2018 KBS Drama Awards

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2018 KBS Drama Awards
DateDecember 31, 2018
SiteKBS Hall, Yeouido, Seoul
Hosted by
Official website2018 KBS Drama Awards
Television coverage
NetworkKBS2, KBS World
Duration260 minutes

The 2018 KBS Drama Awards (HangulKBS 연기대상; RRKBS Yeon-gi Daesang), presented by Korean Broadcasting System (KBS),[1] was held on December 31, 2018 at KBS Hall in Yeouido, Seoul.[2] It was hosted by Jeon Hyun-moo and Uee.[3]

Winners and nominees[edit]

(Winners denoted in bold)[4][5][6][7]

Grand Prize (Daesang)
Kim Myung-min - The Miracle We Met
Yoo Dong-geun - Marry Me Now?
Top Excellence Award, Actor Top Excellence Award, Actress
Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries Excellence Award, Actress in a Miniseries
Excellence Award, Actor in a Mid-length Drama Excellence Award, Actress in a Mid-length Drama
Excellence Award, Actor in a Serial Drama Excellence Award, Actress in a Serial Drama
Excellence Award, Actor in a Daily Drama Excellence Award, Actress in a Daily Drama
Best Actor in a One-Act/Special/Short Drama Best Actress in a One-Act/Special/Short Drama
Best New Actor Best New Actress
Best Supporting Actor Best Supporting Actress
Best Young Actor Best Young Actress
Best Writer Netizen Award
Best Couple Award
Seo Kang-joon and Gong Seung-yeon - Are You Human?
Choi Daniel and Baek Jin-hee - Jugglers
Kim Myung-min and Ra Mi-ran - The Miracle We Met
Cha Tae-hyun and Bae Doona - Matrimonial Chaos
Yoo Dong-geun and Chang Mi-hee - Marry Me Now?
Lee Jang-woo and Uee - My Only One
Choi Soo-jong and Jin Kyung - My Only One


Order Presenter Award
1 Jung Joon-won, Lee Re Best Young Actor/Actress
2 Woo Do-hwan, Kim Se-jeong Best New Actor/Actress
3 Kim Sung-oh, Jung Hye-sung Best Supporting Actor/Actress
4 Yeo Hoe-hyun, Shin Ji-ho [ko] Best Actor/Actress in a One-Act/Special/Short Drama
5 Kim Seung-soo, Im Soo-hyang Excellence Award in a Daily Drama
6 Park Shi-hoo, Lee Soo-kyung Excellence Award in a Serial Drama
7 Yoo Min-sang [ko], Kim Jun-hyun Netizen Award
8 Moon Bo-hyun, Kim Hae-sook Writer of the Year
9 Choi Soo-jong, Ha Hee-ra Best Couple Award
10 Oh Ji-ho, Lee Si-young Excellence Award in a Miniseries
11 Park Seo-joon Excellence Award in a Mid-length Drama
12 Lee Dong-gun, Lee Yoo-ri Top Excellence Award
13 Yang Sung-dong, Chun Ho-jin Grand Prize (Daesang)

Special performances[edit]

Order Artist Performed
1 Kim Soo-dong, Noh Sa-bong, Lee Young-hyun, Kim Myung-hoon of Ulala Session Intro: What do KBS dramas mean to me?
Kim Myung-hoon of Ulala Session feat. Shin Ji-ho [ko] and Brillante Children's Choir "No One Else" (그런 사람 또 없습니다)
(My Only One OST)
2 Hyolyn "Clock" (태엽시계)
(Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me OST)
"See Sea" (바다보러갈래)
"Dally" (달리}

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