2018 Vintage Yachting Games

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2018 Vintage Yachting Games
Vintage Yachting Games Øresund 2018.svg
Dates16 – 22 September 2018
HostKongelig Dansk Yachtklub
Hellerup Sejlklub
Opened byRasmus Knude (18 September 2018)
Key people
Dinghies12' Dinghy (International 12' Rule) & O-Jolle
VIP race12' Dinghy (International 12' Rule)
All 2018 Vintage Yachting Games classes in one view
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2021 →

The 2018 Vintage Yachting Games was be the third post-Olympic multi-class sailing event for discontinued Olympic and Paralympic Classes. The event was be held from 16–22 September 2018 on Øresund, Copenhagen in Denmark. The organization of this event was executed by a joint venture of the Kongelig Dansk Yachtklub and the Hellerup Sejlklub. The Vintage Yachting Games Organization (VYGO) was the governing organization. The competition took place in 3 Vintage Yachting Classes.


First bidding process[edit]

The first bidding process was officially launched on 14 December 2010.[1] The bidding process intended to run till 31 December 2011. This period was extended on request of several candidates.

Before the bidding process started there was an interest for hosting the event from:

During the bidding process this group extended with:

The Vintage Yachting Games supervisory board finally voted unanimous to accept the bid of the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy and not for reopening or extending the bidding process. The venue of the 2016 Vintage Yachting Games was formally announced during the closing ceremony of the 2012 edition.

Second bidding process[edit]

As soon as the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy withdraw from the event a second bidding process was started for a postponed event in 2018. Bids arrived from four countries:

  •  Italy Circolo Nautico Punta Imperatore, Forio d’Ischia
  •  Denmark Kongelig Dansk Yachtklub and Hellerup Sejlklub
  •  Germany Lübecker Yacht – Club, (as part of the Travemünder Woche)
  •  Austria Union Yacht Club Attersee and the Segel Club Kammersee

The classes than had the possibility to vote. As result the Danish bid was chosen unanimously for the third edition (2018) and the Austria for the fourth edition (year t.b.d. 2020–2022). The dates of the 2018 Vintage were announced in 2016 to the Vintage classes.

Voting result[edit]

The bonus point system was used over the eight voting classes (no discard)
1  Denmark 10 points
2  Austria 47.7 points
3  Germany 53.4 points
4  Italy 64.4 points

2018 Vintage[edit]


Race Management
Alpha Course Bravo Course Chairman of the jury
Peter Stephensen Lübeck Jesper Adler Jan Helge Madsen


As Venue for the 2018 Vintage Yachting Games the Øresund for Hellerup chosen. The hostclubs were the Kongelig Dansk Yachtklub and the Hellerup Sejlklub. The clubhouse and harbor of the Hellerup Sejlklub was used to facilitate the event.

Hellerup Sejlklub
Hellerup Sejlklub Ensign.png
Flag of Hellerup Sejlklub Danmark.png
Flag of Hellerup Sejlklub
Full nameHellerup Sejlklub
Short nameHS
Founded25 September 1915 (1915-09-25)
LocationPaul Elvstrøms Plads 1,
DK-2900 Hellerup
CommodoreMarie Dela Johnsen
FocusHellerup Sailing Club is a club in constant development with a solid base in proud traditions, and provides members with a wide range of activities and opportunities.
WebsiteOfficial website
Harbor and Clubhouse
Skyline of Harbor and Clubhouse
Coordinates: 55°43′55″N 12°34′53″E / 55.73194°N 12.58139°E / 55.73194; 12.58139
Country Denmark
Former Palladium’s film studio
Kongelig Dansk Yachtklub
Ensign of Royal Danish Yacht Club.svg
Burgee of Kongelig Dansk Yachtklub.svg
Full nameRoyal Danish Yacht Club
Short nameKDY
Founded3 July 1866 (1866-07-03)
LocationTuborg Havnepark 15, Hellerup, Copenhagen
CommodoreLars Ive
FocusWe gather everyone interested in sailing and create through our activities a value for each member regardless of background and interest. We develop sailing to the benefit of our members and sailing in general. We must be a catalyst to develop sailors of all ages and attract them to a lifelong life at sea.
WebsiteOfficial website


The program of the 2018 Vintage Yachting Games was as follows:

Date Main activity Social events
16 September (Sunday) * Registration
17 September (Monday) * Registration
* Practice Race (14:00)
Opening ceremony
18 September (Tuesday) Race 1 (13:00) Daily prize giving
19 September (Wednesday) Race 2 and 3 Daily prize giving
20 September (Thursday) Race 4 and 5 * Championship dinner
* Daily prize giving
21 September (Friday) Race 6 & 7 Daily prize giving
22 September (Friday) * Race 8
* VIP race
* Prize giving
* Closing ceremony
* Passing of the Flag


Continents Countries Classes Boats Sailors
4 12 3 32 38



Countries that participated in the 2018 Vintage Yachting Games.
Blue: Water
Gray: Never participated in the Vintage
Yellow: Participated in earlier Vintages
Green: Country participated in her first Vintage
Gold: Country participated also on previous Vintages
 Austria  Canada  Denmark
 France  United Kingdom  Germany
 Ireland  Japan  Netherlands
 Turkey  Uganda  Ukraine

Current Vintage Yachting Classes[edit]

Class Type Design Sailors Trapeze Mainsail Jibb/Genoa Spinnaker Gender 2008 2012 2018
Europe Dinghy One-Design 1 0 + - - Venus symbol.svg
Mars symbol.svg
12' Dinghy (International 12' Rule) Dinghy One-Design 1 0 + - - Cercle noir 100%.svg
2.4 Metre Keelboat Metre Rule 1 0 + + - Cercle noir 100%.svg
O-Jolle Dinghy One-Design 1 0 + - - Cercle noir 100%.svg
12m² Sharpie Dinghy One-Design 2 0 + + - Cercle noir 100%.svg
Flying Dutchman Dinghy One-Design 2 1 + + + Cercle noir 100%.svg
Tempest Keelboat One-Design 2 1 + + + Cercle noir 100%.svg
Yngling Keelboat One-Design 3 1 + + + Cercle noir 100%.svg
Star Keelboat One-Design 2 0 + + - Cercle noir 100%.svg
Soling Keelboat One-Design 3 0 + + + Cercle noir 100%.svg
Dragon Keelboat One-Design 285 kg
max. 4
0 + + + Cercle noir 100%.svg
5.5 Metre Keelboat Metre Rule 3 0 + + + Cercle noir 100%.svg
6 Metre Keelboat Metre Rule 5 0 + + + Cercle noir 100%.svg
Events 7 9 4
  • • = Event in this year
  • VIP = Used for the Vintage Inter Pares race
  • Cercle noir 100%.svg = Open event
  • Venus symbol.svg = Female event
  • Mars symbol.svg = Male event

Due to circumstances that varied by class only three out of 12 of the Vintage Yachting Classes participated in the 2018 Vintage Yachting Games at Hellerup.

Course Area's and Courses[edit]

Wind conditions[edit]

The Øresund in front of the Hellerup Sejlklub was during the 2018 Vintage Yachting Games one of the targets of the remains of the Hurricane Florence. This resulted in South-Westerly winds that varied between 12-38 knots over the period of the Vintage.

Date Remark Wind direction Wind speed (kn)
18-SEP-2018 Grand yachting weather
All classes at race area Alpha
SW 12-16
19-SEP-2018 Strong yachting weather
12' Dinghies moved to race area Bravo
SW 15-20
20-SEP-2018 Strong yachting weather
12' Dinghies on race area Bravo
Wind veered and died when Florance announced herself
SW veering to NW 20-4
21-SEP-2018 Races cancelled SW 25-38
22-SEP-2018 Very strong yachting weather
Soling moved to race area Bravo
12' Dinghy and O-Jolle cancelled
SW 22-31


Since all thee classes just had major championships that include measurement, no measurement took place in this Vintage.

Opening ceremony[edit]

The opening ceremony took place in the main hall of the club house of the Hellerup Sejlklub. The formal opening was done by Rasmus Knude of Hellerup Sejlklub.

Sailors at the 2018 Vintage Yachting Games.jpg

Closing ceremony[edit]

Due to the weather conditions the VIP race could not be started. So the closing ceremony started with the prize giving by Lars Ive and Peter Lübeck Stephenson.

During the closing of the event Rudy den Outer handed over stainless remembrance plate with the Vintage logo to Peter Lübeck Stephenson. He also announced that the Union-Yacht-Club Attersee will be the host of the next Vintage Yachting Games. However before the date will be set a evaluation with the classes and organizers will take place. After that the Vintage flag was received from Lars Ive, representing the Copenhagen organization. The flag was subsequently handed over to Stephan Beurle representing Austria as the next host country.

Rudy den Outer and Stephan Beurle (AUT) holding the Vintage flag.)

Media Coverage[edit]

Pictures and video footage was received for Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International distribution from:

  • Per Heegaard
  • Ann Fillipa Madsen
  • Lars Ive
  • and others


Races in all events were sailed in a fleet racing format of eight scheduled races. The contestants raced around a course in one group, and each boat earned a score equal conform the bonus point system. Due to wind conditions not all scheduled races could be sailed.

Reports per event[edit]

Per class separate pages reporting the facts are available (see the details section per class in the medals table).

Report Vintage InterPares race[edit]

Due to the weather conditions the VIP race could not be sailed. Since all winners came from the Netherlands the decision was made to sail the VIP race on a later date in 2018/2019 somewhere in the Netherlands. This is in line with the history of the 12' Dinghy at the 1920 Summer Olympics were the last race was not sailed in Belgium but in The Netherlands.

Medal summary[edit]


Example of a 2018 Vintage Yachting Games Medal
Event Gold Silver Bronze
12' Dinghy
International Rule:

12' Dinghy International Rule insigna.png
Wim Bleeker
Jurri Rooyackers
(Alternating helmsmen)
Elena Romana GASENZER
Hans Reyers
Anneke Reyers
O-Jolle insigna.png
Thies Bosch
Klaas de Boer
Onno Klazinga
Soling insigna.png
Rudy den Outer
Theo de Lange
Gabor Helmhout
Peter W. Hall
Johan Offermans
Gord de Vries
Igor Yushko
Sergiy Pichugin
Sergiy Ivansits

Vintage 2018[edit]

1 Netherlands (NED)3227
2 Canada (CAN)0101
3 Ukraine (UKR)0011
Totals (3 nations)3339

Vintage 2008–2018[edit]

1 Netherlands (NED)76417
2 Germany (GER)24410
3 Ukraine (UKR)2013
4 Denmark (DEN)1124
5 Austria (AUT)1113
6 France (FRA)1012
7 Finland (FIN)1001
 Hungary (HUN)1001
  Switzerland (SUI)1001
10 Spain (ESP)0123
11 Canada (CAN)0101
 Great Britain (GBR)0101
 Italy (ITA)0101
3D VYGOlogo.png Wildcards0101
15 Australia (AUS)0011
 Russia (RUS)0011
Totals (16 nations)17171751

Country Trophy[edit]

The best ranked competitor per class per country scores point for his country based on his overall ranking and the 1964 Olympic scoring system. The highest scored country wins the Country trophy.

For the first time in history took Africa the third place in the Country ranking due to Bert Hamminga
Rank Class
12' Dinghy
International Rule
Country Rank Points Rank Points Rank Points
1  Netherlands 1 1379 1 946 1 879 3204
2  Canada 9 426 2 578 1004
3  Uganda 5 680 680
4  Germany 17 150 4 344 494
5  Ireland 8 477 477
6  Ukraine 3 402 402
7  Turkey 10 380 380
8  France 12 301 301
9  United Kingdom 15 204 204
10  Austria 5 180 180
11  Denmark 6 101 101
 Japan 19 101 101


  1. ^ "Bid Process Vintage Yachting Games started". Vintage Yachting Games Organization. December 14, 2010.

Information about the Vintage Yachting Classes (former Olympic classes) can be verified by the:

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