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Years in Iran

Events in the year 2018 in Iran.




  • January 1 – As protests continue from last year, ten people are killed in the streets overnight.[1]
  • January 4 – The United States treasury sanctions five entities associated with Iran's ballistic missiles program.[2]
  • January 6 – Thousands of pro-government demonstrators march the streets for the fourth day in a row.[3]
  • January 7 – A ban is enforced on teaching the English language in primary schools blaming that on the unrest.[4]
  • January 30 – Mehdi Karroubi accuses Khamenei of abuse of power.[5]




  • 18 September - 21 people are killed and 25 others are injured in a collision between a passenger bus and a trailer carrying flammable materials in Isfahan.[8]


  • November 12 Sarpol-e Zahab in Kermanshah province, eastern Iran was hit by an earthquake of 6.3 magnitude, injuring about 700 people.[9]
  • November -United Nations’ General Assembly’s Human Rights Committee approved a resolution against Iranian government’s continuous discrimination against women and limitation of freedom of thought.[10]
  • November - A group of UN human rights experts including Javid Rehman U.N. Special rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Iran and four others experts concern about Farhad Meysami’s situation who has been on hunger strike since August. He is in jail for opposing compulsory hijab.[11]


December 1 - Amnesty International asked the government of Iran to bring to light what has happened to the political detainees in the country. Amnesty asked United nations to set up an investigation group to find the facts of crimes against humanity in Iran[12]



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