2019 Sammarinese general election

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2019 Sammarinese general election

← 2016 8 December 2019 (first round)

All 60 seats in the Grand and General Council
31 seats needed for a majority

General elections will be held in San Marino on 8 December 2019.[1]

Electoral system[edit]

The 60 members of the Grand and General Council are elected by proportional representation, with seats allocated using the d'Hondt method. The electoral threshold is calculated by multiplying the number of parties running in the elections by 0.4, with a maximum possible threshold of 3.5%.[2]

If no party receives a majority, or the two largest parties are unable to form a coalition government within thirty days of the elections, a runoff election will be held between the two most popular coalitions, with the winner receiving a seat bonus to give them a majority.[3][4] It is the first time the facultative second round will be applied following its approval in a June 2019 referendum.[4]


Two electoral alliances were formed for the elections:[5]


Coalition Party First round Second round
Votes % Seats[a] Votes % Seats[b] +/–
Tomorrow in Motion RETE Movement
Domani Motus Liberi
Direct coalition votes
Noi per la Repubblica
Future Republic
Sammarinese Christian Democratic Party
Invalid/blank votes
Registered voters/turnout
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  2. ^ Final allocation of seats


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