2017 World Championships in Athletics – Men's 50 kilometres walk

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Men's 50 kilometres walk
at the 2017 World Championships
VenueOlympic Stadium
Dates13 August (final)
Competitors48 from 27 nations
Winning time3:33:12
gold medal    France
silver medal    Japan
bronze medal    Japan
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The men's 50 kilometres walk at the 2017 World Championships in Athletics was held on a two kilometre course comprising lengths of The Mall between Buckingham Palace and Admiralty Arch on 13 August.[1][2]


Four days before the event, three time World Championship medallist, Australia's Jared Tallent was forced to withdraw from the event due to a hamstring injury.[3]

From the start, world record holder, 39 year old Yohann Diniz (FRA) walked with a sense of purpose. Save a silver medal in 2007, the World Championships had resulted in disqualifications and failure for him as had the Olympics. On this course in 2012, Diniz became disoriented and was left by the lead pack lying on the ground after he tripped over a barricade.

From the gun, Diniz walked at his own pace at the front of the pack. He had to make a quick, unplanned pit stop before the 5k mark which brought him back to the pack of some 20 competitors, but really only Horacio Nava (MEX) was able to stay with him for a short while. Again Diniz set sail solo and continued building his lead. 41 seconds at 10k, 1:32 at 15k, 2:10 at 20k, 2:59 by halfway.[4] Reminiscent of last year's Olympics, would his huge lead evaporate into another catastrophe?

Chasing Diniz was a pack of podium suitors that stayed together with individuals falling off the back. By half way it was down to seven, with two Ecudorians; Claudio Villanueva and Andrés Chocho; two Japanese Hirooki Arai and Kai Kobayashi; Aleksi Ojala (FIN); Evan Dunfee (CAN); and Yu Wei (CHN). That group stayed together past 35k, where Diniz had a 4:21 lead. At 36k, the two Japanese teammates took off on their own. In the next 4k, they put 27 seconds on the next challenger Dunfee, while Chocho was disqualified for form violation and asked off the course.

Diniz did not suffer a catastrophe. By the last 2k loop, he had lapped everybody but the two Japanese pursuers. Like his world record three years earlier, Diniz spent the last lap celebrating; tying a French flag around his neck like a bandana, slapping hands with the spectators in the front row. He held the French flag above his head as he crossed the finish line. The two Japanese worked together to keep up the pace, the more experienced Arai finally taking a slight lead for silver, 8:05 behind Diniz. It was the second fastest 50k racewalk of all time, only behind Diniz' world record and the largest margin of victory in World Championship history.[5]


Before the competition records were as follows:[6]

Record Perf. Athlete Nat. Date Location
World 3:32:33 Yohann Diniz  FRA 15 Aug 2014 Zürich, Switzerland
Championship 3:36:03 Robert Korzeniowski  POL 27 Aug 2003 Saint-Denis, France
World leading 3:43:05 Dementiy Cheparev  RUS 10 Jun 2017 Cheboksary, Russia
African 3:54:12 Marc Mundell  RSA 13 Dec 2015 Melbourne, Australia
Asian 3:36:06 Yu Chaohong  CHN 22 Oct 2005 Nanjing, China
NACAC 3:41:09 Erick Barrondo  GUA 23 Mar 2013 Dudince, Slovakia
South American 3:42:57 Andrés Chocho  ECU 6 Mar 2016 Ciudad Juárez, Mexico
European 3:32:33 Yohann Diniz  FRA 15 Aug 2014 Zürich, Switzerland
Oceanian 3:35:47 Nathan Deakes  AUS 2 Dec 2006 Geelong, Australia

The following records were set at the competition:[7]

Record Perf. Athlete Nat. Date
Championship 3:33:12 Yohann Diniz  FRA 13 Aug 2017
World leading
New Zealand 3:46:29 Quentin Rew  NZL
Hungarian 3:43:56 Máté Helebrandt  HUN

Qualification standard[edit]

The standard to qualify automatically for entry was 4:06:00.[8]


The final took place on 13 August at 07:46. The results were as follows:[9]

Rank Name Nationality Time Notes
1st, gold medalist(s) Yohann Diniz  France (FRA) 3:33:12 CR
2nd, silver medalist(s) Hirooki Arai  Japan (JPN) 3:41:17 SB
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Kai Kobayashi  Japan (JPN) 3:41:19 PB
4 Ihor Hlavan  Ukraine (UKR) 3:41:42 SB
5 Satoshi Maruo  Japan (JPN) 3:43:03 PB
6 Máté Helebrandt  Hungary (HUN) 3:43:56 NR
7 Rafał Augustyn  Poland (POL) 3:44:18 SB
8 Robert Heffernan  Ireland (IRL) 3:44:41 SB
9 Marco De Luca  Italy (ITA) 3:45:02 SB
10 Carl Dohmann  Germany (GER) 3:45:21 PB
11 João Vieira  Portugal (POR) 3:45:28 SB
12 Quentin Rew  New Zealand (NZL) 3:46:29 NR
13 Karl Junghannß  Germany (GER) 3:47:01 PB
14 Aleksi Ojala  Finland (FIN) 3:47:20 SB
15 Evan Dunfee  Canada (CAN) 3:47:36
16 Horacio Nava  Mexico (MEX) 3:47:53 SB
17 José Ignacio Díaz  Spain (ESP) 3:48:08 PB
18 Claudio Villanueva  Ecuador (ECU) 3:49:27 PB
19 Ivan Banzeruk  Ukraine (UKR) 3:49:49
20 Jorge Armando Ruiz  Colombia (COL) 3:50:37 PB
21 José Leyver Ojeda  Mexico (MEX) 3:51:17
22 Rafał Fedaczyński  Poland (POL) 3:52:11
23 Jarkko Kinnunen  Finland (FIN) 3:55:44 SB
24 Adrian Błocki  Poland (POL) 3:55:49
25 Mathieu Bilodeau  Canada (CAN) 3:56:54 SB
26 Francisco Arcilla  Spain (ESP) 3:57:27
27 Marian Zakalnytstyi  Ukraine (UKR) 3:57:29
28 Anders Hansson  Sweden (SWE) 3:58:00 PB
29 Park Chil-sung  South Korea (KOR) 3:59:46 SB
30 Niu Wenbin  China (CHN) 4:01:35
31 Narcis Ștefan Mihăilă  Romania (ROM) 4:02:27 PB
32 Pedro Isidro  Portugal (POR) 4:02:30
33 Ronald Quispe  Bolivia (BOL) 4:08.22 SB
Michele Antonelli  Italy (ITA) DNF
Luis Fernando López  Colombia (COL)
Dušan Majdán  Slovakia (SVK)
Arturas Mastianica  Lithuania (LTU)
Iván Pajuelo  Spain (ESP)
Yu Wei  China (CHN)
Edward Araya  Chile (CHI) DQ 230.6(a)
Andrés Chocho  Ecuador (ECU)
Alejandro Francisco Flórez  Switzerland (SUI)
Håvard Haukenes  Norway (NOR)
Dominic King  Great Britain & N.I. (GBR)
Aku Partanen  Finland (FIN)
Florin Alin Știrbu  Romania (ROM)
Omar Zepeda  Mexico (MEX)
Brendan Boyce  Ireland (IRL) DNS


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