2017 World Championships in Athletics

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IAAF World Championships
London 2017
2017 World Championships in Athletics logo.png
Host city London, United Kingdom
Dates 5–13 August 2017
Main venue Olympic Stadium
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The sixteenth edition of the IAAF World Championships is scheduled to be held in August 2017 in London, United Kingdom. London was officially awarded the Championships by the IAAF, in Monaco on 11 November 2011.[1] This championship is to be sprinter Usain Bolt's last.

Bidding process[edit]

When the seeking deadline passed on 1 September 2011, two candidate cities (London and Doha) had confirmed their candidatures.[2] Barcelona, which investigated a bid, withdrew citing a lack of support from the local population and financial difficulties.[3] IAAF Evaluation Commission will evaluate the bids of the two cities. The commission visited London on 2 October before departing for Doha on 4 October and staying there until 6 October with the final announcement of the winner on 11 November 2011.[4] On 11 November 2011, the winner was officially announced as London.


On 5 September 2011 Doha launched its marketing bid for the 2017 World Championships.[5] The slogan of the bid was "The RIGHT PARTNER for a stronger World Championships." The bid was led by Abdullah Al Zaini and Aphrodite Moschoudi. Moschoudi successfully led Qatar's bid for the 2015 Handball World Championships. Doha also brought in Brian Roe, a member of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) Technical Committee. The bid was for the championships to be held in the renovated, climate-controlled Khalifa Stadium.[6] The Corniche prominade was to hold the road races, with the committee proposing to hold the marathon at night after the opening ceremony.[7]


On 6 September 2011, London unveiled its bid for the 2017 championships with the slogan "Ready to break records." This was London's fourth bid in less than 15 years to host the event.[8][9] The London bid team said that if their bid was successful they would introduce the "Women in World Athletics" programme.[10]


The championships will be held in the former Olympic Stadium in Stratford, London, which has a capacity of 60,000.

The Olympic Stadium in 2012

Media coverage[edit]

Rights to televise the championships in the United Kingdom belong to the BBC.[11] In the United States, NBCUniversal holds rights to the event.[12][13]

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