2019 Marshallese general election

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General elections will be held in the Marshall Islands on 18 November 2019.[1]


The 2015 elections saw a significant defeat for the government of incumbent President Christopher Loeak, with five cabinet ministers losing their seats.[2] Following the elections, Casten Nemra as President on 4 January 2016 by a margin of one vote. However, he was removed from office two weeks later by a vote of no confidence ending 21–12 in favour of dismissing him. On 27 January 2016 Hilda Heine was elected the country's first female president.[3] She narrowly survived a vote of no confidence on 12 November 2018; the vote was tied at 16–16 as one member of the Legislature was abroad for medical treatment.[4]

Electoral system[edit]

The 33 members of the Legislature are elected in 19 single-member constituencies and five multi-member constituencies of between two and five seats in which voters have as many votes as there are seats.[5]


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