2019 Saint Petersburg gubernatorial election

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2019 Saint Petersburg gubernatorial election

8 September 2019
  Alexander Beglov 1.jpg Надежда Тихонова (СПб без Б).png Михаил Амосов (СПб без Б).png
Candidate Alexander Beglov Nadezhda Tikhonova Mikhail Amosov
Party United Russia A Just Russia Civic Platform
Popular vote 734,903 192,114 182,797
Percentage 66.22% 17.31% 16.47%

Acting Governor before election

Alexander Beglov

Elected Governor

Alexander Beglov
United Russia

The 2019 Saint Petersburg gubernatorial election was held on 8 September. Now the ballots are being counted.

Initially 28 candidates were declared but finally only three were admitted and confirmed: Mikhail Amosov, Alexander Beglov (acting governor), and Nadezhda Tikhonova.


Until October 2018, Georgy Poltavchenko was the Governor of Saint Petersburg, his term expiring in 2019. In August 2018, Poltavchenko announced that he would run in 2019, but on 3 October 2018 President Vladimir Putin proposed him to become Chairman of the Board of Directors of United Shipbuilding Corporation. After the resignation of Poltavchenko, Alexander Beglov was appointed as the Acting Governor.[1][2]

Declared candidates[edit]

Аt the stage of candidate nomination, 28 people were declared. Some of these were supported by the leading parties in Russia. So Vladimir Bortko, member of the State Duma,[3][4] was nominated by the Communist Party of the Russian Federation; Mikhail Mashkovtsev, former governor of Kamchatka Oblast[5] was recommended by the Communists of Russia while Marina Shishkina, member of the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly,[5] and Nadezhda Tikhonova got a support of A Just Russia party. Boris Vishnevsky, member of the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly,[6][5] was nominated by the democratic Yabloko party. The Liberal Democratic Party supported a candidacy of Oleg Kapitanov, member of the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly.[5] Mikhail Amosov was suggested by the Civic Platform, and the acting governor Beglov declared himself as independent.

Finally, only 3 candidates were admitted and confirmed their interest in participation: Amosov, Beglov and Tikhonova. Further 23 people were denied admission and 2 applicants (including Bortko) withdrew a candidacy.

During the pre-election discussions, other names were also mentioned as possible candidates but were not officially declared. Among these are Igor Artemyev, a head of the Federal Antimonopoly Service[7] (Yabloko); Igor Albin, former vice governor of St. Petersburg, former Minister of Regional Development (endorsed Beglov)[8] (United Russia); Krasimir Vranski, a public figure, head of the public organization "Beautiful Petersburg”[9]; Maksim Shevchenko, Member of the Vladimir Oblast Legislative Assembly[10]; Oksana Dmitriyeva, member of the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly, former member of the State Duma, ex-Minister of Labor and Social Development[11][5] (Party of Growth); Ksenia Sobchak, former First Dauther of St. Petersburg, 2018 presidential candidate[12][5] (Party of Changes).

Final candidates[edit]

Among the three final candidates, Mikhail Amosov is considered to be a conservative liberal while Nadezhda Tikhonova is seen as a member of the left.

Alexander Beglov is associated with the pro-Putin party United Russia despite his formal candidacy as an independent figure. He has made a great deal of work for St.-Petersburg while acting as governor and is considered by some as a probable winner. However the election result is still not predictible because the United Russia party has lost its popularity in summer 2018 when it approved the retirement age hike in the State Duma (the opposition parties and overwhelming majority of population were against such a change). Many ordinary Russians henceforth consider a relation of any politician to United Russia as a fact compromising reputation, so that a protest voting is possible.


Alexander Beglov United Russia 734 903 66,22
Nadezhda Tikhonova A Just Russia 192 114 17,31
Mikhail Amosov Civic Platform (Russia) 182 797 16,47
Valid votes 1 109 814 97,30
Non valid votes 30 840 2,70
T O T A L V O T E S 1 140 654 100,0
Non - voting 2 674 223 70,10
Voting 1 140 654 29,90
T O T A L V O T E S 3 814 877 100,0


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