2019 Social Democratic Party of Germany leadership election

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2019 Social Democratic Party of Germany leadership election
← 2018 14 October – 30 November 2019
6–8 December (confirmation)
2021 →
  2019-09-10 SPD Regionalkonferenz Team Esken Walter-Borjans by OlafKosinsky MG 0461.jpg 2019-09-10 SPD Regionalkonferenz Team Geywitz Scholz by OlafKosinsky MG 2562.jpg 2019-09-10 SPD Regionalkonferenz Team Kampmann Roth by OlafKosinsky MG 0459.jpg
Candidate Norbert Walter-Borjans
Saskia Esken
Olaf Scholz
Klara Geywitz
Christina Kampmann
Michael Roth
First round 44,967, 21.04 % 48,473, 22.68 % 34,793, 16.28 %
Runoff 114,995, 53.06 % 98,246, 45.33 % eliminated

  2019-09-10 SPD Regionalkonferenz Team Scheer Lauterbach by OlafKosinsky MG 0446.jpg 2019-09-10 SPD Regionalkonferenz Petra Köpping by OlafKosinsky MG 2216.jpg 2018-02-28 Boris Pistorius-6247.jpg 2019-09-10 SPD Regionalkonferenz Team Schwan Stegner by OlafKosinsky MG 0444.jpg
Candidate Nina Scheer
Karl Lauterbach
Petra Köpping
Boris Pistorius
Gesine Schwan
Ralf Stegner
First round 31,271, 14.63 % 31,230, 14.41 % 20,583, 9.63 %
Runoff eliminated eliminated eliminated

Leader before election

Andrea Nahles (resigned on 3 June 2019)
Malu Dreyer, Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel, Manuela Schwesig (acting)

Elected Leader

Saskia Esken and Norbert Walter-Borjans

The 2019 Social Democratic Party of Germany leadership election will take place in the autumn of 2019, following the resignation of the former Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) party leader Andrea Nahles on 3 June 2019. Although the leader(s) of a German party have to be elected indirectly by a party-convention,[1] the SPD will for the first time since 1993 hold a member-vote, to decide the candidate(s), which the party's executive board will propose to the party-convention subsequently. The convention will be legally free to follow this proposal or to elect someone else, but it is generally agreed that the result of the member-vote will be "politically binding".[2]


In the 2017 federal election the SPD received a disappointing result of only 20.5%. After the polls had closed on election day, then party-leader and Chancellor candidate Martin Schulz announced, the SPD would not enter another grand coalition government with the conservative CDU/CSU-sister parties. However, in the following weeks the CDU/CSU and Chancellor Angela Merkel did not manage to form a government with the FDP and Alliance 90/The Greens, the only realistic alternative coalition with a majority after the results of the election. After coalition talks between these parties had ultimately failed on 20 November 2017, Schulz changed his opinion and after an extraordinary party convention started preliminary talks and later on coalition talks with the CDU/CSU. This was met by a growing inner-party-opposition led by Kevin Kühnert, the head of the SPD's youth organisation. In March 2018, the SPD entered another grand coalition, after 66.02% of the party-membership voted for the coalition-agreement in a party-wide referendum (in 2013, 75,96% had voted in favour of entering a grand coalition), but Schulz had to resign as party leader and was replaced by Andrea Nahles. As the new government had a bad start with many disagreements and open disputes over the summer of 2018, Nahles could not stabilize the party and the SPD's opinion polls continued to plummet. On 26 May 2019 the SPD received only 15.8% of the votes in the European election – the worst election result for the party on national level since 1887. Nahles came under serious pressure and ultimately declared her resignation on 3 June 2019. Since then, the party has been led by three acting party-leaders: Malu Dreyer, Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel and Manuela Schwesig.


Party-members may declare their candidacy between 1 July and 1 September. Candidates may run as single-person-candidates, to head the party alone, or with another party-member on a two-person-ticket, to lead the party together. In the latter case, at least one candidate has to be female. Each single-person-candidate or two-person-ticket needs the support of at least one SPD-state association, one regional district or five local districts ("under districts"), in order to be able to run in the first round of the member-vote. The first round of the member-vote will take place between 14 and 25 October. If no single-person-candidate or two-person-ticket receives an absolute majority of the votes cast, the two candidates/tickets with the highest number of votes cast will qualify for the second round of the vote. Both votes will only be valid, if at least 20% of the party-membership participates. The party's executive board will propose the winner of the member-vote to the party-convention, which will take place between 6 and 8 December.[3]



Name Previous service State Announcement date Nomination Ref.
2019-09-10 SPD Regionalkonferenz Team Esken Walter-Borjans by OlafKosinsky MG 0461.jpg Norbert Walter-Borjans
Saskia Esken
Minister of Finance of North Rhine-Westphalia (2010-2017)
Member of the Bundestag for Baden-Württemberg (since 2013)
North Rhine-Westphalia
30 August 2019 Under District Aachen
Under district Rheinisch-Bergischer Kreis
Under District Calw
2014-09-10 - Christina Kampmann MdB - 7327.jpg
Pressefoto StM Michael Roth MdB 01.jpg
Christina Kampmann
Michael Roth
North Rhine-Westphalia State Minister for Families, Children, Youth, Culture and Sport (2015–2017)
Minister of state at the Federal Foreign Office (since 2018)
North Rhine-Westphalia
02 July 2019 District Hesse North
2019-04-10-Karl Lauterbach-Maischberger-5321.jpg
20140426 xl dr-nina-scheer-mdb-vorstand-h-scheer-sti6335 (cropped).jpg
Karl Lauterbach
Nina Scheer
Member of the Bundestag (since 2005)
Member of the Bundestag (since 2013)
North Rhine-Westphalia
12 July 2019 Under District Segeberg
Under District Leverkusen
Under District Stormarn
Under District Duchy of Lauenburg
Under District Essen
Blank portrait, male (rectangular).png Hans Wallow Member of the Bundestag (1981–1983 and 1990–1998) North Rhine-Westphalia 15 July 2019 pending [13]
Ahrens profilbild.jpg
Simone Lange.jpg
Alexander Ahrens
Simone Lange
Mayor of Bautzen (since 2015)
Mayor of Flensburg (since 2017)
02 August 2019 Under District Bautzen,
Under District Schmalkalden,
Under District Schwarzwald-Baar,
Under District Pfaffenhofen,
Under District Dithmarschen


Blank portrait, male (rectangular).png Robert Maier Vice President of the SPD Economy-Council Berlin 05 August 2019 pending [15]
2015-12 Gesine Schwan SPD Bundesparteitag by Olaf Kosinsky-8.jpg
2018-12-09 SPD Europadelegiertenkonferenz Ralf Stegner 2831.jpg
Gesine Schwan
Ralf Stegner
2004 and 2009 candidate for President of Germany
Leader of the SPD-group in the Schleswig-Holstein state parliament (since 2008)
14 August 2019 Under District Bremen-Nord,
Under District Rosenheim-Land,
Under District Frankfurt (Oder),
Under District Pinneberg,

Under District Rendsburg-Eckernförde

2016-12-15 Petra Köpping (Landtagsprojekt Sachsen) by Sandro Halank–2.jpg
Profilbild Boris Pistorius.jpg
Petra Köpping
Boris Pistorius
Saxony State minister for Equalitiy and Integration (since 2014)
Lower Saxony State minister for the Interior (since 2013)
Lower Saxony
16 August 2019 State Association Saxony,
State Association Lower Saxony;
District Weser-Ems,
District North-Lower Saxony;
Under District North Saxony,
Under District Osnabrück,
Under District Leipzig,
Under District Hildesheim,
Under District Chemnitz,
Under District Leer,
Under District Erzgebirge


Dierk Hirschel
Hilde Mattheis
Union secretary of ver.di
Member of the Bundestag (since 2002)
18 August 2019
16-03-09-Klara-Geywitz RR26591.jpg
Olaf Scholz - Deutscher Radiopreis 2016 01.jpg
Klara Geywitz
Olaf Scholz
Member of the Brandenburg state parliament (2004-2019)
Vice Chancellor of Germany and Federal Minister of Finance (since 2018)
20 August 2019 Hamburg state association

Individuals who have publicly expressed interest[edit]

Declined to be candidates[edit]

Opinion polls[edit]

Publication date Poll source Scholz/Geywitz Lauterbach/Scheer Schwan/Stegner Köpping/Pistorius Lange/Ahrens Kampmann/Roth Esken/Walter-Borjans None/
19–23 Aug 2019 Forsa 26 14 13 12 7 7 21
3 Oct 2019 wahlkreisprognose.de 19 5 6 20 23 21 6
Publication date Poll source Scholz/Geywitz Lauterbach/Scheer Schwan/Stegner Köpping/Pistorius Lange/Ahrens Kampmann/Roth None/
19–23 Aug 2019 Forsa 22 13 13 15 11 10 16
Publication date Poll source Scholz/Geywitz Lauterbach/Scheer Schwan/Stegner Köpping/Pistorius Lange/Ahrens Kampmann/Roth Esken/Walter-Borjans None/
5–11 Sep 2019 Civey 23.3 11.0 11.7 14.4 6.9 14.0 18.7
Publication date Poll source Scholz/Geywitz Esken/Walter-Borjans None/
26–28 Oct 2019 Civey 35.4 54.2 10.4


e • d Summary of the 2019 SPD Leadership Election
Candidates 1st round 2nd round
Votes % Votes %
Olaf Scholz & Klara Geywitz 48,473 22.68 98,246 45.33
Norbert Walter-Borjans & Saskia Esken 44,967 21.04 114,995 53.06
Christina Kampmann & Michael Roth 34,793 16.28
Nina Scheer & Karl Lauterbach 31,271 14.63
Petra Köpping & Boris Pistorius 31,230 14.41
Gesine Schwan & Ralf Stegner 20,583 9.63
Voting members  425,630 100.0  425,630 100.0
Total votes 226,775 53.28 230,215 54.09
Abstentions 2,376 1.11 3,480 1.60
Permitted votes 214,956
Valid votes 213,693
Invalid/blank votes 1,263

1st round results – Click here  · 2nd round results – Click here

First Round
Scheer/ Lauterbach
Second Round


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