2017 Mnet Asian Music Awards

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2017 Mnet Asian Music Awards
Mama 2017 logo.png
Date November 25 – December 1, 2017
Location Vietnam, Japan, Hong Kong
Hosted by Thu Minh (Vietnam)
Park Bo-gum (Japan)
Song Joong-ki (Hong Kong)
Website 2017mama.com
Television/radio coverage
Network Mnet, across CJ E&M channels and other international networks
Runtime Vietnam: 60 minutes (Red Carpet), 120 minutes (Main event)
Japan: 90 minutes (Red Carpet), 180 minutes (Main event)
Hong Kong: 90 minutes (Red Carpet), 240 minutes (Main event)

The 2017 Mnet Asian Music Awards ceremony, organized by CJ E&M through its music channel Mnet, took place from November 25 through December 1, 2017 (dubbed as "MAMA Week") in Vietnam, Japan and Hong Kong with the theme, "Coexistence". The ceremony will be the eighth consecutive Mnet Asian Music Awards to be hosted outside of South Korea, the 19th ceremony in the show's history, and the first ceremony to take place in three locations.

Nominees were announced on October 19, 2017 through the 2017 MAMA Nomination Special Live Broadcast aired on Mnet streamed nationally and globally.[1] According to media outlets, the 2017 MAMA's had 42 million tweets, surpassing the number of the previous year.[2]


Event Date City Country/Region Host Venue Ref.
MAMA Premiere in Vietnam November 25, 2017 Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam Thu Minh Hoa Binh Theatre [3]
MAMA in Japan November 29, 2017 Yokohama Japan Park Bo-gum Yokohama Arena [4]
MAMA Professional Categories November 30, 2017 Hong Kong Kim Young-chul, Shin A-young & Ji Sook W Hong Kong
MAMA in Hong Kong December 1, 2017 Song Joong-ki AsiaWorld–Expo [5]


Division Online Voting MAMA Professional Panel
(Local + Foreign)
Music Sales Record Sales
Artist of the Year Award Category by Artist* 30% 30% 30% 10%
Song of the Year Award Category by Genre** 20% 40% 30% 10%
Album of the Year 40% 60%
Special Prize*** 30% 70%
*Best New (M)ale/(F)emale Artist, Best M/F Artist, Best M/F Group
**Best Dance Performance (Solo/M/F Group), Best Vocal Performance (M/F/Group), Best HipHop & Urban Music, Best Band Performance, Best Collaboration, Best OST
***Best Music Video

Winners and nominees[edit]

Winners are listed first and highlighted in boldface.[6] Following the announcement of the nominees on October 19,[7] online voting opened on the official MAMA website and Mwave app and Qoo10 website and app on October 21. Voting ended on November 28, 2017.[8]

Qoo10 Artist of the Year
Qoo10 Album of the Year
Qoo10 Song of the Year
Best Music Video
Best Male Artist Best Female Artist
Best Male Group Best Female Group
Best Dance Performance – Male Group Best Dance Performance – Female Group
Best Dance Performance – Solo Best Collaboration
Best Vocal Performance – Female Best Vocal Performance – Male
Best Vocal Performance – Group Best OST
Best Band Performance Best HipHop & Urban Music
Best New Artist – Male Best New Artist – Female

Special Awards[edit]

Multiple wins[edit]

The following artist(s) received three or more wins:

Awards Artist(s)
Wanna One

Multiple nominations[edit]

All artists nominated is also present in the "daesang" categories. The following artist(s) received five or more nominations (excluding the special awards):

Nominations Artist(s)
Red Velvet
Wanna One

Presenters and performers[edit]

The following individuals and groups, listed in order of appearance, presented awards or performed musical numbers.

2017 MAMA Premiere in Vietnam[edit]


Name(s) Notes
Dustin Phuc Nguyen & Hari Won Red Carpet Hosts
Thu Minh Main Host
Duc Bao & Ai Phuong Supporting Hosts
Le Hieu & Pham Huong Presenter for Best Asian Artist (Indonesia)
Khac Hung & Angela Phuong Trinh Presenter for Best Asian Artist (Thailand)
Hua Vi Van & Diem My Presenter for Best of Next Award
Trinh Thang Binh & Hari Won Presenter for Favorite Vietnamese Artist Presented By Clear & Close up
Kang Tae-Oh & Chi Pu Presenter for Best Asian Artist (Singapore)
Quang Dung & Thanh Hang Presenter for Best Asian Artist (Vietnam)
Thu Minh Presenter for Worldwide Favorite Artist


Name(s) Performance(s) Notes
Tóc Tiên "Em không là duy nhất" & "I'm in Love"/"Ngày mai" "Guiding Star"
Lula "Mun Keu Kwahm Ruk" & "Rheung Tee Khor" "Lulaland"
Aisyah Aziz "Tanda Tanya" & "Mimpi" "World, Word"
Erik, Duc Phuc, & Hoa Minzy Mashup Love Songs "Better Together"
Samuel "Sixteen" & "Candy" "Realization of a Dream"
Agnez Mo "Coke Bottle", "Long As I Get Paid" & "Damn, I Love You" "Crush on You"
Wanna One "Intro + Energetic" & "Burn It Up" "Energetic Shock"
Seventeen "I Don't Know, Well", "Don't Wanna Cry", "Without You" & "Clap" "Show Never Ends"

2017 MAMA in Japan[edit]


Name(s) Notes
Jo Se-ho, Shin A-young & Ji Sook Red Carpet Hosts
Park Bo-gum Main Host
I.O.I Presenter for Best New Female Artist
Chu Sung-hoon, Lee Ho-jung & Chu Sa-rang Presenter for Best New Male Artist & Best Asian Style in Japan
Seo Kang-joon Presenter for "It's Showtime" Performance & Inspired Achievement
Fujii Mina Presenter for Best Of Next Award
Jo Se-ho & Fromis 9 Presenter for "Nine Promises" Performance & Best Dance Performance Group – Female
Sung Hoon & Lee Sun-bin Presenter for Best Concert Performer
Yano Shiho Presenter for Discovery of the Year
Harada Ryuuji & Ishida Nicole Presenter for Mwave Global Fans' Choice
Lim Ju-hwan & Kim So Hyun Presenter for Best Male Artist
Satoh Takeru Presenter for Best Dance Performance Group – Male
Yano Shiho Presenter for "Curious, Brillant, XOXO" Performance
BoA Presenter for Qoo10 Song of The Year
Park Bo-gum Closing remarks


Name(s) Performance(s) Notes
BoA "Girls On Top" & "CAMO" "Coexistence" – Opening Performance
Seventeen "No. 1"
TWICE "My Name"
BoA (w/ Hwang Min-hyun) "Only One"
Monsta X "Beautiful (2017 MAMA Mix Ver.)" & "Dramarama" "Flesh And Bone"
Weki Meki "Sugar High" & "I Don't Like Your Girlfriend" "It's Showtime"
Kim Chung-ha "Hand On Me" & "Why Don't You Know"
PRISTIN "We Are PRISTIN" & "Wee Woo"
Weki Meki, Kim Chung-ha, PRISTIN,
Idol School, Fromis 9 & AKB48
"Pick Me"
"Heavy Rotation" & "Koisuru Fortune Cookie (Fall In Love Fortune Cookie)"
Zico "Anti" & "Artist" "ZICO Prod. By ZICO"
Fromis 9 "Glass Shoes" "Nine Promises"
TWICE "TT", "Signal" & "Likey (2017 MAMA Mix Ver.)" "Dancing Like TWICE"
Wanna One "Intro + Energetic" & "Burn It Up: Prequel Mix" "Revolution"
Seventeen "Mansae" & "Clap" "Time Between Dog and Wolf"
NU'EST W "Where You At"
Seventeen & NU'EST W "Heaven"
Exo-CBX "Hey Mama!" & "Ka-CHING! (Remix Ver.)" "Curious, Brilliant, XOXO"

2017 MAMA in Hong Kong[edit]


Name(s) Notes
Kim Young-chul, Shin A-young & Ji Sook Red Carpet Hosts
Song Joong-ki Main Host
Kim Min Seok & Kim Sae-ron Presenter for Best HipHop & Urban Music & Best Band Performance
Kim Yoo-jung Presenter for Best Music Video
Ji Soo & Nam Joo-hyuk Presenter for Best Collaboration & Style In Music
Kwon Yul & Kim Jae-wook Presenter for Best Vocal Performance Solo & Best Dance Performance Solo
Lee Je-hoon Presenter for "Scene of Love" Performance
Jo Se-ho & Ahn Jae-hyun Presenter for Best Vocal Performance Group & New Asian Artist
Wong Cho-lam & Jo Bo-ah (with Jeong Se-woon) Presenter for Best Female Group & Best Asian Style In Hong Kong
Lee Honey Presenter for UNESCO & CJ Group “Bright Girls, Brighter Future!” Global Education Campaign & "Vivid Dream" Performance
Lee Beom-soo & Lee Chung-ah Presenter for Best OST & World Performer
Park Joo-mi Presenter for Best Asian Artist Mandarin & "The Empress Arrives" Performance
Lee Honey & Ahn Jae-hyun Presenter for Best Male Group
Song Joong-ki Presenter for "Beyond Wormhole" Performance
Song Ji-hyo & Yoon Kye-sang Presenter for Qoo10 Artist Of The Year
Lee Young-ae Presenter for Qoo10 Album Of The Year
Song Joong-ki Closing remarks


Name(s) Performance(s) Notes
Dynamic Duo & Chen "Nosedive" "Together" - Opening Performance
Dynamic Duo, Jackson Wang, Vernon, JooHeon, & Mark "1/n (2017 MAMA Remix Ver.)"
Sunmi & Taemin "Door", "Gashina" & "Move" "Fatal Temptation"
Heize "You, Clouds, Rain" & "Don't Know You" "2 Rooms"
Bolbbalgan4 "Say You Love Me" & "Some"
GOT7 "You Are" "Perfect 7 Days"
GOT7 & DAY6 "Never Ever (Rock Version)"
Hitchhiker "11" "Red City"
NCT 127 "The 7th Sense - Reverse" & "Cherry Bomb"
Hitchhiker, Taeyong & Seulgi "I Just & Around (Remix Ver.)"
Red Velvet "Peek-A-Boo" & "Red Flavor (Hitchhiker Remix Ver.)"
Hitchhiker, NCT 127 & Red Velvet "$10 (2017 MAMA Mix Ver.)"
Soyou "I Miss You" "Scene Of Love"
Chanyeol & Soyou "Stay With Me"
Ailee "I Will Go To You Like The First Snow"
Hyukoh "Wanli万里" "Eastern Wave"
EXO "The Eve", "Ko Ko Bop" & "Power (Remix Ver.)" "The Force Of The Planet"
Kai "I See You", "Kinetic"
Wanna One "Nothing Without You", "Beautiful", "Energetic (2017 MAMA Mix Ver.)" & "Pick Me" "Vivid Dream"
Karen Mok "Love Of My Life" "The Empress Arrives"
Super Junior "Black Suit" "Super Junior Rises"
BTS "Not Today", "DNA" & "MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)" "Beyond Wormhole"
RM, Suga & J-Hope "Cypher 4"


Illegal online votes[edit]

Voting officially started on October 21, however the official website experienced issues for the following two days. On November 2, MAMA "nullified" illegal votes they detected between October 26 and November 1 and halted voting from 4:00 am to 8:00 am. In addition, they announced that they "will take stronger measures against illegal voting if it continues, including nullifying the votes confirmed to be illegitimate, blocking the relevant IP addresses, and permanently deleting the relevant accounts."[9]


2017 MAMA Premiere in Vietnam[edit]

Country Network
South Korea Mnet
Vietnam tvBlue (Pre-recorded Broadcast)

2017 MAMA in Japan and Hong Kong[edit]

Country Network
South Korea Mnet, OnStyle, O'live, XTM
Japan Mnet Smart, Mnet Japan, VideoPass
United States Mnet America, Kcon.tv
Hong Kong ViuTV, ViuTVsix tvN Asia
Taiwan KKTV
Indonesia JOOX
Philippines Myx, KBO, iflix
Cambodia iflix
Sri Lanka
Indonesia Indosiar, Vidio


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