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Cape Verde

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Timeline of Cabo Verdean history

The following lists events that happened during 2017 in Cape Verde.



  • April: Binter Cabo Verde began flights between Nelson Mandela International Airport in Praia, Santiago and São Filipe Airport in Fogo
  • June 1: Construction of additiional university buildings including information halls and residences for the University of Cape Verde begun in suburban Palmarejo Grande in the west of Praia, Santiago Island[1]
  • June 2: Santiago Island's Nelson Mandela International Airport started serving flights with Ponta Delgada Airport by Azores Airlines
  • 24 July: Amílcar Cabral International Airport in Sal became a refuelling stop for the twice-weekly South Atlantic Air Bridge service operated by Air Tanker between the UK and the Falkland Islands. This is a temporary arrangement until the runway at Ascension Island is repaired which is expected to be in 2020[2].
  • August:
    • Binter CV took over inter-island services especially remaining TACV flights, it established a partnership covering TACV's international services
    • Cape Verdean government signed an agreement with Loftleidir Icelandic, part of the Icelandair Group, which turns the administration of TACV to the icelandic group
  • August 7: A Partial lunar eclipse took place after sunset after about 18:30, it showed the penumbral portion in the archipelago and finished about an hour after sunset,[3] the weather conditions were cloudy in the eastern part which were rarely visible, but the eclipse was seen in the western part were there were a few clouds and parts where it could be seen through the clouds
  • August 21: A Total solar eclipse took place before sunset at around 18:45, it showed around 50% (at Sal), 80% (at São Vicente), 82% (at Santo Antão) to about 90% (at Brava) obscuration of the sun in the archipelago and finished before sunset before 19:30, it was visible as the weather conditions were clear with a few clouds but not most of the southeastern part which was cloudy with the low pressure front moving from the southeast, in the waters west of Santo Antão was cloudy but the eclipse was mainly visible there.[4]
  • October 6: Jacqueline Elisa Barreto de Carvalho becomes head of the news agency Inforpress[5]
  • October 8: Liceu Ludgero Lima celebrated its 100th year of its opening, first opened as Liceu Nacional de Cabo Verde[6]
  • October 18: The 150th anniversary of the birth of the first greatest poet and writer of Cape Verde Eugénio Tavares was celebrated
  • October 31: Boa Vista Island's Aristides Pereira Airport no longer served flights by Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium with Brussels
  • November 2: Boa Vista Island's Aristides Pereira International Airport started serving flights with Birmingham, England with Thomas Cook Airlines

Arts and entertainment[edit]

  • Val and Roberto Xalino's album Nes Caminhada released
  • January 16: Elida Almeida's single "'Di Mu Ku Di Bo" released[7]
  • April/May: the 15th Praia da Gamboa Music Festival took place in Praia
  • May:
  • Summer: Tcheka's album Boka Kafé released
  • The 23rd Mindelo Theatrical Festival took place[8]
  • August 6, 7 and 8: the 34th Baía das Gatas Music Festival took place
  • August 18, 19 and 20: the 30th Curraletes Musical took place on the island of Santo Antão
  • September:
    • the Santa Maria Music Festival on Sal took place
    • the 8th Cabo Verde International Film Festival (CVIFF) took place
    • the 4th Cinema do Plateau International (Film) Festival took place


  • January 9: the 2016-17 Brava Island League begins
  • January 13: the 2016-17 Boa Vista Island League begins
  • January 14
  • Humberto Bettencourt becomes coach of Boavista Praia once more in 2 1/2 years
  • February 7: Santiago North Zone season was suspended by its regional association for two weeks due to that the referees needed the salaries for the 17th and the 26th rounds last season and the rounds of this season.[11]
    • Paulense of the Santo Antão North Zone became listed as champions and to claim their 7th title, the second club to qualify into the 2017 championships after Mindelense, qualified as national champion of the previous season[12]
  • February 25: Santiago North Zone football (soccer) competitions resumed as the referees were paid four days earlier by its sponsorship of two telecommunications companies, one of them was Cabo Verde Telecom and the municipalities where the clubs are based.[13] The start of the date of the national championships did not changed
  • March 19: Académica do Porto Novo of the Santo Antão South Zone became champions and claimed their 11th title[14]
  • March 25: The Regional Championships of Santo Antão North and South (Premier and Second) Zones finished for the season, Paulense and Académica Porto Novo into the championships in mid-May
  • March 26: Sporting Brava became listed champions for Brava
  • April 9: Sporting Praia got their 10th title for Southern Santiago (20+ overall)[15]
  • April 15:
    • Onze Unidos claimed their twelfth title for Maio, one week before the end of the regionals and will qualify into the National Championships in May, their next in six years[16]
  • April 23:
    • Final competitions of the Brava Island League and the Fogo and Maio Premier Divisions
    • Sport Sal Rei Club won their 10th title and their second straight for Boa Vista
    • Vulcânicos won their 10th title and their second straight for Fogo
  • April 28: Officials found out that Académica Mindelo fielded suspended players in five of its matches and its positions were dropped from first to fifth and kicked out of National qualification, it was replaced with FC Derby, earlier positions changed.
  • April 29: CD Onze Unidos won their third cup title for Maio
  • April 30:
    • Final competition of Boa Vista, Sal, Santiago South and São Vicente Premier Divisions
    • Académico do Aeroporto won their 14th championship title for Sal and qualifiedinto the National Championships
    • CS Mindelense won their 49th regional title for São Vicente, as they were 2016 national champions, runner-up FC Derby also qualified into the 2017 National Championships
    • FC Ultramarina won their 12th championship title for São Nicolau and qualified into the National Championships
  • May 6: Final competition of the São Nicolau Regional Championships took place
  • May 7:
    • AJAC da Calheta de São Miguel, originally won their only regional championship title for Santiago North
    • Final competition of the last of the Top-tier Regional Championships including Santiago North and São Nicolau
    • Final regional cup competitions took place
  • May 11: The Santiago North Regional Football Association deducted 3 points for AJAC and made Benfica Santiago North champions, AJAC fielded a suspended player Marco Aurélio at the 16th round match with Juventus Assomada, originally 2-4, it was originally awarded 3-0, AJAC did not. The Judicial Council removed AJAC as regional champions and punished that club and put Benfica de Santa Cruz for competition at the nationals, the declaration became official.[17] It was the next ina season after Scorpion Vermelho-Varandinha. The relegation of AJAC de Calheta has been eliminated and Juventus Assomada became officially relegated as they finished 11th and inside the relegation zone.
  • May 13: The 2017 Cape Verdean Football Championships begins, it will be divided into three groups again and the first with four clubs each.
  • May 17: In Praia, the Capeverdean Football Federation (FCF) officially declared AJAC regional champions on May 17 and qualifies into the national competition as the suspended player in a 16th round match was not fielded and did not score a single goal that match.[18]
  • May 18: Chairman of AJAC, Amarildo Semedo did not liked that decision alongside some other clubs, and justice in sports is preserved.[19]
  • June 17: End of Group Stage of the national Football Championships
  • June 24: Semifinals of the National Football Championships begins
  • June 27: the Ultramarina Tarrafal-Mindelense semifinal match was cancelled twice
  • July 1: Original date of the end of semifinals of the National Football Championships
  • July 3-4: the Ultramarina Tarrafal-Mindelense semifinal match was removed due to that Estádio Orlando Rodrigues had no spare keys for the players to enter
  • July 8: the Capeverdean Football Federation unofficially awarded Mindelense 0-3 in the first leg against Ultramarina de Tarrafal, Ultramarina started to appeal
  • July 15:
    • Finals of the National Championships originally to begin but was rescheduled again
    • Ultramarina appealed and the 3-0 that were unofficially awarded to Mindelense was revoked, the date of the first leg match was set
  • July 23: Ultramarina Tarrafal-Mindelense second leg match delayed
  • August: Seven Stars won their recent basketball title for Santiago South
  • August 13: Mindelense had their squad ready but did not appeared to play in the matches later rescheduled, the club was disqualified, Ultramarina Tarrafal advanced into the finals
  • August 20: Sporting Praia defeated Ultramarina 1-2 at Estádio Orlando Rodrigues in Tarrafal de São Nicolau
  • August 27: Sporting Praia again defeated Ultramarina, this time with the result 3-2 and at home and claimed their 10th and recent national championship title
  • October 28: The 2017-18 Fogo Premier Division begins.[20]
  • November 3: The 2017-18 Santiago South Premier Division begins
  • November 11: The 2017-18 Maio Regional Cup begins
  • November 17: the 2017-18 Santiago North Premier Division begins
  • November 18: the 2017-18 Sal Regional Cup to begins
  • November 29: the Santiago South Cup begins
  • December: the 2017-18 Sal Premier Division begins
  • December 5: the 2017-18 São Nicolau Cup begins
  • December 9:
    • The 2017-18 Boa Vista Island Championships begins
    • The 2017-18 Fogo Island Cup begins
    • The 2017-18 Santo Antão North Premier Division begins
    • The 2017-18 São Vicente Premier Division begins
  • December 16: the 2017-18 Maio Premier Division begins


  • December 22: the Santo Antão South Premier Division unofficially to begin
  • December 29: the 2016-17 Boa Vista Island Cup to begin


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