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The following lists events in the year 2018 in Guatemala.




  • 14 January - President Morales presents his second government report and begins his second term in government amid corruption allegations and protests with Álvaro Arzú Escobar taking office as President of the Congress, despite also being accused of corruption.[1]
  • 23 January - President Morales dismisses allegations of embezzlement after questions relating to his spending on high cost luxury items.[2]
  • 26 January - Williams Mansilla, former Defense Minister, is arrested for possible corruption in collusion with President Morales with the Attorney General requesting another Supreme Court consideration to impeach Morales.[3]


  • 13 February - Former President Alvaro Colom and his entire cabinet were arrested for alleged involved in corruption cases being investigated by the CICIG and detained at the Mariscal Zavala Military Center.[4]



  • 3 June – Volcán de Fuego Eruption up in air, 38 people dies, 100 injured report, last time bigger Eruption since 1974.[6]



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