2019 Dhaka fire

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2019 Dhaka fire
Fire location is located in Dhaka
Fire location
Fire location
Fire location (Dhaka)
Date20 February 2019
Time22:38 BST (UTC+06:00)
LocationChowk Bazaar, Dhaka Old City, Bangladesh
Coordinates23°42′59″N 90°23′39″E / 23.7165°N 90.3941°E / 23.7165; 90.3941Coordinates: 23°42′59″N 90°23′39″E / 23.7165°N 90.3941°E / 23.7165; 90.3941
CauseGas cylinder explosion
Non-fatal injuries50+

On 20 February 2019, fire broke out in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The fire started in a road accident between a pickup van and a private car. After the collision the private car's gas cylinder exploded. The fire then spread to a group of buildings being used to store chemicals, and quickly expanded to nearby buildings in the densely packed historic district of Chowk Bazaar in Old Dhaka.[2] The fire left at least 80 people dead and 50 others injured.[1]


The fire was reported to have originated in the explosion of a cylinder of compressed natural gas in a vehicle, which quickly triggered further fires in buildings and nearby gas cylinders.[3] The blaze was first reported at 22:38,[4] and was reported to be under control by about 03:00.[5]

The first building to burn housed shops and a warehouse storing plastic goods, cosmetics and perfume on the first floor, with residential housing on upper stories.[6] Eventually it spread to the four-storey building behind the Shahi Mosque. Locals said that it was owned by one late Wahid Chairman. From that building, the fire spread to Rajmoni Restaurant and three other buildings in the narrow alley.[7][6]

An electric transformer exploded just after the fire broke, which demolished several cars parked on the alley. The alley was full of people because of a wedding ceremony in a nearby community centre.[8]


As of 21 February, the death toll was estimated to be at least 80.[1] In addition to those killed, at least 50 people were injured and transported to hospitals with severe burns and lung damage.[9]


Abdul Hamid, the President of Bangladesh, and Sheikh Hasina, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, offered their condolences to the victims of the fire, as did Jatiya Party Chairman HM Ershad and many others.[10]

In the aftermath of the fire, Dhaka South City Corporation Mayor Sayeed Khokon said chemical warehouses would no longer be permitted in the city.[11]

Pakistan's Foreign Office Spokesperson expressed deep regret.[12][13]

The United States embassy in Dhaka offered its condolences to the victims of the fire via Twitter.[14]

Financial assistance[edit]

The Ministry of Labour and Employment of Bangladesh offered 100,000 to the family of each deceased victim, and 50,000 to each of the injured.[15]

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