2019 Romanian presidential election

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Romanian presidential election, 2019

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Nominee Klaus Iohannis TBD TBD
Alliance PNLFDGR

President before election

Klaus Iohannis

Elected President


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Presidential elections will be held in Romania in November or December 2019. President Klaus Iohannis, elected in 2014, is eligible for re-election.


Klaus Iohannis won the last presidential election in 2014 and was sworn in for his first term on 21 December, 2014. According to the Article 83 of the Constitution of Romania, the "term of office of the President of Romania is five years, being exercised from the date the oath was taken,"[1] but only for up to two terms. In June 2018, incumbent president Iohannis publicly announced his intention of running for a second term as state president.[2] The electoral calendar for the forthcoming presidential election will be set by the Romanian Government.


National Liberal Party[edit]

President Klaus Iohannis is eligible for re-election. Although he is an independent according to the Constitution of Romania, his candidacy in the 2014 elections was supported by the National Liberal Party (PNL), whose President he was at that time. Ludovic Orban, the president of the PNL, reconfirmed the party's support for Iohannis after the elections.[3] On 11 March 2018, the National Council of PNL formally endorsed Klaus Iohannis for a new term as president.[4]

Social Democratic Party[edit]

Liviu Pleșoianu, a member of the Chamber of Deputies for Bucharest since 2016 for the Social Democratic Party (PSD), declared his candidacy on 23 July 2017.[5] Liviu Dragnea, President of the Chamber of Deputies since 2016,[6][7] and Gabriela Firea, Mayor of Bucharest since 2016, are thought to be other potential PSD candidates.[8] However, both have refuted these media speculations, Firea stating she wants to finish her term as mayor, while Liviu Dragnea rejected the idea and stated he and the PSD concentrate on the governing program and the parliamentary agenda, as Dragnea is President of the Chamber of Deputies. He is still eligible to run for president, although previously convicted with a suspended sentence.[9][10]

Save Romania Union[edit]

Nicușor Dan, a former President of the Save Romania Union (USR), the third largest political party in the country, believes that the party should run its own candidate for the elections.[11] Dan Barna, the new President of the USR, stated in an interview with Adevărul that the USR would have a presidential candidate, decided by a vote within the party. Barna also said that "Dacian Cioloș may be an option, like any well-known person".[12]

Other parties[edit]

Many voices inside ALDE suggested that Călin Popescu Tăriceanu, the party leader and President of the Senate, should be the proposal of the PSD–ALDE coalition for the upcoming election and asked for PSD support in this regard.[13] Tăriceanu himself considered that the best option for the presidential election is a PSD–ALDE joint candidacy.[14]

In a press conference on 26 October 2017, Victor Ponta, a former Prime Minister and runner-up in the 2014 elections, claimed that his newly established party, Pro Romania, would nominate a candidate in the elections, but denied that he would run for the presidency again.[15]

Former Minister of Labor in Cioloș Government, Dragoș Pîslaru, who is among the founders of the new party of former Prime Minister, the PLUS+, said the party is ready for a possible candidacy for the presidency of leader Dacian Cioloș.[16] He also stressed that a candidacy of President Iohannis for a new term would not exclude a candidacy of Dacian Cioloș.[16] On 8 June 2018, Cioloș said he will not run against Klaus Iohannis.[17] However he subsequently stated that he would assume any responsibility that his recently founded political party (PLUS+) would bestow upon him, not excluding the presidency.[18]

Opinion polls[edit]

First round[edit]

Poll source Date(s) Sample size Iohannis Tăriceanu Dragnea Cioloș Kelemen Tomac Ponta Firea Barna Others Undecided
IMAS 2–20 May 2019 1,010 43.5% 19.8% 7% 13% 1.2% 2.1% 11.6% 1.9% 14.7%
IMAS 12–15 April 2019 1,010 42.7% 18.3% 8.7% 10% 1.2% 2.2% 14.5% 2.5%
IMAS 18 March–3 April 2019 1,010 44.3% 16.1% 8% 11.7% 1.1% 2.2% 12.4% 1.7%
CURS 12–25 March 2019 1,067 36% 23% 15% 9% 4% 3%
IMAS 1–21 February 2019 1,010 41.4% 18.0% 6.0% 11.7% 1.5% 1.9% 15.0% 1.5% 3% 15.1%
CURS 21 January–6 February 2019 1,067 41% 21% 17% 9% 4% 8% 34%
IMAS 11–30 January 2019 1,011 34.4% 15.4% 6% 10.9% 0.8% 1.5% 13.2% 1.9% 7.7% 8.2%
PNL N/A 25,000 30% 16% 10% 3% 12% 17% 12%
Poll source Date(s) Sample size Iohannis Tăriceanu Dragnea Cioloș Kelemen Tomac Ponta Barna Others Undecided
IMAS 4-20 December 2018 1,010 34.9% 12.9% 5.3% 9.2% 0.7% 1.8% 12.7% 2.3% 3.5% 16.8%
CURS 24 November–9 December 2018 1,067 39% 25% 12% 11% 2% 3% 8% 32%
CURS 27 April–8 May 2018 1,067 39% 22% 22% 4% 3% 2% 8% 39%
Poll source Date(s) Sample size Iohannis Firea Tăriceanu Diaconescu Hunor Barna Mioc Undecided
CURS Nov 2017 1,067 37% 37% 13% 5% 4% 3% 1% 2%

Second round[edit]

Iohannis vs. Firea
Poll source Date(s) Sample size Iohannis Firea Undecided None Margin of error
Avangarde 3–12 May 2017 800 40% 44% 6% 10% ±3.47%


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