2019 New Orleans shooting

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2019 New Orleans shooting
Part of Mass shootings in the United States
LocationFrench Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.
Coordinates29°57′11″N 90°04′10″W / 29.953°N 90.0694°W / 29.953; -90.0694Coordinates: 29°57′11″N 90°04′10″W / 29.953°N 90.0694°W / 29.953; -90.0694
DateDecember 1, 2019 (2019-12-01)
3:20–3:25 am[1] (CST, UTC−6)
Attack type
Mass shooting

On December 1, 2019, a mass shooting occurred in French Quarter, New Orleans that left 10 people injured.[2] The shooting happened in a densely populated area with heavy police presence at a time when tens of thousands of tourists were downtown for the Bayou Classic football game.[2][3] The motive for the shooting is unknown, and no confirmed suspects have been arrested as of Sunday morning. The investigation is ongoing.[4][5] The incident is the second recent mass shooting to occur in the weekend of Bayou Classic, the first occurring in 2016.[2][6]


There was increased police patrol on Canal Street, where the shooting started, as a response to large tourist presence for the Bayou Classic football game.[2] The shooting began around 3:25 am in the 700 block of Canal Street.[7] Officers who were feet away from the shooting responded immediately, initially believing they were being fired upon.[1][2][8] However, the police had a difficult time determining who was firing due to the mass of people who were described as scrambling for safety.[1][2]

External video
Bourbon Street Mass Shooting - Caught on Tape

Due to the surveillance cameras on the street a majority of the incident was caught on cameras.


Ten people were shot in the incident, and two victims are in critical condition.[1][9] The injured are five males and five females between the ages 16 and 36.[10]


As of December 1, no arrests have been made that have been confirmed to be linked to the incident.[5][11] State and federal officials are assisting New Orleans police in gathering evidence and locating a suspect.[12] CRIMESTOPPERS announced a reward for any information regarding the case, which was shortly raised to $10,000.[13] An individual detained shortly after the shooting was later released, and deemed not a suspect. A weapon was recovered at the scene of the shooting.[7]

Investigators have released that they believe the shooting occurred due to a "feud" that started outside the New Orleans area, and was perpetrated by people who were visiting but still residents of Louisiana.[13]


New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell focused on the declining crime rate in the city in her response to the incident, stating ; "The city of New Orleans will not allow incidents like this to derail the progress we have made or further disrupt our community. This tragedy will not define us, and it will not deter us from moving our city forward and keeping our people safe."[14]

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