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Georgia (country)

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List of years in Georgia (country)

The following lists events in 2019 in Georgia.



Autonomous republics[edit]



Disputed territories[edit]


South Ossetia[edit]



  • 1 January – The law on a defined contribution plan—mandatory for legally employed people under 40—comes into effect.[1]
  • 9 January – The Prosecutor's Office announces TBC Bank, the leading Georgian banking company, is facing a criminal investigation over alleged money-laundering, involving a USD 17 million transaction back in 2008. The bank denies the charges.[2] On 13 February, the National Bank of Georgia requests that the TBC Bank remove he Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Mamuka Khazaradze and his deputy Badri Japaridze. After days of standoff, on 21 February, the two men resign from their position following the decision of the supervisory board to withdraw the lawsuit against the National Bank.[3]
  • 16 January – A gas explosion damages an apartment block in Didi Dighomi district of Tbilisi, killing four, including a minor, and injuring eight others.[4]
  • 22 January – The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), in its resolution welcomes Georgia's so-called Otkhozoria-Tatunashvili list, a "sanctions list of perpetrators and persons responsible for the cover-up of grave human rights violations" in Abkhazia and South Ossetia.[5]
  • 24 January – Georgia and the International Criminal Court (ICC) sign an Agreement on the Enforcement of Sentences, allowing the persons convicted by the ICC to serve their sentence of imprisonment in Georgia.[6]
  • 31 January – The European Court of Human Rights rules that the Russian Federation has to pay 10 million Euros in compensation for damages related to the detention and collective deportation of Georgian nationals from Russia in 2006.[7]
  • 31 January – Seven men are found dead in an apartment block in Tbilisi, apparently as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning, leading to further concerns regarding the shortcomings in policy and management of the city's gas infrastructure.[8]


  • 1 February – Sixteen persons are arrested over the leak of sex tape allegedly showing a senior lawmaker Eka Beselia from the ruling Georgian Dream (GD) party. The scandal comes amid Beselia's ongoing fallout with a Georgian Dream's parliamentary leadership.[9][10] Beselia leaves the GD party on February 22, a day after the Parliament votes down her legislative proposal on suspending lifetime appointment of city and appeals court judges.[11] This is followed by departure of two more parliamentary members of the GD, leading to the party losing a constitutional majority.[12]



  • 21 April – At least 55 people are injured as a protest in the Pankisi gorge over construction of a hydro-electric power plant grows into clashes with the riot police. As a result, the construction is suspended, while the riot police units are withdrawn from the area.[13]


1 May – The Parliament of Georgia adopts controversial amendments to the Law of Georgia on Common Courts, backed by the ruling Georgian Dream party. The controversy has caused internal split within the party, resulting in defection of several of its vocal members.[14]


  • 20 June — Hundreds were injured as Georgian police fired rubber bullets and tear gas at protesters trying to storm the parliament building in Tbilisi. The incident was sparked by Russian parliamentarian speaking in Russian from the speaker's chair during an international Orthodox assembly. [15]







Scheduled events[edit]


  • 1 January – Elguja Berdzenishvili, Georgian painter (born 1927).
  • 10 January – Ucha Kordzaia, Georgian singer (Orera, VIA-75, etc.) (born 1953).
  • 4 February – Guranda Gabunia, Georgian stage and film actress (born 1938).[16]
  • 4 February – Shavi Printsi (Akaki Babunashvili), Georgian hip-hop musician (born 1971).
  • 5 February – Vano Zodelava, former Mayor of Tbilisi (1998–2004) (born 1957).[17]
  • 24 March – Guram Lortkipanidze, Georgian historian and archaeologist (born 1938).
  • 26 March – Nodar Mgaloblishvili, Georgian stage and film actor (born 1931).
  • 31 March – Mark Rivkin, Georgian Russian-language journalist, MP (1992) (born 1941).
  • 4 April – Georgiy Daneliya, Georgian-Russian film director and screenwriter (born 1930).
  • 1 August – Levan Aleksidze, Georgian jurist and politician (born 1926).


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