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Events in the year 2017 in Brazil.






  • March 7 -- Economic figures released showing that the Brazilian economy shrank 3.6% in 2016.[15]
  • March 16 – SpaceX successfully launches the EchoStar 23 satellite, a Direct-to-home television broadcast services for Brazil, into a geosynchronous transfer orbit, using the fully expendable version of their Falcon 9 launch vehicle.[16]
  • March 17
  • March 25 – China, Chile and Egypt lift their bans on importing meat from Brazil.[19]


  • April 5 - Former Rio state Secretary of Heath Sérgio Côrtes charged with two other people with obstruction of justice for trying to get former under-secretary Cesar Romero to change his testimony in an Operation Car Wash investigation[20]
  • April 13 – A former Odebrecht executive, jailed for bribery, says that Michel Temer was involved in a scheme to funnel a $40million dollar illegal campaign contribution to his party's campaign fund. Temer denies this.[21]
  • April 17 – A federal judge orders Petrobras to suspend the sale to Norway's Statoil of its stake in an offshore prospect, in response to the National Federation of Oil Workers' petition there should have been an open bidding process for this transaction.[22]
  • April 25 – In Paraguay around 50 armed men allegedly belonging to the Brazil-based First Capital Command, storm a security vault and police headquarters in Ciudad del Este, escaping with around $6 million in a daring cross-border raid.[23]
  • April 28
    • A nationwide general strike takes place against cuts to social security benefits and changes to labour laws by Michel Temer's government, including plans to raise the retirement age to 65.[24] This is the first general strike in Brazil in twenty years.[25][26][27]
    • Rocha Loures was filmed leaving a pizzeria with 500,000 reis in a carry-on he had received from one of Joesley Batista's executives.[28]
    • Eike Batista released from prison pending trial by Supreme Court justice Gilmar Mendes. Batista had been charged with making $16.5 million in bribes to the former governor of Rio de Janeiro state.[29]



  • June 6 – Superior Electoral Court (TSE) reopened the illegal campaign funding case against President Michel Temer, the vice presidential candidate on former President Dilma Rousseff's ticket in 2014. Temer became president in August 2016 when Rousseff was impeached, and could be unseated if the court annuls the Rousseff–Temer election victory.[37]
  • June 7 - TSE heard a motion on the admissibility of new allegations made in plea bargain testimony by construction company Odebrecht about illegal campaign contributions to the political ticket shared by then-president Dilma Rousseff and then-vice president Michel Temer, who replaced her after her impeachment.[38]
  • June 9
    • TSE votes 4–3 to reject campaign finance case against Temer which had also implicated Rousseff as his running mate.[39]
  • June 13 - Sergio Cabral Filho, governor of the state of Rio de Janeiro 2007-2014, was sentenced to 14 years and two months in prison for corruption and money laundering in a scheme involving kickbacks for construction contracts such as a Rio petrochemical plant. Former Rio interior minister Wilson Carlos Carvalho, described as Cabral's right hand, was also found guilty and sentenced to ten years. Judge Sérgio Moro said there was not enough evidence to convict Cabral's wife, Adriana Ancelmo.[40]
  • June 21
    • reports surfaced of a Temer administration plan to lift restrictions on foreign mining company operations within a 150-mile zone of the country's border.[41]
    • DataPoder puts Temer approval rating at 2%.[42]
  • June 27
  • June 29 - Ipsos Institute poll puts Temer disapproval rating at 93%.[45]


  • July 4 - Temer's government introduces a legislative initiative described as labor reform.[46]
  • July 11 -Temer signs MP 759 into law, making significant changes to Brazilian land and agrarian reform policies that environmentalists say threaten to worsen deforestation and a massive asset transfer to large landowners.[47]
  • July 12 – Judge Sérgio Moro sentences former Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva after finding him guilty on corruption and money laundering charges in connection with the Petrobras investigation. Lula, who remains free on appeal, is sentenced to nine and a half years in prison.[48][49]
  • July 25 - Temer appointed Sérgio Sá Leitão (pt) minister of culture.
  • July 27 - Transparency NGO Contas Abertas (Open Accounts) said Temer had spent 4.2 billion reais ($1.33 billion) since June, compared to 100 million reais in January through May, in advance of a vote in the lower house on corruption charges that could remove him from office.[50]


  • August 3 – In association football, Paris Saint-Germain sign Neymar from FC Barcelona for a world-record transfer fee of 222 million (£200 million, US$264 million).[51]
  • August 6 - Police and soldiers raid five poor suburbs of Rio de Janeiro looking for those responsible for a string of truck hijackings.[52]
  • August 11
    • Sérgio Côrtes, former Secretary of Health in Rio de Janeiro state, said in court that $3 million US had been deposited for his use in a Swiss bank account in connection with an overbilling scheme involving protheses at a Rio trauma center.[53]
    • Petrobras discovered "oil accumulation in the Campos basin's pre-salt layer, in the area of Marlim Sul field."[54]
  • August 16 - Justice Minister Torquato Jardim said at a conference that Brazil's informal economy accounted for 16% of its gross domestic product.[55]
  • August 21 – Temer government announces plans to privatize Electrobras, the Petrobras subsidiary that produces 40% of Brazil's electroicity.[56]
  • August 22 – The passenger ship Comandante Ribeiro sinks in the Xingu River near Porto de Moz with the loss of at least ten lives.[57]
  • August 23 - News emerged that Michel Temer had abolished the protected status of a huge piece of land in the remote northern Amazon known as the National Reserve of Copper and Associates (Renca).[58]
  • August 25 – President Michel Temer abolishes the 46,000 km2 National Reserve of Copper and Associates (Renca) ecological reserve, which spans the borders of Amapá and Pará states in northern Brazil. More than 20 domestic and multinational firms have expressed an interest in accessing the area's deposits of gold, copper, tantalum, iron ore, nickel and manganese.[59]
  • August 29 - issued an injunction against the revocation of Renca, saying that Michel Temer had exceeded his authority and that the area's ecological protections could only be undertaken by the legislative branch.[60]


  • September 6 - Prosecutors file corruption charges in connection with Operation Carwash against ex-presidents Dilma Rousseff and Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, better known as Lula. It was the first time allegations had been made against Rousseff. Lula had previously been charged in connection with a beach house that prosecutors say was a bribe.[61]
  • September 8 – Prosecutor Rodrigo Janot files charges in the Supreme Court against officials in President Michel Temer's Brazilian Democratic Movement Party accusing them of forming a criminal organization.[62]
  • September 10 - Fundação Nacional do Índio (Funai), the Brazilian agency for indigenous people, charged that a group of miners had boasted of killing as many as ten members of an uncontacted tribe.[63]
  • September 11
    • Authorities investigated the reported murder of ten members of an Amazonian tribe in the Javari Valley.[64]
    • Brazilian prosecutors announced a joint investigation with Venezuela of a scheme in which Venezuelan government agency PDVSA overpaid for agricultural equipment from Brazil's America Trading by $64 million. Investigators said that most of the payments wound up in accounts in Panama, Switzerland and the United States.[65]
  • September 15 - Additional corruption charges are filed against Michel Temer in relation to illegal campaign contributions from JBS S.A.[66]
  • September 16 - Brazil imposed a 20% tariff on imports of US ethanol.[67]
  • September 28 - Brazil auctions oil leases, raising more than one billion dollars.[68]




  • Standard and Poor's reduces Brazil's credit rating from BB to BB-.[80]
  • December 6 - Alleged Rio de Janeiro drug lord Avelino da Silva, known as Rogério 157, arrested in Arará following more than 20 deaths and 14 injuries in Rocinha.[81]
  • December 12
    • the Brazilian Social Democracy Party (PSDB) selected Geraldo Alckmin as its presidential candidate in the upcoming 2018 general election.
    • Charges were filed in the 10th Federal Court in Brasilia against Rodrigo Santos da Rocha Loures (pt) of accepting a bribe as an aide to Michel Temer. Rocha Loures had been filmed leaving a São Paulo pizzeria with a bag containing 500,000 reis which was, according to prosecutors, supposed to be a down payment on a R38 million to be paid over nine months. Temer had been charged as well but the Chamber of Deputies voted against allowing the Supreme Court to try the charge. Prosecution of Temer on that charge thereupon could not proceed until he left office. This filing represented a move forward in a criminal case against Rocha Lourdes.[82]
  • December 15 - Ecudadorean vice-president Jorge Glas was sentenced to six years in prison for taking $13.5 million from Brazilian conglomerate Odebrecht.[83]
  • December 19 - Marcelo Odebrecht released from prison after two and a half years. Seven years of his reduced sentence remained but he'd been greenlighted to serve the remainder of his sentence at his luxury home in São Paulo. Originally sentenced to 9 years, Odebrecht's sentence was reduced in return for his cooperation in Operation Car Wash.[84]
  • December 28 - Brazilian Supreme Court chief justice Cármen Lúcia upheld the appeal of chief prosecutor Raquel Dodge against Temer's Christmas pardon, which he had expanded to cover first offenders with convictions for non-violent crimes who had served at least one fifth of their sentence. Corncerns had been expressed that the change was intended to benefit politicians convicted under the Operation Car Wash investigation.[85]

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