2018 Tajik Super Cup

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2018 Tajik Super Cup
EventTajik Super Cup
Date2 March 2018
VenueCentral Stadium, Hisor
RefereeBehrouz Murtazoev

The 2018 Tajik Supercup was the 9th Tajik Supercup, an annual Tajik football match played between the winners of the previous season's Tajik League and Tajik Cup. The match was contested by 2017 Tajik League champions Istiklol, and the 2017 Tajik Cup champions Khujand. It was held at the Central Stadium in Hisor on 2 March 2018. Istiklol won the match 3–2 thanks to an extra-time winner from Nozim Babadjanov. Khujand led a 2-1 at halftime thanks to goals from Firdavs Chakalov and Agbley Jones, with Istiklol getting one back on the brink of halftime after Chakalov. I the second half Belarusian striker Mikalay Zyanko equalised for Istiklol sending the game in to extra time. At the beginning of the second-half of extra-time Nozim Babadjanov gave Istiklol the lead and completed their comeback to win their 7th Supercup.

Match details[edit]

Chakalov Goal 45' (o.g.)
Zyanko Goal 60'
Babadjanov Goal 107'
Report Chakalov Goal 17'
A.Jones Goal 31'
Central Stadium, Hisor
Attendance: 5,436
Referee: Behrouz Murtazoev
GK 1 Serbia Nikola Stošić
DF 2 Tajikistan Siyovush Asrorov
DF 5 Ukraine Artem Baranovskyi
DF 19 Tajikistan Akhtam Nazarov Yellow card
MF 7 Belarus Sergey Tikhonovsky
MF 11 Tajikistan Muhammadjoni Hasan Substituted off 46'
MF 18 Tajikistan Fatkhullo Fatkhuloev Substituted off 119'
MF 20 Tajikistan Amirbek Juraboev Substituted off 109'
MF 21 Tajikistan Romish Jalilov
FW 9 Belarus Mikalay Zyanko
FW 17 Tajikistan Dilshod Vasiev Substituted off 78'
MF 13 Tajikistan Nozim Babadjanov Substituted in 46'
FW 22 Tajikistan Sheriddin Boboev Substituted in 78'
DF 3 Tajikistan Tabrezi Davlatmir Substituted in 109'
FW 14 Tajikistan Komron Tursunov Substituted in 119'
Tajikistan Mukhsin Mukhamadiev
GK 88 Estonia Aleksei Matrosov
DF 5 Tajikistan Firdavs Chakalov
DF 19 Tajikistan Khurshed Beknazarov
DF 22 Tajikistan Manouchehr Ahmadov
DF 24 Tajikistan Daler Tukhtasunov
MF 8 Tajikistan Ehson Boboev Substituted off 73'
MF 21 Tajikistan Khikmatullo Rasulov Substituted off 88'
MF Tajikistan Bakhtiyor Choriyev
MF Tajikistan Furkatjon Khasanboev Substituted off 59'
FW 20 Ghana Agbley Jones Substituted off 64'
FW 62 Tajikistan Jahongir Ergashev
DF Tajikistan Hasan Rustamov Yellow card Substituted in 59'
FW Tajikistan Farkhod Tokhirov Substituted in 64'
Tajikistan Abdusamad Khadzhibaev Substituted in 73'
Tajikistan Mekhrozh Sharifzoda Substituted in 88'

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