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The 2019 All-Big 12 Conference football team consists of American football players chosen as All-Big 12 Conference players for the 2019 Big 12 Conference football season. The conference recognizes two official All-Big 12 selectors: (1) the Big 12 conference coaches selected separate offensive and defensive units and named first- and second-team players (the "Coaches" team); and (2) a panel of sports writers and broadcasters covering the Big 12 also selected offensive and defensive units and named first- and second-team players (the "Media" team).

Offensive selections[edit]


Running backs[edit]


  • Nick Lenners, Kansas State (Coaches-1)
  • Koby Bullard, Baylor (Coaches-2)


  • Creed Humphrey, Oklahoma (Coaches-1; Media-1)
  • Zach Shackelford, Texas (Coaches-1; Media-2)


  • Sam Tecklenburg, Baylor (Coaches-2; Media-1)
  • Marcus Keyes, Oklahoma State (Media-1)
  • Parker Braun, Texas (Media-2)
  • Josh Rivas, Kansas State (Media-2)


  • Julian Good-Jones, Iowa State (Coaches-1; Media-1)
  • Colton McKivitz, West Virginia (Coaches-1; Media-1)
  • Hakeem Adeniji, Kansas (Coaches-1; Media-2)
  • Samuel Cosmi, Texas (Coaches-2; Media-2)
  • Adrian Ealy, Oklahoma (Coaches-2)
  • Travis Bruffy, Texas Tech (Coaches-2)
  • Scott Frantz, Kansas State (Coaches-2)

Tight ends[edit]

  • Charlie Kolar, Iowa State (Coaches-1; Media-1)
  • Pro Wells, TCU (Coaches-2; Media-2)
  • Chase Allen, Iowa State (Media-2)


Defensive selections[edit]

Defensive linemen[edit]

  • Wyatt Hubert, Kansas State (Coaches-1; Media-1)
  • James Lynch, Baylor (Coaches-1; Media-1)
  • Bravvion Roy, Baylor (Coaches-1; Media-1)
  • Ross Blacklock, TCU (Coaches-1; Media-2)
  • Neville Gallimore, Oklahoma (Coaches-2; Media-1)
  • Darius Stills, West Virginia (Coaches-1; Media-2)
  • Ronnie Perkins, Oklahoma (Coaches-2; Media-2)
  • Eli Howard, Texas Tech (Coaches-2)
  • Ray Lima, Iowa State (Coaches-2)
  • Malcom Roach, Texas (Media-2)
  • Dante Stills, West Virginia (Coaches-2)


  • Jordyn Brooks, Texas Tech (Coaches-1; Media-1)
  • Kenneth Murray, Oklahoma (Coaches-1; Media-1)
  • Garret Wallow, TCU (Coaches-1; Media-1)
  • Terrel Bernard, Baylor (Coaches-2; Media-2)
  • Clay Johnston, Baylor (Coaches-2; Media-2)
  • Amen Ogbongbemiga, Oklahoma State (Coaches-2)
  • Malcolm Rodriguez, Oklahoma State (Coaches-2)
  • Marcel Spears Jr., Iowa State (Media-2)

Defensive backs[edit]

  • Jeff Gladney, TCU (Coaches-1; Media-1)
  • Kolby Harvell-Peel, Oklahoma State (Coaches-1; Media-1)
  • Trevon Moehrig, TCU (Coaches-1; Media-1)
  • Douglas Coleman, Texas Tech (Coaches-1; Media-2)
  • Parnell Motley, Oklahoma (Coaches-2; Media-1)
  • Greg Eisworth, Iowa State (Coaches-1)
  • Grayland Arnold, Baylor (Coaches-2; Media-2)
  • Keith Washington, West Virginia (Coaches-2; Media-2)
  • A.J. Green, Oklahoma State (Media-2)
  • Brandon Jones, Texas (Coaches-2)
  • Chris Miller, Baylor (Coaches-2)
  • Josh Norwood, West Virginia (Coaches-2)

Special teams[edit]


  • Jonathan Song, TCU (Coaches-1; Media-1)
  • Gabe Brkic, Oklahoma (Coaches-2; Media-2)


  • Austin McNamara, Texas Tech (Coaches-1; Media-1)
  • Devin Anctil, Kansas State (Coaches-2; Media-2)

All-purpose / Return specialists[edit]

  • Joshua Youngblood, Kansas State (Coaches-1; Media-1)
  • Jalen Reagor, TCU (Coaches-2; Media-2)


Bold = selected as a first-team player by both the coaches and media panel

Coaches = selected by Big 12 Conference coaches[1]

Media = selected by a media panel[2]

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