2019 Sammarinese referendum

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Two referendums were held in San Marino on 2 June 2019. One was a popular initiative on amending the electoral system to require a second round to be held thirty days after a general elections between the top two parties only if neither are able to form a coalition government.[1] The other was on a constitutional amendment proposed by the captain regent that would add sexual orientation to the list of discriminations prohibited by law. This followed a vote by the Grand and General Council on the amendment failing to meet the two-thirds quorum.[2]

Both proposals were approved by voters.[3][4][5]


Question For Against Invalid/
Turnout Result
Votes % Votes %
Popular initiative on electoral system reform 8,554 60.58 5,566 39.42 344 14,464 34,458 41.98 Approved
Prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation 9,996 71.46 3,992 28.54 452 14,440 41.91 Approved
Source: Libertas

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