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The following lists events that happened during 2017 in Turkey.





  • 1 January – A terrorist attack on the Reina nightclub in Istanbul leaves 39 people dead.[1]
  • 2 January - The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant claims responsibility for the attack on the nightclub yesterday.[2]
  • 3 January - The Grand National Assembly of Turkey votes to extend the state of emergency by 3 months after the attempted coup last year.[3]
  • 5 January – A car bomb explodes in İzmir perpetrated by TAK, killing 2 people.[4]
  • 13 January - President Erdogan vows that Turkish troops will remain in Cyprus in perpetuity and describes proposed terms of a rotating presidency to be unacceptable.[5]
  • 14 January - The Parliament of Turkey approves two constitutional amendments to expand the president's power to appoint new legislation and select the cabinet.[6]
  • 26 January - Greece refuses to extradite eight soldiers accused of playing a role in the coup attempt last year.[7]
  • 28 January - President Erdogan signs a 100 million pound deal with British Prime Minister Theresa May over the construction of fighter jets.[8]
  • 30 January - In the capital of Ankara, 269 people are put on trial after being charged for their roles in the coup attempt last year.[9]
  • 31 January – The Eurasia Tunnel, which combines the Asian and European continents with a black tunnel, has started uninterruptedly.[10]


  • 5 February - Over 800 suspected ISIL members are arrested by the Turkish police.[11]
  • 8 February - 4400 public servants are dismissed in another purge following the attempted coup last year.[12]
  • 9 February – A Russian airstrike accidentally killed 3 Turkish troops in al-Bab, Syria.[13]
  • 11 February - Abdulgadir Masharipov is charged with murder in relation to the night club shooting at the start of the year and remains incarcerated.[14]
  • 14 February - Over 800 people are detained by police due to allegations of them being members of the banned Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK).[15]
  • 17 February – 2017 European Youth Olympic Winter Festival was held in Erzurum.
  • 22 February - Turkey lifts the ban on female army soldiers wearing the hijab.[16]
  • 28 February - A trial of 330 suspects in last year's attempted coup opens as the largest trial to date.[17]


  • 4 March - A Syrian fighter jet crashed in the Hatay Province near the Turkish-Syrian border.[18]
  • 11 March - Dutch authorities withdrew landing permissions for a Turkish minister following his support for the referendum in April. President Erdogan calls the Dutch authorities "Nazi remnants".[19] In response, Dutch authorities expel another minister from Rotterdam to the border with Germany.[20]
  • 13 March - Dutch ambassador to Turkey, Cornelis Van Rij, was expelled from Ankara following a Dutch ban on Turkish ministers speaking at pro-Erdogan rallies.[21]
  • 29 March - Prime Minister Yildirim declares an end to Operation Euphrates Shield in Syria but says an operation will follow under a different name.[22]



  • "Önce Vatan" Party was shut down by the Constitutional Court of Turkey [23]

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