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X World Games
X Światowe Igrzyska
Wroclaw 2017.png
Host cityWrocław, Poland
Nations participating102
Athletes participating3,214
Events199 + 20 invitationals
Opening ceremony20 July
Closing ceremony30 July
Officially opened byThomas Bach
President of the IOC
Main venueStadion Miejski
Sport climbing during World Games in Wrocław.

The 2017 World Games (Polish: Igrzyska Światowe 2017), commonly known as Wrocław 2017, was the tenth World Games, a major international multi-sport event, meant for sports, or disciplines or events within a sport, that were not contested in the Olympic Games, held from 20 to 30 July 2017 in Wrocław, Poland. The World Games were organized by the Wrocław Organizing Committee. Wrocław was selected as the host city in January 2012 in Lausanne, over Budapest, Hungary. It was the first time The World Games was organised in Poland.

Wrocław was the sixth city in Europe after London (1985), Karlsruhe (1989), The Hague (1993), Lahti (1997) and Duisburg (2005) to host The World Games.

A total of 201 events in 27 official sport disciplines were held during the Games. This is the first time that floorball, women's lacrosse, and Muay Thai have been included in The World Games as official sports. Also, a total of 21 events in 4 invitational sports, American football, indoor rowing, kickboxing, and motorcycle speedway were held during the Games.

Host selection[edit]

Location of Wrocław, the host city.

Four cities expressed interest in hosting the 2017 Games. After examination of the files, the application of Genoa, Italy was not brought to the next step. The candidate cities were announced by the IWGA in August 2011:[1]

Just a few days before the awarding ceremony, Cape Town withdrew its bid for financial reasons.[2] The final decision was announced by Ron Froehlich, President of the International World Games Association, on 12 January 2012 in Lausanne. The 10th edition of The World Games was awarded to Wrocław.[3]


West Cluster[edit]

Stadion Miejski, during UEFA Euro 2012

The West Cluster was the main clusters of the games, include the opening ceremony venue, Stadion Miejski, the venue of the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship in Poland and Ukraine.

Central Cluster[edit]

National Forum of Music in Wrocław
  • National Forum of Music – closing ceremony, powerlifting, 1,800 spectators
  • Nowy Targ Square – orienteering, sport climbing
  • Sky Tower Housed – bowling
  • Hasta la Vista Sport Club – Squash

East Cluster[edit]

The interior of the Centennial Hall
  • Centennial Hall – acrobatic gymnastic, aerobic gymnastics, dancesport, rhythmic gymnastics, trampoline gymnastics, Tumbling, 10,000 spectators
  • Wroclaw Congress Center – billiards
  • Pergola Centennial Hall – archery, boules sports, orienteering, 10,000 spectators
  • Olympic Stadium – American football, motorcycle speedway, 35,000 spectators
  • University of Physical Education – tug of war
  • Marsowe Fields – tug of war
  • P5 Complex – beach handball, flying disc
  • WKK Sport Center – floorball, korfball
  • Sport Complex GEM – ju-jitsu, karate
  • Olawka Stadium – fistball, lacrosse

Outside Wrocław[edit]

  • Szymanów Airport, Szymanów – air sports
  • Trzebnica Beech Forest, Trzebnica – orienteering
  • Świdnica Icerink, Świdnica – artistic roller skating, inline hockey
  • Laskowice Sport Complex, Jelcz-Laskowice – indoor rowing

The events[edit]

Opening ceremony[edit]

The opening ceremony took place in the Stadion Miejski on 20 July 2017. Artistic conception of the opening Ceremony was implemented by Polish director and TV producer, Krzysztof Materna, who was responsible for the direction of the show, scenario details, artistry, choreography, composition, sound system specialties and all special effects of the ceremony.[4]

The ceremony highlighted aspects of Polish culture and featured the popular singer, Dawid Kwiatkowski, and Radzimir Dębski, Kamil Bednarek, and Steve Nash alongside the Turntable Orchestra. The Games were officially opened by President of International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach.[5]


The 2017 World Games programme featured 27 official sports, and 4 invitational sports encompassing 219 events. This was the first time that floorball, women's lacrosse, and Muay Thai were included in the World Games as official sports, and the first time indoor rowing, kickboxing and motorcycle speedway were included as invitational sports. The numbers in parentheses indicate the number of medal events contested in each sports discipline.

AD: Artistic and Dance sports
B: Ball sports
I: Invitational sports, selected by the host city
M: Martial arts
P: Precision sports
S: Strength sports
T: Trend sports

Participating nations[edit]

Participating National Olympic Committees

Closing ceremony[edit]

The closing ceremony was held on 30 July 2017 at Wolności Square near the National Forum of Music in Wrocław.


OC Opening ceremony Event competitions 1 Gold medal events CC Closing ceremony
July 20
Ceremonies OC CC
Gymnastics (acrobatic) pictogram.svg Acrobatic gymnastics 2 1 2 5
Gymnastics (aerobic) pictogram.svg Aerobic gymnastics 2 3 5
Paragliding pictogram.svg Air sports 1 2 3
Archery pictogram.svg Archery 2 2 3 7
Artistic roller skating pictogram.svg Artistic roller skating 4 4
Beach handball pictogram.svg Beach handball 2 2
Billiards pictogram.svg Billiard sports 1 3 4
Boules sports pictogram.svg Boules sports 12 12
Bowling pictogram.svg Bowling 1 1 1 1 4
Canoe polo pictogram.svg Canoe polo 2 2
DanceSport pictogram.svg Dancesport 2 2 4
Finswimming pictogram.svg Finswimming 7 7 14
Fistball pictogram.svg Fistball 1 1
Floorball pictogram.svg Floorball 1 1
Flying disc pictogram.svg Flying disc 1 1
Inline hockey pictogram.svg Inline hockey 1 1
Judo pictogram.svg Ju-jitsu 12 10 22
Karate pictogram.svg Karate 6 6 12
Korfball pictogram.svg Korfball 1 1
Lacrosse pictogram.svg Lacrosse 1 1
Lifesaving pictogram.svg Lifesaving 8 8 16
Muay Thai pictogram.svg Muay Thai 11 11
Orienteering pictogram.svg Orienteering 2 2 1 5
Weightlifting pictogram.svg Powerlifting 3 3 2 8
Gymnastics (rhythmic) pictogram.svg Rhythmic gymnastics 2 2 4
Inline speed skating pictogram.svg Road speed skating 4 4 8
Sport climbing pictogram.svg Sport climbing 2 2 2 6
Squash pictogram.svg Squash 2 2
Sumo pictogram.svg Sumo 4 2 6
Inline speed skating pictogram.svg Track speed skating 2 4 4 10
Gymnastics (trampoline) pictogram.svg Trampoline gymnastics 1 2 3 6
Tug of war pictogram.svg Tug of war 2 1 3
Water skiing pictogram.svg Waterskiing 4 4 8
Daily medal events 24 34 16 21 23 18 5 18 18 22 199
Cumulative total 24 58 74 95 118 136 141 159 177 199
American football pictogram.svg American football1 1 1
Indoor rowing pictogram.svg Indoor rowing1 4 2 6
Kickboxing pictogram.svg Kickboxing1 12 12
Motorcycle pictogram.svg Speedway1 1 1
Daily medal events 1 0 4 14 0 1 0 20
Cumulative total 1 1 5 19 19 20 20
July 20

1 Invitational sports selected by the host organizing committee

Medal table[edit]

Medal design[edit]

Wrocław's medal design was unveiled in July 2017. The official sports medals were a diameter of eight centimetres, larger than the invitation sports medals which were a diameter of six centimetres. The face of the medals features The World Games logo, while the reverse displays original work by Professor Mateusz Dworski. In the centre of the medal is a globe containing the image of the Wrocław City Hall building. The medals were designed by Dworski, a lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, and were produced by the Polish National Mint.[7]

This is the table of the medal count of the 2017 World Games, based on the medal count of the International World Games Committee (IWGA). These rankings sort by the number of gold medals, earned by a National Olympic Committee (NOC). The number of silver medals is taken into consideration next and then the number of bronze medals. If, after the above, countries are still tied, equal ranking is given and they are listed alphabetically by IWGA Country Code. Although this information is provided by the IWGA, the IWGA itself does not recognize or endorse any ranking system.

Official sports[edit]

The final medal table:[8]

  *   Host nation (Poland)

1 Russia (RUS)28211463
2 Germany (GER)17101441
3 Italy (ITA)16131342
4 France (FRA)14141543
5 Ukraine (UKR)107926
6 Colombia (COL)911121
7 Japan (JPN)96722
8 China (CHN)87520
9 United States (USA)710522
10 Belgium (BEL)79824
11 Hungary (HUN)64414
12 Denmark (DEN)6006
13 Poland (POL)*56920
14 Belarus (BLR)42511
 Sweden (SWE)42511
16 Brazil (BRA)4228
17 Switzerland (SUI)38314
18 South Korea (KOR)36312
19 Australia (AUS)35614
20 Thailand (THA)35210
21 Spain (ESP)34714
22 Great Britain (GBR)34411
23 Argentina (ARG)3126
24 Iran (IRI)28111
25 Netherlands (NED)2226
26 Czech Republic (CZE)2147
27 Austria (AUT)2125
28 Chinese Taipei (TPE)1438
29 Canada (CAN)1326
30 Mexico (MEX)1135
31 Chile (CHI)1124
32 Mongolia (MGL)1113
 United Arab Emirates (UAE)1113
34 Azerbaijan (AZE)1102
35 Turkey (TUR)1034
36 Kazakhstan (KAZ)1023
37 Morocco (MAR)1012
 Peru (PER)1012
39 Algeria (ALG)1001
 Moldova (MDA)1001
 Philippines (PHI)1001
 Serbia (SRB)1001
 Vietnam (VIE)1001
44 Slovenia (SLO)0426
45 Venezuela (VEN)0336
46 Croatia (CRO)0213
 Egypt (EGY)0213
48 Israel (ISR)0156
49 Finland (FIN)0123
50 Hong Kong (HKG)0112
 Romania (ROU)0112
52 Greece (GRE)0101
 Jordan (JOR)0101
 San Marino (SMR)0101
55 Portugal (POR)0033
56 New Zealand (NZL)0022
57 Dominican Republic (DOM)0011
 Lithuania (LTU)0011
 Malaysia (MAS)0011
 Montenegro (MNE)0011
 Qatar (QAT)0011
 Slovakia (SVK)0011
 South Africa (RSA)0011
Totals (63 nations)199199199597

Invitation sports[edit]

  *   Host nation (Poland)

1 Ukraine (UKR)5207
2 Poland (POL)*43310
3 Serbia (SRB)2204
4 Russia (RUS)2013
5 France (FRA)2002
6 Austria (AUT)1113
7 Germany (GER)1102
 Turkey (TUR)1102
9 Czech Republic (CZE)1001
 Netherlands (NED)1001
11 Bulgaria (BUL)0202
 Great Britain (GBR)0202
13 Sweden (SWE)0123
14 Slovakia (SVK)0112
15 Australia (AUS)0101
 Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH)0101
 Canada (CAN)0101
 Mexico (MEX)0101
19 Thailand (THA)0022
 United States (USA)0022
21 Belarus (BLR)0011
 China (CHN)0011
 Croatia (CRO)0011
 Hungary (HUN)0011
 Iran (IRI)0011
 Israel (ISR)0011
 Moldova (MDA)0011
 Morocco (MAR)0011
Totals (28 nations)20202060


Olympic Channel [9]



The official mascots of the 2017 World Games are a boy and a girl named 'Hansel and Gretel', named after the popular fairy tale and townhouses in Wroclaw. The duo were selected from a nationwide voting in February 2015, and were chosen in November 2015. They symbolise Wroclaw as a place of positive meetings.


Sponsors of the 2017 World Games


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