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Events in the year 2018 in Russia.





  • 15-17 March – Sergei Lavrov has announced that Russia will expel diplomats from the United Kingdom because of the expulsion of 23 Russian envoys due to the poisoning of Sergei Skripal and Yulia Skripal.[1] The Russian foreign ministry is to expel 23 British diplomats amid tensions over the nerve agent attack in the United Kingdom.[2]


The inaugural military parade.
  • May 5 – Thousand Protest rally in 97 cities including Moscow and St Petersburg, against Vladimir Putin for winning a fourth term in the Russian President Election.[4]
  • May 7 - Vladimir Putin sworn in for a fourth term as President of Russia in the Hall of the Order of St. Andrew of the Grand Kremlin Palace.[5]


Zabivaka, the official mascot of the World Cup.


  • July 1 – Several thousand people protested across Russia against a hugely unpopular government decision to hike the pension age that has led to a record slump in President Vladimir Putin's approval ratings. No protests were held in World Cup host cities due to a regulation banning protest in the cities for the duration of the tournament.[7] [8][9][10]
  • July 28 – More than 10,000 people attended a rally in the capital, Moscow against government plans to increase the retirement age rise.[12]


  • 2 August – More than 9,000 people attended a rally against government plans to increase the retirement age rise.[13]


  • 28 March – Oleg Anofriyev, actor, singer, songwriter, film director and poet (b. 1930)


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