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List of years in rock music

This article summarizes the events related to rock music for the year of 2019.

Notable events[edit]




  • Greta Van Fleet’s single “You're the One” tops the Mainstream Rock Chart. It is the band's fourth single in a row to do so. They tie The Pretty Reckless as the only band to have their first four official singles to top the chart.[17] It stays atop of the chart for 2 weeks.[3]
  • Disturbed’s single “A Reason to Fight” tops the Mainstream Rock chart. It is their sixth single in a row to top it, a record for the chart. It is the band's ninth song to top the chart. It stays atop of the chart for three weeks.[18][3]
  • Rival Sons's single "Do Your Worst" tops the Mainstream Rock chart for a week.[3]



  • The Black Keys single "Lo/Hi" tops the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart for three weeks. Despite the band's popularity on the Alternative Songs chart in the past, this is the band's first song to top the Mainstream Rock chart. The song eventually simultaneously tops four Billboard Rock charts: Mainstream Rock, Alternative Songs, Adult Alternative Songs, and Rock Airplay. It is the first song to top all four simultaneously, and only the second song to do it ever.[3][22][23]




  • Tool releases their first album in 13 years, Fear Inoculum. It tops the US Billboard 200 all-format albums chart, selling 270,000 album equivalent units in its opening week, making it has the biggest debut for a rock album in 2019.[30]
  • Weeks prior to the album's release, Tool also, for the first time, released all of their back catalog onto digital download and music streaming platforms, the band being one of the few main acts left to do so.[31][32] The re-releases spur massive spikes in the band's prior albums, the most being Aenima, which rises 5,900% percent places on number 10 on the Billboard 200 chart, moving 33,000 album equivalent units.[33][34]
  • The re-releases also affect the song charts: Tool becomes the first in history to occupy all ten spots in the top 10 Billboard Rock Digital Songs chart. Overall, they occupy 15 of the top 25 spots as well.[35]
  • Tool's first single, "Fear Inoculum", debuts at number 93 on the Billboard all-format Hot 100 song chart. Not only is this rare for a rock band in 2019, and extremely rare for progressive rock music, but, at 10 minutes and 21 seconds in length, becomes the longest song of all time to ever chart on the Hot 100 chart.[36][37][34]
  • Slipknot releases their sixth studio album, We Are Not Your Kind. The album tops the US Billboard 200 album chart, moving 118,000 album equivalent units. It was the band’s third number one album in the US in a row, and the first hard rock album since the Foo Fighters 2017 album Concrete and Gold to top the chart.[38][39]


  • Tool’s album Fear Inoculum holds into the top 10 of the Billboard 200 in its second week, charting at number 7 and moving another 38,000 album equivalent units.[40]
  • Blink 182 releases their ninth studio album, Nine. It debuts at number 3 on the Billboard 200, moving 94,000 album equivalent units.[41]
  • Disturbed’s single “No More” tops the Mainstream Rock chart, the band’s seventh single in a row to top the chart. It stays there for four weeks.[42]


  • Dirty Honey’s single “When I’m Gone” tops the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart, making them the first band without a music label to ever top the chart.[43]



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