2019, After the Fall of New York

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2019, After the Fall of New York
Theatrical release poster by Renato Casaro
Directed by Sergio Martino
Produced by Luciano Martino
Written by Ernesto Gastaldi
Sergio Martino
Gabriel Rossini
Starring Michael Sopkiw
Anna Kanakis
George Eastman
Music by Guido & Maurizio De Angelis
Cinematography Giancarlo Ferrando
Edited by Eugenio Alabiso
Release date
  • 1983 (1983)
Running time
91 minutes
Country Italy
Language Italian

2019, After the Fall of New York (Italian: 2019 - Dopo la caduta di New York) is a 1983 Italian science fiction film directed by Sergio Martino in both English and Italian. It is of the post-apocalyptic Italian genre similar to the films 1990 The Bronx Warriors and Endgame. It is set in 2019, after a nuclear apocalypse, and stars a mercenary out to rescue the last fertile woman on Earth. The film starred Michael Sopkiw and Anna Kanakis, and B-movie regular George Eastman.

The film was influenced by John Carpenter's Escape from New York.[1]


In 2019 the world is devastated by an infection that prevents men from procreating. A group of survivors find that in New York there is a community of humans who for some reason has remained immune to contamination. So the soldier Parsifal is sent on a reconnaissance to send out the mission of saving the entire human race.


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