effects and colors. It was followed by Jay Chou's Worlds 2017 remix Hero performance, and a live version of Legends Never Die by Against the Current, with Chou playing the piano behind. An augmented reality dragon (modeled after the in-game Elder Drake) also flew and soared around the arena halfway through the performance, with a giant Summoner’s Cup rising from the grounds of the stadium at the same time, catching the stadium's audience and global fans by surprise. The closing ceremony featured Alan Walker performing his own remix of Legends Never Die, with Chrissy Costanza on the vocals.[21] The overall performances of the ceremony received widespread praises.[4][5]


The finals gained a solid following of 60 million unique viewers, breaking 2016's viewer record.[12] The tournament has been well-received yet shocking due to its multiple dramatic series, nerve-wrecking moments and entertaining plays.[7][8][9][6]

League of Legends fans raised over US$2 million for three different charities (BasicNeeds, Learning Equality, Raspberry Pi Foundation with the sales of the "Worlds 2017 Championship Ashe" skin. The donation received commendations for reaching out to people with mental health issues, giving financial support for educational purposes and assisting with various technology education programs.[13]

The loss of SK Telecom T1 in a 0-3 defeat, as well as Faker's emotional moment resulted in one of the greatest upsets in League of Legends' history, and have noticeably caught the attention of League of Legends' fans throughout the world, with many support and tributes given to the team and Faker for their success.[10][11]


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