2019 IPSC Rifle World Shoot

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Coordinates: 59°17′23″N 14°42′14″E / 59.2898°N 14.7039°E / 59.2898; 14.7039

2019 IPSC Rifle World Shoot
Official logo of the 2019 IPSC Rifle World Shoot.jpg
Official logo of the 2019 IPSC Rifle World Shoot
VenueVillingsberg's shooting range
LocationKarlskoga, Sweden
DatesMain Match: 3. to 10. August
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The 2019 IPSC Rifle World Shoot II is due to be held in Karlskoga, Sweden between 3 to 10 August.[1] The match will consist of 30 stages[2] over eight days, and over 600 competitors have entered[3] out of a match capacity of approximately 750 competitors.[4] Team line-ups for USA[5][6] and Italy[7] have been released.

Karlskoga is known for being the home town of Nobel Price founder Alfred Nobel. Originally, the 2018 IPSC European Rifle Championship was to be held in Karlskoga in the summer of 2018, but had to be postponed to 2019 due to the 2018 Sweden wildfires.[8][9][10] After an application to the international association for practical shooting, the Match Category was upgraded to a World Championship. This makes the due match one of the largest shooting competitions ever held in Sweden.[11][12]

The Villingsberg's shooting range (Villingsbergs skjutfält) is owned by the Swedish Armed Forces, and the yearly Swedish Defence Forces' Practical Rifle Championship will also be held in conjuction with the World Championship.[12]

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